Top Foods for Glowing, Healthy Skin

At Luk, we’re about educating people on the link between food and beauty. We want to show you how you can get glowing, healthy skin [sans make-up] simply from eating the right foods (or as we call them, beautyfoods!) to enhance your natural beauty.

When we talk about foods that “feed your beauty”, we’re talking about the Triple A’s: Alkalising, Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant rich foods. These foods contain key nutrients to feed your skin and to keep it healthy, clear, hydrated, and wrinkle-free because the health of your skin cells is directly influenced by what nutrients are available to them.

When your body lacks the right amount, or the right kinds of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and essential fatty acids, it shows; mainly through dull, irritated, uneven and prematurely aged skin. Although lifestyle and genetics play a large part in your skin’s health, you need to look after what you’re putting in your body to get the best out of it in terms of health, happiness, energy and beauty.

Read on to find out how you can eat yourself to glowing, beautiful and healthy skin through alkalising your body, eating anti-inflammatory foods and giving yourself a daily antioxidant boost.


Alkalise Your Body

Alkalise your body for healthier skin

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Eat Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Eat anti-inflammatory foods to maintain plump, clear, healthy skin

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Give Yourself an Antioxidant Boost

Eat antioxidants rich foods to reduce free-radical damage

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For a bit of help on how you can eat more of these beautifying foods, try one of our super quick, easy and tasty recipes! Like our anti-inflammatory super skin milk, alkalising go + glow smoothie or antioxidant rich pomegranate salad

Challenge yourself to incorporate more alkalising, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant rich foods into your diet for at least 30 days (roughly the life cycle of your skin) and tell us about the difference you see (and feel!) We’d love to hear about your experiences, leave a comment below, on our facebook page or send us an email!

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be delicious.... inside and out

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Avocado as Lip Scrub

Natural Remedies for Dry Lips – DIY Lip Scrub

Say goodbye to parched lips for good! If you want smooth, hydrated lips all year round, the natural way, follow these handy tips and our special chapped lips DIY lip scrub. 


The lips have it rough, quite literally. That’s because they’re virtually naked in comparison to other areas of the face and body and are therefore more prone to dryness. While you face features a thick, protective layer of skin, the lips often need an extra helping hand to remain smooth and moist. They have no oil or sweat glands, and they’re constantly exposed to irritants: the saliva, our food and drinks, environmental pollutants, the weather, the list goes on and on!

Our lips need just as much care as the rest of our skin, if not more, so keep reading to find out how to fight off some of the most common lip problems. 

Let us explain in a bit more depth…

Lips have a layer of skin (stratum corneum) that is exceptionally thin and transparent, barely covering the vulnerable mucous membrane underneath.

When lips are moist on the surface from your saliva, they attract moisture from deep within the skin which evaporates into the dry air. Adding to this, when you lick your lips, the digestive enzymes in saliva break down the skin, causing the corners to crack, so it is not just the outside elements that cause painful chapping. In fact, water loss on the lips is three to ten times higher than other parts of the face or body!

Lips also have minimal to no sebaceous glands and zero sweat glands.  These physiological facts combined with climate changes all contribute to making dry lips a recurring, persistent problem. Have you ever wondered why lips can turn blue in the winter? It’s because in extremely cold weather, blood vessels in the lips become poorly oxygenated, making the lips change colour as a result.


Avoid repetitively licking the lips in a futile attempt to restore moisture. Even though it may make them feel better, it is actually making matters worse! Your tongue transfers saliva from your mouth to your lips which actually eats away and destroys the thin layer of skin covering the lips which leads to soreness and chapping. Try drinking water instead or applying a nourishing balm.

Avoid being constantly out in the sun which can also have a really debilitating effect on the pout as the harsh UV rays can be quite ageing and lip-shrinking. Natural sunscreen ingredients or a layer of Lip Nourish will go a long way toward keeping your lips looking and feeling beautiful.

Avoid using matte lipsticks or long-wearing lip stains as these can cause some damage. Try to also avoid using lip plumpers that contain harmful irritants like menthol and mint oils.

Avoid any lip products that contain fragrances and synthetic colours as these can wreak absolute havoc on the sensitive, thin layer of the lips.

Avoid marketing spin! There are some brands out there which are a chemical cocktail for disaster, and despite claiming to soothe the lips, they actually contain ingredients have no benefit for the lips and end up compounding the problem. Most often they are poorly formulated and lack beneficial oils, emollients, and repairing ingredients, therefore your lips will remain dry.


While a good lip balm can help, so can your diet. The key to preventing chapped lips is eating more of the good stuff! Different vitamins and minerals found in food ca be helpful to your skin by rejuvenating and restoring its healthy glow. Some nutrients serve as antioxidants, which reduce the effect of free radicals on your lip cells.

In particular, the Omega-3 fats in walnuts and fish help regulate cell turnover to keep the lips moist and beautiful.

Avocados are also one of the most important moisturising nutrients you can have to improve the appearance of your skin and lips. That’s because avocado lipids are luscious, they contain lots of skin-healthy polyunsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats and because of these luscious lipids, avocados house lots of important beauty-fying nutrients and phytochemicals.

Plenty of water is also important, as the lips are often the first place you’ll see signs of dehydration.


The very best thing you can do to treat and prevent chapped lips, aside from maintaining a balanced and healthy diet and not licking your lips constantly, is to slather your lips in a hydrating and nourishing lip balm, like Lip Nourish.

When chapping is severe or if you notice flaking along with a dry feeling, using a gently lip scrub (which we’ll get to soon!) prior to applying any other products can work wonders. The scrub quickly removes dead, dry, flaky skin and leaves a smooth surface for lip balm application. If you haven’t done this before, prepared to be surprised at the results!

Right before you go to bed, you might also want to apply a swipe of crème-soft Lip Nourish to your lips. You’ll no doubt awake with the most hydrated set of smackers going around!

chapped lips cure


Use products that contain healthy ingredients which will keep your lips moist and reinforce their delicate protective barrier.

Just like the skin on the rest of your face, the lips benefit from cell-communicating and skin-identical ingredients, and antioxidants. That’s why it’s important to ensure your lip products are 100% all-natural and include nutrient-rich ingredients like avocado oil, cocoa butter and nourishing citrus and almond oils. What better way to guarantee the purity of what’s going on your skin and into your body than with healthy, natural products that don’t pose any dangers to your health?!


Everybody’s lips deserve a spa day †” a lip facial, if you will! So to help you ease your poor, peeling, flaking pout, we’ve assembled together this super delicious chapped lips home remedy lip scrub that you can do a few times a week to gently remove dead skin cells and moisturises the lips all at once.

Follow with your favourite lip nourish natural lipstick (we recommend the Pink Juniper for a feminine touch or Chai Shimmer for a nude look) and they will look, and taste, good enough to eat!

The coconut oil in this recipe works to nourish the lips while honey locks in moisture and has anti-inflammatory properties to improve the look and texture of your kissers. Avocado oil contains antioxidants called polyphenols which fight free radicals that cause cell damage. This multi-tasking oil is also a good source of vitamin K and potassium which is essential for fluid balance in the lips.



1. Combine 1 tsp of coconut oil (at room temperature) and 1 tsp of avocado oil with 1 tsp runny honey

2. Stir in approximately 1 or 2 tsps of  brown or raw sugar. TIP: If the mixture is too runny, simply add more sugar, or if it is too dry add a little more coconut oil.

4. Gently massage the scrub onto clean lips.

5. Rinse with warm water and pat dry

6. Follow with your favourite lip nourish lipstick & pucker up!


Discard any leftovers as the sugar will soon dissolve and will be ineffective in exfoliating the lips.

Be gentle! Your lips are sensitive.

Do not use if the skin on your lips is broken or scabbed.

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What's in your Beauty Bag - Nat Kringoudis

What’s in your beauty bag – Nat Kringoudis, Founder of The Pagoda Tree


Nat Kringoudis is a bona fide women’s health revolutionist and fertility fixer with a big heart for natural healthcare.  She is a Dr of Chinese Medicine, an author, speaker and the founder and owner of The Pagoda Tree.  Nat has stepped up to champion fertility BEFORE it becomes an issue. With the belief of †˜Why wait until it’s broken?’ Nat is helping women in their twenties to lay a gangbuster †˜healthy hormone’ foundation, knowing that this is the way forward in the world of women’s health.

Through her blog, she educates women on the benefits of alternative therapies and nutrition for happy hormones.  Nat is also the producer and co-host of the online web series HealthTalks and from time to time you’ve seen her in your favourite glossy mag or appearing as a health expert on your telly.

Nat has penned three books Well & Good, Eat Fat, Be Thin and Eat Fat, Be Lean.

And she tours Australia regularly, holding workshops and speaking at other events to help women get clued up on their bodies and take control of their hormone health.

You can drop by and say hi to Nat on Facebook, Twitter or her favourite way – via Instagram.


Nat’s Beauty Bag:

Nat Kringoudis

Nat Kringoudis

My beauty bag is a constantly changing situation.  I’m currently obsessed with red lipstick and as a red head, I would have never thought that possible!  Here’s what is in my bag currently:

From top right hand side , clockwise.

  • Pure Papaya Care is my go-to fix for dry skin, lip care and all things in-between.
  • Ere Perez Blush in †˜my blush’
  • Very well used eye pencils!  Black is Inika & the brown is Ere Perez.
  • RMS Beauty living luminizer
  • W3ll People Narcissit Foundation – medium neutral
  • Innika Mineral Foundation  – nurture 04
  • Black mascara
  • Mineral shaddows
  • Luk Lip Nourish in Cranberry Citrus – Fave Red Lippy.


*NB: lük beautifood supports our natural beauty community to genuinely share ‘what’s in their beauty bag’ – we don’t endorse products or contents or gain financially or otherwise from this series.

The best makeup for work

Work makeup: the look that will make you more money

In an ideal world, employees are rewarded for their skill and experience rather than their looks, enhanced by perfect work makeup. After all, in an age of diversity, we should accept people for who they are – not what they look like.

But in reality, we all know looks hugely contribute to influencing and impressing others. Why else do politicians and celebrities hire stylists to present the most flattering and confident version of themselves?

Of course it’s not just how people view women – the same goes for men too – but here I’ve just reviewed the research on the effects of different levels of makeup on women.

A telling study conducted at the University of California presented images of potential political candidates with more-and-less competent demeanours. The most capable-looking candidates won a 13 per cent vote swing.

Presenting your best side using makeup is already known to make women appear more attractive, likeable and proficient at their jobs. But how much product should we paint on? And is a natural look better than a glamorous one if we want to command a bigger pay packet?

Why natural beauty is best

First impressions – including how you wear your work makeup – really do matter – especially in the office, according to a study by job search website Monster. It reveals employers make decisions about interviewees within seven minutes while 70 per cent say the way a candidate applies makeup affects their initial thoughts about them.

These quick conclusions are based on three factors, in order of importance

  1. Work experience (36%)
  2. First impressions (24%)
  3. Education (12%)

Other interesting research reveals the amount of work makeup we use to enhance our appearance – has a huge impact on people’s perception of our ability to do the job well. And it can help career progression.

It sways whether an interview candidate is hired, whether they seem competent, trustworthy and likeable and if they will land a top salary. What’s more, once first impressions are made, they are difficult to change.

A US study published in the journal PLoS ONE acknowledges that attractive people are more likely to be hired, promoted and earn bigger bucks than unattractive individuals.

Psychologists refer to this as the †˜halo’ effect and it is linked to ideas that beautiful people are viewed as more socially skilled, confident and successful.

But smoothing out imperfections by caking on cosmetics won’t instantly win you a better wage. Studies show that women wanting to secure a job – or win people over – should apply minimal, well applied work makeup.

A report titled †˜Beauty Is As Beauty Does’ in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology presented images to HR professionals of women before and after makeovers. The salaries of the †˜polished’ females were thought to be 8 to 20 per cent higher than those with less or no makeup.

US research from Virginia Commonwealth University used photographs of women with natural (none), professional (moderate) and glamorous (heavy) makeup to evaluate who looked most accomplished. Those wearing the most beauty products were deemed less capable than applicants wearing little or no make-up.

And when it came to pay, the †˜natural-looking’ group were assigned a higher starting salary than women donning light to moderate amounts of cosmetics.

Work makeup clearly has many beneficial effects – such as making women feel more confident and appear more deserving of top dollars. But too much greasepaint or an overly glamorous look goes the other way.

A study in the research journal Frontiers in Psychology shows light makeup is preferable over heavier alternatives. This is because it is †˜viewed as more attractive and allows for greater expression of individual personality and easier recognition by others.’

It also makes people seem more trustworthy – a characteristic we all want so we can catch that next promotion or client contract.

Natural makeup makes people seem more trustworth

© 2011 Etcoff et al. Faces from left to right: No makeup, natural look, professional look, glamorous look. Findings: the natural look resulted in a significant positive effect on trustworthiness, while the professional look did not have a significant effect, and the glamorous look had a significant negative effect.

Want winning work makeup? Perfect this one easy look

If you want to kick some career goals, simply follow these steps for work makeup designed to do wonders for your career.

  • Stick to neutral shades such as caramels, coffees and creams that naturally enhance and flatter your unique beauty rather than falsify your features.
  • Avoid deep, bright colours that could contain lead.. Apart from the health implications, a bolder make-up style is generally less trusted.
  • Choose foundation and concealer that matches your skin tone and aim for light, fresh-faced coverage.
  • Don’t forget to groom your eyebrows. Like a beautiful picture – they frame your face. In one scientific study, †˜arched inner eyebrows’ are one of the traits that make people seem trustworthy.
  • Read how to find the best natural lipstick colour for your skin tone HERE>
Ideal lipstick colour for work
DIY face mask for salty summer skin

DIY Face Mask for Salty, Summer Skin

A full day of sun, sand and sea water, though incredibly nourishing for the soul, can be taxing on your skin and hair. Feed your dry skin with our moisturising, antioxidant packed pomegranate, yoghurt and honey face mask and follow with your favourite luk beautifood clean eating recipe to glow from the inside out.

Pomegranate is packed full of rich antioxidants which protect collagen thereby slows down the appearance of fine lines caused by sun exposure. They also contain ellagic acid which helps to prevent wrinkles.

Pomegranate combined with yoghurt is also incredibly soothing for those with dry, irritated skin – perfect if you’ve been in the sun and surf all day. Combined with the cleansing, moisturising properties of honey, this mask will have your skin looking radiant, soft and hydrated by dinner time, particularly if you have some organic rosehip oil on hand to add to follow after you’ve rinsed the mask off.


1. Combine 2 tablespoons of organic unflavoured yoghurt with 1 teaspoon of honey

2. Add 1 teaspoon of home made or store bought organic pomegranate juice and stir well

[TIP: for extra aroma and antioxidants you can add zest of a lime]

3. Stir well

4. Apply to face and leave for 10-15 minutes

5. Rinse face with warm water and pat dry. Follow with some organic rose hip oil or your favourite natural moisturiser

Relax and Enjoy


  • Store in an air tight container in the fridge for up to 1-2 days

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be delicious.... inside and out




Green Beauty

An Introduction to Clean, Green Non-Toxic Beauty

Clean, green beauty is considered to be 100% natural and/or organic cosmetics that are sustainably and ethically produced, and contain no synthetic or potentially toxic ingredients.

However, because there is no concrete definition or regulation body in the beauty industry, anyone can put something in a bottle and call it natural, non-toxic or green…. and they do.

Truly natural, clean or green beauty products should contain 90 percent naturally-derived ingredients and be free from all synthetics.  The natural ingredients must also manufactured “with appropriate processes” to maintain ingredient purity and should not be tested on animals. On the other hand, according to Australian Certified Organic (ACO) “for a product to be truly organic or certified organic, it must contain at least 95 percent organic content”. For a product to be allowed to have the †œmade with organic ingredients† statement it must contain 70-95% of organic content and also be from all toxic and synthetic ingredients.

This means that you need to be looking at your makeup labels the same way you look at your food labels to make sure you’re nourishing your skin with truly clean, green non toxic ingredients.

Why is going clean and non toxic so important?

1. Exposure to Chemicals

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), “we apply an average of 126 unique ingredients to our skin daily through our cosmetics and personal care products”. Most of which are toxins and synthetic chemicals that are known skin irritants, endocrine disrupters and carcinogens – not exactly what you want on your skin or in your body!

Research in 2009 by Bionsen amplifies this number by showing the average woman slathers, lathers, scrubs, rubs and sprays 515 different synthetic chemicals on her body each day.

And more recently local Beauty Development Chemist Amanda from Realize Beauty counted 250 in a DIY.

That’s still a lot of chemicals to absorb over a life time. You just have to think about the way nicotine patches work to realise that what you’re putting on your skin can be absorbed directly into your body.

On top of that we eat at least 10kg lipstick in a lifetime! That’s what got me into the Beauty Kitchen creating Lip Nourish as most lipstick are made from petroleum based oils, silicones, synthetic fragrances and colours.  Who wants to digest those ingredients. And, again and again toxic metals are found in everyday lipsticks (the bright reds are more susceptible) Ref: Berkeley: Poison Lips: Troubling levels of toxic metals found in cosmetics .

If this isn’t enough to make you go green, a recent Australian report published in the International Journal of Chemistry compared natural beauty products to the chemical-based ones and determined that natural beauty products are actually better for your skin and show better results!

The sad fact is, most people have no idea that ingredients in makeup and skin care products can be harmful to their health…..until something happens.

But that is starting to change.

How do you go clean and non-toxic?

Here’s our guide to help you #maketheswitch to clean, non-toxic beauty products

1.    Watch the Story of Cosmetics. You’ll be amazed.

2.     Visit the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics It’s a NFP launched in 2004 to protect the health of consumers and workers by securing the corporate, regulatory and legislative reforms necessary to eliminate dangerous chemicals from cosmetics and personal care products.

3.     Take a look at the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database, the worlds largest and most popular product safety guide. Skin Deep assesses 68,000 personal care products using the most reputable science sources, and assigns each product a score from 0-10 (10 is most toxic).

4.    Look at your products ingredient statements. Decide how clean you want to go. Remember, stress is beauty’s enemy so be reasonable – change your products on your own terms, on finding similar performing offers and within your budget. Remember you have heaps of products: your make up purse, face care products, body balms, hand creams, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, exfoliators, toothpaste, nail polish, hand wash, body wash or soap.

5.    Eliminate products that contain ingredients on David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen or choose the Dirty Thirty  or download the App ($7.50) for the Chemical Maze – Complete Ed. by Bill Statham. It’s your goto guide for cosmetics ingredients and food additives in Australia.

6.    Be careful when buying. Check the ingredient statements and if they are not disclosed online or on pack – don’t buy it – they are most likely hiding something.

7.    Simplify your beauty routine and discard the age old advice that we need to use so many products:  cleansers, toners, serums, day an night moisturisers, separate products for eyes and lips and hands and body…..!

8.    Start to make some of your own products Eg All over Body Moisturising oil rich in omega 3 + skin nourishing oils to use in the shower or a brown sugar scrub. Saves time and money and you’ll never have dry skin again.

9.    Have a look at your make up – what items do you use constantly? Foundation/tint/BB cream, lip sticks, balms and glosses, mascara, start making changes with the †˜highest’ impacting products.

10. Find products that work and you’ll love – look for product reviews that you trust, read recommendations and testimonials from users. Jump into a beauty forum. Ask for samples.

So exactly what ingredients should you be looking out for? Take a look at my guide on how to detox your makeup bag and  Toss the Toxins because at lük we are also about enhancing your natural beauty with truly natural, skin healthy makeup made from food,  and not covering it and layering with thick makeup and over the top colours.

2. Sustainable Packaging

The use of packaging which results in improved sustainability by reducing the environmental impact and ecological footprint is essential. Ideally products should look at the entire supply chain from product thru to marketing and then the end of the product life and rebirth. At luk we threw away the box and wrapped out lipstick in re-usable fabric that doubles as a glass cleaner.

3. Cruelty Free

Going green is also about adopt a cruelty-free ethic whereby products are not tested on animals. Most green beauty bands consciously and actively campaign for an end to animal testing of cosmetics, toiletries and other household products. Now that is something to smile about. At lük it is a given we are cruelty free.

So, next time you hit the beauty shelves, be sure to read the ingredients list, look at the product claims go green and be a natural beauty!

At lük that means a woman doesn’t need to cover up or hide behind makeup – she simply needs to highlight her natural beauty. Through eating the right foods, having a balanced lifestyle and nourishing your skin with the right products, you will glow…but not green!

Got a natural beauty question? Comment below or follow us on instagram for more #cleanbeauty #tossthetoxins tips.

For more information search our site for blog posts that will keep you up to date to make your transition to  clean, non-toxic beauty products a little easier.


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Image source: Tx to our gorgeous customer Celeste of  all the way over on the French Riviera.



Growers Market Beauty Bar

6 Reasons to Shop at the Farmers’ Markets

We all know farmers’ markets are a great place to find your organic fruits and vege but that’s just the start of it. Did you know that a study released by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) actually proved that farmers’ markets provide a number of benefits to farmers, consumers and communities.

The study found that farmers’ markets provide people with alternative access to fresh, local, seasonal and often-organic food sourced directly from the food producer or farmer. It is this exposure to a variety of foods that gives people the opportunity to learn about new foods, how they were produced and how to create beautiful new healthy dishes, all whilst providing farmers with an economically viable distribution option.

And it doesn’t stop there! Here are our top 6 reasons you should take a visit to farmers’ markets when you can (we are all for the late Sunday emergency supermarket run!)

  1. You can support local farmers

By doing a shop at the farmers’ markets you are supporting the local farmers and small business owners who are often using the markets to get their start and who need it the most. You’re also putting money back into the local economy and assisting local growers in their ability to continue providing their products to you.

  1. Builds community and neighbourhood spirit

Instead of just scanning your items at the self serve checkout, the farmers markets actually allows you to talk to the farmers who grow your food as well as other like-minded, health-conscious people in your community. Plus the friendly, relaxed atmosphere and beautiful outdoor setting of a market is a far more inviting place to have conversations and form new friendships than in aisle 5.

  1. The Food is fresher (and tastes better!)

Ever heard of food miles? This refers to the distance your food has travelled to get from where it was picked to your plate and you will certainly not find any signs advertising the food miles at your local supermarket. While a number of the big supermarket chains do try and support aussie farmers as much as possible, a lot of produce is still flown in from half way across the world (that’s how we can still get cherries in winter time!) and so are obviously not fresh.

  1. Huge variety

If you think all you’ll find at the markets is fruit and vege, you are very wrong! At markets at like the Pyrmont Growers Markets you’ll find artisan breads, preserves, cold pressed juices, sweet treats, meats, cheese and hand made pasta, just to name a few!

  1. Creates a relationship between the farmer and consumer

Shopping at the farmer’s markets creates an excellent opportunity to communicate with those who grow or create the foods that you eat. It’s important to know what you’re eating and how it was grown and what better way to find out what’s in your food then being able to talk to the person who grows it and sells it to you? You’ll be surprised at how much you learn from different farmers.

  1. It’s better for the environment

It’s healthier and more sustainable to eat food that is locally grownEating food grown in the local area cuts down on the money, energy, and resources needed to ship the food to you and by cutting down on the natural resources used to transport your food to you, you’re doing your part to help the environment.

Convinced yet?  Join us at the SMH Pyrmont Growers Market on the first Saturday of each month for fresh cold pressed juices, our famous beauty breakfast bars and natural makeup.

This Saturday will be extra special as it will first event of the SMH Good Food Month! So come down and grab a go+glow green smoothie while you browse the beautiful stalls, events and demonstrations in the sunshine.

Our famous beauty juices

Our famous beauty juices

Leah Hunt of Pressed Juices

Natural Beauty Interview with Leah Hunt of Pressed Juices

From concocting secret juice recipes in her garden as a little girl, to nutritionist and juicing expert, healthy living runs in Leah Hunt †˜s veins.

After years of studying design and working to the crazy deadlines of the fashion industry, Leah is now living her dream with Pressed Juices, combining her passion for nutrition and wholefoods with her creative talents to come up with new and delicious juice combinations.

Leah lives to empower people with the knowledge to make healthy choices and form life changing habits, so it only made sense that Leah is our Delicious Woman of Spring Cleanse September.

Read on to find Leah’s top tips on juicing, food, life, beauty and how she came to live the life she loves.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came from design school to Pressed Juices Nutritionist?

I have always really enjoyed eating fresh, healthy wholefood but never considered a career in the health industry until quite recently. At school I excelled at art and design, so naturally I gravitated towards further studies in this field. I received an art scholarship upon graduation and enrolled in a visual communication degree.

Was there an †˜uh-huh’ moment for you? Why did you make the change?

There wasn’t necessarily a moment where I suddenly decided to change my career path… it was just a feeling of discontent that grew over time. After two years at university I had lost passion for what I was doing and in the back of my mind I was always thinking †œwhat am I doing with my time that is important?†

I guess I wanted to feel like I was making a positive contribution to the world, however small. So I took some time off and eventually decided to study natural medicine. Learning how to heal myself and others with nutrition was not only fascinating but gave me a sense of purpose. After graduating with a bachelor of health science in 2008, I practiced nutritional medicine for a number of years before taking on my role at Pressed Juices. Now I feel very fortunate to reach thousands of Australians with a positive message of enjoying a healthy life.

 What is a typical day for you?

My day usually starts at 5:30am with a hot cup of herbal tea. The first thing I do when I begin work at 7am is check my emails and write a to-do list.

I spend much of my time between doing nutrition work in my office and assisting customers with health enquiries or planning juice cleanses. Other days I am in the kitchen creating and trialling juice recipes or out attending community events. When I get home I take my dogs for a long walk which helps me unwind before preparing dinner and getting organised for the following day.

 How do you keep a work/life balance?

I’m still working on this! I’m so passionate about what I do that sometimes I bring my work home with me. When I get a great idea for a new juice I will spend my weekend in the kitchen playing around with different recipes.

I’m slowly getting into a better routine and switching off technology so that I can unwind of an evening. Getting caught up in a good book is the best way to stop my mind getting caught up in work. Cooking and sharing delicious wholesome food with friends and family is my favourite way to spend my downtime.

Leah Hunt of Pressed Juices


 What is your daily skincare/beauty routine?

For me, the worst thing I can do for my skin is to over wash it. After showering I tone with pure witch hazel, apply an organic hydrating serum followed by a nourishing moisturiser. Then I apply some organic mineral makeup and pawpaw & honey lip balm.

At night I use a simple oil cleansing method to remove my makeup which leaves my skin soft and supple, without stripping the natural oils.

How do you nourish yourself from the inside and out?

I feed my body with nutrient dense wholefoods and of course green juices and smoothies. I prefer to exercise outside in the fresh air and sunshine, getting a daily dose of vitamin D is so important for my mood as well as my immune system.

 What is your best-kept beauty secret?

I guess it’s just plenty of good fats! Both applied topically to my skin, in the form of organic coconut or jojoba oil, and in my food – more coconut oil, nuts, seeds, fish and biodynamic butter.


What is your food/diet philosophy?

I’m all about enjoying delicious seasonal produce; fresh, local, sustainable and organic where possible. I follow a lot of paleo principles; I don’t eat wheat and rarely consume grains but I don’t eat red meat. I focus on anti-inflammatory foods, lots of vegetables, a little fruit, plenty of good fats, wild caught fish and biodynamic eggs. I usually find a way to squeeze in a little bit of chocolate!

Describe your day on a plate for us:

Breakfast is usually eggs with veggies. If I don’t have time to cook in the morning I will have a green smoothie at work or pack a little jar of yoghurt with some chopped nuts, shaved coconut, cinnamon and fresh berries.

Lunch is usually leftovers. If we’ve cooked a roast then I will turn it into a salad by adding some fresh spinach with roasted root veggies, green beans and organic chicken.

Dinner is usually steamed veggies or salad in summer with protein; fish, chicken, legumes or eggs. In winter I tend to eat a lot more soups and stews.

Snacks are usually a handful of nuts and a green juice or veggie sticks with hummus                 

 What are your top 3 can’t live without foods and why?

1. Citrus fruit, especially lemon or lime, because it’s just so versatile. I use it in salad dressings, healthy desserts and juices.

2. Pink Himalayan salt. It is mineral rich and you only need a small amount to enhance the flavour of a meal.

3. Fresh herbs. They add a whole new dimension of flavour to a dish and have some lovely therapeutic benefits.



What is your life motto or mantra?

Be kind. To myself, to others and to the planet.

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

If you can’t change something, change the way you think about it.

What’s next for you?

Summer juices! We recently released our new spring flavours at Pressed Juices so I am now in the planning and development stage for our summer range. This is the best part of my job, where I get to play to my strengths and combine my creativity, love of food and nutritional knowledge.

Personally I am really looking forward to building an eco-friendly home, with the most amazing kitchen that opens onto a vegetable garden. Eating home grown seasonal produce and running nutrition classes in my garden is a dream I hope will someday soon become a reality.

Finish these sentences…

I get excited when… I wake up and the sun is shining

My favourite indulgence is… dark chocolate coated, freeze dried strawberries

To relax I like to…. read a book in the sun or go for a walk in the park with my dogs

In my handbag you’ll find…. a glass bottle of alkaline water, paw paw & honey lip balm and an orange moleskin note book for jotting down recipe ideas. I never know when inspiration will strike!

I can’t live without my… husband. He encourages me to chase my dreams even if they terrify me. He is my best friend, a great cook and gives an excellent massage!

Want more to know where you can find your own delicious pressed juice + personalised nutritional advice? Head down to one of Pressed Juices’ many stores around Australia and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram. 



Top yoga poses for stress

Top Yoga Poses For Stress

Yoga is one of the best ways to relax and recharge both physically and mentally to help us regain balance throughout our week, something we here at Luk are huge advocates of. 

So as we prepare to emerge from winter and blossom into spring, we’ve asked Sydney’s most loved yogi, Sasha Hawley (also founder of ‘Yoga By The Sea’) to share with us her top yoga poses for stress that can be done anytime, anywhere to release tension, ease the mind, stretch the muscles and rejuvenate skin. 

Recovery Pose

Also known as ‘chid’s pose’, this is a self-nurturing position which calms the central nervous system to help relieve stress and tension. It also gently stretches the lower back, hips, thighs, knees, and ankles and increases blood circulation to your head which help to easy headaches.

Yoga recovery pose

Recovery or ‘child’s’ pose

Forward Bend

Standing forward bend allows the blood to reach your head and circulate there to calm the mind and relieve stress whilst opening up the lower back to release tension. This pose will also stretch the hamstrings, calves, hips, thighs and knee and helps to reduces fatigue, anxiety and headaches.

Yoga pose forward fold

Standing Forward Bend


Whilst giving your glutes, groin and hamstrings a deep stretch, this pose releases pinched nerves in the hips and deep tensions in sacral and nerve belt around hips and stimulates the internal organs.

Yoga pose to reduce stress

Half Pigeon


Backbends like bridge or wheel release the lower back and decompresses the spine to relax the entire body. This pose is extremely beneficial for those who sit long hours in front of the desk or computer and hunch over the desk all day as it relieves tension or stress and decreases ailments caused by it. 

Top yoga poses for stress

Backbend variation

And of course the ultimate stress buster is meditation.

Meditation in yoga is generally done in corpse pose where you lie flat on the ground, palms facing up, legs apart and the whole body is relaxed. Meditation in corpse pose relaxes the central nervous system, calms the mind and relieves stress all in one. It can also be used to improve sleep and reduce headaches and fatigue.

On a deeper level, yoga is a state of being in which all apparent opposites, distinctions and states are reconciled. From this state of union we live without  inner conflict and are able to embrace our whole being from the surface to the depths, encompassing both our transient limitations and our perennial limitlessness. We honour and live from, by, and within our true nature. This is the key to a life of peace and contentment.

Love Sasha xx

So next time you feel the tension rising,  take a deep breath and hit the mat. If you need a little help, Yoga By the Sea  runs at 5 different locations with over 20 classes running  each week.  For more information on their schedule, workshops and retreats, head to their website. 

lip nourish natural lipstick to nourish stressed lips

Natural Beauty Interview with Lola Berry

Introducing the Steve Irwin of fruits and vegies, Lola Berry. She’s the most real, passionate and enthusiastic nutritionist you’ll find, dedicating each day to getting people excited about eating fresh, real foods and with a Bachelor of Health Science and a best selling cookbook behind her, the world is listening.

We don’t know how else to describe it, but Lola just radiates awesomeness. When she’s not teaching yoga, writing, filming or cooking, Lola is inspiring Aussies everywhere to eat the best they can, giving themselves the energy to shine.

Read on to find out how Lola became one of Australia’s leading nutritionists and most loved yogis as well as her top tips on food, beauty, staying real and living your dream. Prepare to be inspired!

Tell us about your journey in becoming one of Australia’s leading nutritionists; has this always been your dream? 

Back in the day I lived a completely different life, I was working as DJ and partying five nights a week. I’m not going to lie I was having a lot of fun and I knew that I hadn’t found my passion or my bliss [or as yogis would call it, my dharma]

I was feeling a bit lost in general and one morning I just woke up and thought †˜stuff this I’m going on a detox’ and during that I just became really fascianted, obsessed even by healthy, clean foods. I wanted to study nutrution but I didn’t think I was academic enough, I mean I don’t have a science brain at all, before that I had studied drama! But my best friend convinced me to do it so I dove straight into the deep end and started studying nutritional medicine.

Whilst I was studying, it hit me one day that I was going to be the Steve Irwin of fruits and vegies. That’s me. Steve Irwin had always inspired me because he just had so much passion and almost this urgency to send such a cool message to people. That’s how it all came about!

What is a typical day for you? How do you keep that work/life balance?

Hahaha it changes! One day I’m teaching yoga, the next day I’m on radio or TV or writing, it’s so random.

I’ve just signed a new book deal for my fourth book so from today I’m going to really crack into writing.

But an ideal for me would be to get up go for a run on the beach, make an awesome smoothie, practice some yoga, do some writing and some filming, make a good healthy meal and then watch some kind of surf doco with a cup of tea and go to bed.

That’s a perfect day for me, but it doesn’t happen very often but at the moment because I’m doing all these random adventures!

And in terms of work/life balance? To be completely honest with you that’s something I’m still working on so. I’m a yes girl, I love to say yes to everybody and I love to give energy but I can’t keep up with it sometimes. I’m not going to sit here and tell you i’m the golden girl and I mediate everyday and I eat perfectly everyday, I’m always working on myself and I definitely burn myself out, I’m still trying to get that sorted!

For others out there wanting to start living their dream-  what is your advice?

Simple- just be real.  Do something that you’re truly passionate about not just because you think it’s a good idea that will do well in the market or because you want people to like you. I don’t think that makes longevity, longevity is authencitiy.

Lola working her magic in the kitchen

Lola working her magic in the kitchen

 What is your daily skincare/make up routine?

Even though I’m very time poor, I do have a routine.  I use a lot of coconut oil on my face and hair as well as other oils like olive oil. I also eat a lot of fat when I notice that my skin isn’t looking good.

I take a lot of pride in my appearance, especially working in the media; you want to look after the way you look. There’s nothing worse, especially for me as I’ve gone through a lot of body issues, than not feeling confident so I just work on being the best that I can be inside and out.

Do you have any advice for other girls out there who are struggling with body image or self-confidence?

Get help. It’s a bit of a taboo subject not many people talk about it, but get help. I see a therapist and I have been for a while and I think that the reality is that we’ve all got a story and we’ve all got issues but at the end of the day it’s just about being ok with it and just accepting that it’s something you have to deal with.

For me, things still pop up and I still have really bad days where I just want to go binge eat or over exercise but there’s no shame in saying that.  But on those days when you do feel crap about yourself, just remember that if you just honour your health, you’ll come good.

 What is your best-kept beauty secret?

Honouring your health and one of my other biggest secrets is getting in 8 hours of sleep. I know if there’s a week where I’ve had some bad sleeps, I look crap and I feel like it too. When you’re getting enough sleep your leptin and ghrelin hormones are at the right level, your face is fresher and you have more control over your hunger levels.

Lola getting in her daily green smoothie

Lola getting in her daily green smoothie

What is your core philosophy when it comes to food and diet?

Listen to your body. Food is here for two reasons; one to share and celebrate with the people you love and two, to nourish your body.

But my overall core message is show up and be the best you can be. Have the courage to listen to you heart and act on that.  Most people go throughout life without really living their passion or without really falling in love, but just step up to the plate!

Describe your day on a plate for us?

Breakfast: I love a green smoothie in the morning but in the winter I’ve started making chia puddings for breaky.

Snack: nuts, bliss balls or an alkalising juice.

Lunch: I’m an avocado freak so it will be a big salad with smashed avo, and I’ll try and put my carbs in at lunch time too so sweet spud and quinoa… but if I’m writing then generally all carbohydrate rules go out the window and I just snack all day!

Dinner: I have my protein and salad generally and then if I want to go for a bit of desert I’ll have some raw chocolate.

What foods do you eat to keep yourself looking your best?

For skin and nails I eat a lot of fats, like avocado, coconut oil, olive oil and salmon as well as a lot of greens like brussle sprouts, kale and broccoli. Plus I just constantly eat fresh, real foods. I used to tell my clients to count your colours, the more colours in a meal the more nutrient dense it will be!

What are your top three †˜cant’ live without’ ingredients when you cook and why?

1. Coconut oil/ olive oil – because you can just use them to cook anything

2. Chilli – I have to have my chilli, I love it so much!

3. Kale – because it is so versatile

What is happiness to you right now?

Listening to your heart and having the courage to live that, because it’s one thing to listen to your heart and to know it but it’s another thing to act on it. When you do that, it’s pretty freakin cool, and how good is this for a quote? It’s a Benjamin Franklin one: †œMost people die at 25 and are buried at 75† how good is that?!

What is the best advice you have ever been given and how do you live it?

When I was around 4 years old, my babysitter would always take us to the milk bar and I’d always be like †œI’ve got all these big dreams! I want to be the next Cate Blanchett!† and she would turn around and †œsay of course you can, you can do it Lola and never let anybody tell you anything different†.

I think that is poignant to me because the older we get, (I’m 28 now) you become more and more aware of the pressures of society, you compare yourself more, doubt yourself more, there are pressures from the outside telling you that you need to live this stable life.

Before I started studying, I took out a $12,000 loan and pretended it was a student loan to pay for a film crew for when I wanted to be an actress, so I guess my point is live your dream because you’re the only person who can get you there and you’re the only person who can stop you.

What’s next for you?

My new book! It’s going to be lifestyle and recipe based which has been awesome to research and I’m doing some really cool stuff with Channel 9. I really want to start focusing more on filming; it’s my favourite thing to do!

And personally, I simply want to keep living my dream everyday [and one day live in a tree-house, that’s really important to me I say that with such seriousness] On top of that I just really want to live, breath, eat and sleep my beliefs and I want to be more in the now and really shine.

Lola at the farmers market stocking up on her fresh produce for the week

Lola at the farmers market stocking up on her fresh produce for the week

Want to connect with Lola? Check her out on her website (which has heaps of awesome videos we might add!) instagram  or facebook.

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