Monday Morning Mantra (MMM)


Today’s mantra looks at the numerous possibilities of effecting positive change in your lives.

The prospect of failure can usually stop us from attaining what we desire, but not anymore! We are all capable of achieving whatever we want, whenever we want – it’s all just a matter of 3 simple things:

1) Staying focused, (Don’t be a hero – learn to say NO)

2) Work smarter not harder

3) Make a difference

and let the positive energy come back to YOU. This is said with PASSION for what you are doing is a GIVEN.

So, the question still remains: What would you attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail?

Have a beauty-full week! Cx



Monday Morning Mantra (MMM)



Start your week feeling beauty-full with a mantra hand-picked to help you survive each busy week.

Take some time out (just a few seconds in the morning) to repeat these mantras to yourself, and it’ll help take your mind off your hectic schedule, and allow you to focus and concentrate for the days ahead.

Every Monday, you’ll get a mantra in the form of a quote or a story, inspiring you to achieve the best you can, out of each and every day of the week.

At Luk Beautifoods, we’d like to help reveal the beauty in you, these mantras will encourage and motivate you to pursue all your hopes and dreams – Why? Because you are fabulous, and can achieve whatever you desire!

Today’s mantra looks at changing your thoughts – turning those negative thoughts to positive ones! When you think positively, positive things will happen.

Have a beauty-full week! Cx