lük breakfast beauty bar recipe

lük Breakfast Beauty Bar

[RECIPE] 15 Serves | 45mins go-to-wo | VEG WF DF (NF)

Delicious and easy-to-eat on the go this breakfast beauty bar contains essential beauty nutrients: omega 3 to fight inflammation & moisturise skin, essential amino acids for cell regeneration, vitamins, minerals & of course fibre to help nutrient absorption and remove toxins. I created the recipe for the lük beautifood bar at the Growers Market, they were well received so we will make them every month! Obviously it had to be low sugar and most importantly I did not want it to taste like bird food.

Teamed with a lük Glow+Go Green Smoothie (add a spoon of yoghurt for probiotics & an egg for complete protein) and you have the perfect start to the day.

If you bake them at the beginning of the week and wrap up little bundles you’ll have something to grab as you run out the door. They are handy for breakfast, to fill kids lunch boxes or to snack on.


So many skin loving goodies packed into one delicious bar. Wholegrains contain B vitamins that are required for every aspect of metabolism in your skin, without them your complexion will have a dull appearance as the skin cells can’t regenerate quickly. The seeds and nuts contain skin vital essential fatty acids (esp. harder-to-get omega 3) and key beauty mineral antioxidants (zinc, magnesium, calcium & selenium) and vitamin E. Shredded coconut and coconut oil provide a super skin moisturising boost and anti microbial benefits.


Organic if you can:

1/2 cup oats – quick

1/4 cup flaxseeds

1/4 cup chia seeds

1/4 cup sesame seeds

1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

1/4 cup sunflower seeds

1/4 cup poppy seeds

1/2 cup shredded coconut

1/4 cup coconut – fine

1/2 cup ground nuts (eg almond, walnuts or brazil nuts) or a flour eg organic spelt flour

1/3 sugar (panela or rapadura – evaporated unrefined cane juice)

1/2 tspn baking soda

1/2 tspn salt flakes (crushed Maldon or Murray River)

zest of 1/2 lemon

1 tspn cinnamon

8-10 medjool dates – chopped (optional)

1/2 cup chopped almonds (optional)

1 egg

1/3 cup coconut oil


  1. Add dry ingredients to bowl. Mix well – use a big balloon whisk. Ensure dates are separated and coated in the dry mix.
  2. Add whisked egg and (melted) oil. Stir / cut through with a knife for several minutes til well combined – every bits and piece will be well coated and it almost clumps together in your hand. This step is important.
  3. Line ‘lamington tin’ ( 9″ x 13”) with unbleached baking paper and empty in mix.
  4. Spread mix evenly and firmly press down and into the tin. The surface will be smooth and firm. I use a flat pastry scraper to flatten out and compress the mix.
  5. Cook for 20-30 minutes on 170C or until surface is golden brown. Check cooking half way thru and turn tray if necessary – ie you may have hot spots in your oven.
  6. Cool slightly, cut the slice into bar size portions. Note it will seem a bit ‘crumbly but just press/poke back into shape – it will firm up on cooling. Leave in tin to cool.
  7. Once cool go over the cuts to ensure they are clean so you have individual pieces.
  8. Store in an airtight tub upto a 3 weeks.


  • If you don’t have all the ingredients, don’t despair – mix and match. Eg Swap the oil or seeds or nuts
  • For school lunch boxes – omit the nuts 🙁
  • Pre-wrap the bars in unbleached baking paper and pop on a sticker so the family can ‘grab and go’ – it makes them extra special.
Mixing the ingredients in the lük bar

fabulous mix of nutrient rich nuts and seeds

lük beauty breakfast bar

pressed firmly into the tray

Serving the Breakfast Beautifood Bar by the slice

Serving our Breakfast Beauty Bar by the slice

be delicious lower case

blood orange raw cheesecake recipe luk beautifood clean food

Blood Orange Raw Cheesecake Recipe

Healthy, delicious, gluten free and vegan friendly, this divine raw blood orange ‘cheesecake’ made with cashew nuts will be an all round crowd pleaser at any event! 

Not only visually stunning and delicious, this raw ‘cheesecake’ made without cheese! is simple to make. Cashews, coconut oil and coconut milk are used in place of cheese to create a creamy smooth and skin-loving filling. Keep some in the freezer for when friends show up without notice, you will never have to worry again!


Cashews are rich in healthy fats similar to those in olive oil which help to keep your skin soft and smooth.  They also contain selenium which keeps your scalp nourished, encouraging healthy hair growth for long lush locks. Vitamin E also aids your hair by providing antioxidant protection.  This prevents your hair cells from damage by free radicals which in turn maintains a gorgeous, natural shine.

Blood oranges are high in anthocyanins, which is also found in blueberries. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants which protect both your inside and outside from free radical damage.  Along with vitamin C, blood oranges work to prevent signs of premature ageing such as sagging and wrinkles, helping you to look and feel younger! They also contain folic acid which enables our body to create healthy red blood cells helping to create a natural glow and enable correct brain functioning.


30 minutes plus freezing time


For the Base:

1 cup walnuts

1/2 cup almonds

9 dates (just under a cup)

For the Cake

1 1/2 cup cashews (soaked for a min of 4 hours beforehand)

Juice of 3 blood oranges

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1/3 cup coconut milk

1/3 cup honey

1/3 cup lemon juice


1. Process dates and nuts in a food processor or blender until a sticky mixture forms. Spread the mixture onto the bottom of a cake pan (using either the bottom of a spoon or your hands) and place in the fridge.

2. Blend all ingredients for the cake together on high until the mixture is smooth and creamy – make sure there are no lumps.

3. Pour the creamy cake  mixture onto the base layer and place in the freezer for around 3 hours or until frozen.  When ready to serve, remove from the freezer and place in the fridge for ten minutes before serving. Top with some pistachios, blood orange slices or even make your own blood orange glaze.

  • To make the glaze: Blend 1 date, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil and the juice of 1 blood orange
  • Throw on some pistachios and a few blood orange slices moment before service (or it will run) for a gorgeous finish to you raw cheesecake recipe!
cashew cheesecake raw

Raw cashew cheesecake with a blood orange glaze



[RECIPE] Makes 25 (5cm) cookies | 30 mins go to woe  (Prep 10 mins. Baking 20mins)

Quick, easy wholesome recipe for kids lunch boxes & healthy snacks on-the-go.  This is a variation of the Crispy Oat & Cranberry Cookie  , it’s thinner and uses apricots instead of cranberries + maple syrup replaces panela sugar.


  • Maple Syrup – natural and un-refined, mineral rich sugar syrup
  • Oats: regulate your appetite so you feel fuller for long and as well as help lower cholesterol. Read more
Shakshuka baked eggs recipe luk beautifood clean food

Shakshuka Baked Eggs Recipe

Put a delicious, exotic spin on your morning eggs with this shakshuka baked eggs recipe. Super easy to make, enjoy this recipe for breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

Shakshuka baked eggs are great for trying different styles and flavours. Mix it up by adding in some different herbs or spices, or a touch more cayenne pepper for extra kick. You can even use it as a way to clear out the crisper before the Sunday groceries by adding different vegetables into the mix!


Eggs are a great source of protein, containing essential amino acids to build and repair tissue, meaning they keep skin both firm and smooth and your muscles in top form. They also contain choline which maintains plump cell membranes and lutein which helps to ensure skin elasticity, together they make eggs the perfect skin superfood.

But it’s the herbs and spices that really make this dish. Parsley is fabulous for cleansing your body while vitamin A and vitamin K work to brighten the eyes and rejuvenate skin. Paprika contains vitamin B6 aiding healthy and lush hair.


30 minutes wo to go. Serves 4


1 tablespoon olive oil

1/2 brown onion, diced

2 cloves garlic, finely diced

6 tomatoes, diced

1 cup mushrooms, diced

1 capsicum, diced

1 teaspoon paprika

1 teaspoon oregano

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

4 large eggs

1/4 fresh parsley

pinch of salt and pepper


1. Heat oil in a skillet or fry pan over medium heat. Add onion and stir for 5 minutes, add garlic and stir regularly for a further minute.

2. Add the capsicum and mushrooms to the pan and cook, stirring regularly for 5 minutes. Add tomatoes and cook for a further 3 minutes.

3. Begin to squash the tomatoes with a wooden spoon.  Add paprika, oregano, and cayenne pepper and stir. Simmer the mixture for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

4. Crack the eggs on top of the tomato mixture and cover the pan (foil will do the trick if no cover is available). Simmer the mixture for desired time.  4 minutes for runny yolks, 6 to 7 minutes for soft yolks and 10 minutes for hard yolks.

5. Garnish with parsley and some salt and pepper and serve warm.

  • Serve with some warm crusty bread for dipping in the tomato sauce.
  • Try adding a touch more cayenne pepper to spice up this shakshuka baked eggs recipe. You can add some cumin in place of oregano, or even top with coriander.  You could even add in some mince or lentils for a lunch time or dinner meal.
Shakshuka baked eggs recipe luk beautifood clean food

Serve with some warm crusty bread to scrape up the last bits of tomato sauce!

sweet potato chips recipe clean food luk beautifood

Healthy Potato and Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

We’ve made over the humble potato and sweet potato chips so you can feel good knowing they are cooked with healthy fats and packed full of deliciousness. 

This ‘no deep fry’ recipe allows you to sit back and relax, knowing that chips can still taste delicious and not inflame your body or skin!  And, you can mix and match herbs and spices with flavours you love.


Potatoes are full of Vitamin C!  This helps your body to defend against free radicals that cause wrinkles and skin damage. They have also been said to even out skin tone. Potatoes contain a high fibre content which not only aids digestion but also allows your body to absorb as many nutrients as it can.

Turmeric works to sustain a bright, youthful appearance by reducing redness and puffiness.  It does this through its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helping to create an even tone and avoid early ageing skin. Turmeric also contains antibacterial properties which help to reduce acne and clear skin pigmentation.  This spice is easy to add and provides tons of gorgeous benefits! Read more about turmeric here.


30 minutes wo to go. Serves 4


4 potatoes

1 large sweet potato (orange / Kumera)

1-2 tablespoon olive oil

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

1 teaspoon dried oregano

1/2 teaspoon turmeric

generous pinches of salt flakes

ground pepper


1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Peel and thinly slice potatoes.

2. Place sliced potato into a bowl and drizzle with olive oil. Add spices and season sweet potato chips with salt and pepper.

3. Combine well – clean hands* work well for this job, and spread across a baking tray lined with baking paper.

4. Place into oven and cook for 15 to 20 minutes or until sweet potato chips are golden in colour and slightly crunchy.

  • Needs a serious hot oven to dry out and surface of the potato and make them ‘puff’ up as the starch cooks and lets off steam it gets caught inside!
  • Or, finish off under the grill to crisp up edges.
  • Eat sweet potato chips immediately or, like baked potatoes they will go soft.
  • You can leave the skin on if you like for extra fibre and a rustic look
  • Mix up your spices – smokey paprika and oregano are a delicious combination too. As are garlic, rosemary & lemon zest.
  • Like a crunchier chip? Place potato slices in a large bowl of ice water about an hour before cooking.  This will remove some of the starches and help them crisp up! Before beginning step 2, dry slices with a tea towel and continue.
  • Serve sweet potato chips on the side of a main meal or whip together a quick dip with avocado and lemon juice!

* you may want to wear gloves if you use turmeric as it tends to leave everything yellow!!

dividers R1-luk middle yellow

And don’t forget to beautify your lips with lemon and mint lip nourish!

Fragrant rice before cook

WHOLESOME AROMATIC RICE | simple + delicious

[RECIPE]  Makes  4 |   20 mins wo-to-go

My family & I love steamed rice. Don’t dismiss it as boring or un-nutritious.

Fragrant Basmati to go with Indian curries, foral Jasmine with fish and Asian stir fries, Royal red to increase nutrient density (and it looks so pretty), a bit of Black (wild) to add chew not to mention minerals, antioxidants & 18 amino acids and let’s not forget wholesome brown with the nutrient dense germ and bran intact. Read more


HUMMUS | face food to keep your skin glowing

[Recipe] Makes 2 cups  |  Wo-to-go: 24 hrs with dried chick peas. 10mins with canned chickpeas

Hummus is essential in your beauty food fridge: as a ‘dip it’ snack when you have the munchies, to dollop on a salad to add protein, fibre and skin-essential trace minerals, to add some ‘meat’ to a sandwich or dress it up for an entertaining pre-dinner nibble. Read more


SMASHED GREEN PEA & POTATO CAKES – natural face-lifting food

[RECIPE]  serves 4 | 30 min wo to go

Need a foolproof recipe to provide a bit of variety to cooking repertoire that all the family & YOUR SKIN will love? These green pea and potato cake (or fritters if you prefer) are quick & easy, delicious & nutritious. Left over cold ones make great sandwich fillers.


PEAS are the latest way to get a nonsurgical facelift & leave your skin looking youthful and radiant!

They contain Vitamin C, Folic Acid (folate) and vitamin B6 – the hero’s of natural face- lifting food. The latter two nutrients help prevent the build up of homocysteine, a by-product of fat metabolism that can prevent collagen cross linking. We all know collegen keeps your skin strong, firm and toned. The vitamin C protects your skin’s structure from damage, as a powerful antioxidant it fights free radicals that like to damage collagen & elastin.   Other nutrients they contain support tone, tighten and beautify skin: they are a very good source Vitamin  K (minimises under eye darkness), manganese (activates vitamin C), dietary fibre & Thiamin (B1) and also contain protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 and the minerals phosphorus, magnesium, copper, iron (energy metabolism), zinc (essential for immune system + cell renewal) and potassium (fluid balance).

POTATOES should NOT be scorned, this root vegetable is packed with nutrients that help your skin prevent damage – damage from inflammation which can cause your skin to be appear red and puffy. Potatoes contain the flavanoid antioxidants in levels that rival broccoli  spinach & brussel sprouts, vitamin C (about 1/4 of oranges), copper, B6, folic acid kukoamines – a rare compound found in one other food only – goji berries – and may have blood pressure lowering potential. Copper works with vitamin C to help make elastin – a component of the skin structure that keeps it looking strong smooth and youthful.


2-3 potatoes, peeled & cooked (equivalent of 300g) eg pontiac, dutch cream

2 cups of peas – defrosted (& drained if need be)

2 eggs

2 tblspn chopped mint & parsley

2 tblspn besan flour



Add peas to bowl and mash with potato masher til squashy, don’t puree.

Add potato and mash in making sure you leave chunky bits.

Add remaining ingredients, mash in.

Add a dash of olive or grape seed oil to a heavy fry pan  heat til ‘sizzle’ point.

Take soup spoon size dollops of pea mix and spoon into pan – flatten out til pikelet size. (be careful not to burn)

Flip when starting to firm up on the underneath and are golden brown, cook other side, remove and sit on paper towel til ready to serve.

To serve, add a wedge of lemon for squeezing over or a tomato relish on the side. Great with salad and or pice of fish or lamb cutlet.


  • Cast iron fry pan preferred – no stainless steel as they stick.
  • Add garlic or ground cumin for extra flavour
  • Sweet potato (kumera) would substitute in well.
  • Mix it up, add some grated carrot or beetroot.
  • Besan is chick pea flour available from health food stores. It’s used a lot in vegetable pakoras. You could use what ever you have on hand – spelt, buckwheat, coconut and even sub in a little almond. 
  • Great cold, squashed into a sandwich with avocado and salad. (tho my kids rejected this version!)


Mine loved them hot out of the pan with a piece of fish and some munch and crunch. They scored it 10/10 but they know the fast track to my heart!

 smashed pea and potato fritters with colourful veg

smashed pea and potato fritters with colourful veg

buckwheat cookies

BUCKWHEAT & CRANBERRY COOKIES (+ optional choc drizzle!)

[RECIPE] Makes 25 (5cm) cookies | 30 mins wo-to-go (Prep 10 mins. Baking 20mins)

Quick easy healthier recipe for kids lunch boxes & healthy snacks on-the-go.  This is a variation of the Chewy Oat , Banana and Cranberry Cookie. By omitting the mashed banana and adding water you turn it in to a more traditional style cookie.


  • Nutrient dense – wholemeal flours, oats, un-refined sugar, cranberries Read more

APRICOT BRAN LOAF | digestive health for glowing skin

[RECIPE] Makes 1 loaf | over night soak + 60 mins wo-to-go

I asked my mum to dig out this old-fashioned ‘healthy’ recipe I grew up with (yes that was over 30 years ago!) – it was one of my favourite lunch box snacks & I always ate it with lashing of unsalted butter (never had weight or cholesterol problems). I say old fashioned because it uses a ‘processed food’ – remember Kellogs All bran? wheat flour (ie none of the more ‘modern’, readily available ‘gluten free’ flours) and ‘raw’ sugar (not one of the plethora of ‘wholefood syrups’ that have sprung up) AND there are NO eggs or fat. It’s made with apricots and sultanas (both now available organic & or sulphur free). It’s firm but moist and so very mors-ish as reflected by today’s sampling!!

BEAUTY BOOST: Food that lingers in the digestive tract any longer than necessary can produce ‘toxic’ by-products, the buildup of these in an unhealthy colon has been linked to skin disorders. Read more