Monday Morning Mantra (MMM)


This will keep you motivated during our CLEANSE. NOURISH. FLOURISH month!

It’s a quote kept short and sweet by Michael Pollan* (journalist & food activist), and is straight to the point: Read more


Monday Morning Mantra (MMM)


Today kicks off the first Monday of our CLEANSE. NOURISH. FLOURISH. month, Read more


Monday Morning Mantra (MMM)


This week marks the last week of our ‘Back to School Edition,’ Read more


Monday Morning Mantra (MMM)


This week marks our ‘Back to School Edition,’ Read more


Monday Morning Mantra (MMM)


Here’s another MMM to kick off your Monday.

This week’s mantra looks at YOU being the key to your own happiness. You are in charge of making your own destiny, finding opportunities, and carving out the life you want. You can do anything you set your mind to!

Have a beauty-full week!


Monday Morning Mantra (MMM)


Today’s mantra is all about achieving happiness.

Take a step back, have a deep breath, relax……then FOCUS!

We all want some form of a quick fix or fast track to our happiness and goals, but not many of us realise that if you focus on what is important  you’ll be happier much quicker.

Take time to do the ‘helicopter  hover’ and work on the important things that will make a difference.

Don’t dwell on the less-important stuff – use that time to spend with friends and family and do things that you love!

Love, laugh and live.

Have a beauty-full week. x




Happy New Year!

mmmmmmmmm monday morning mantra

It’s here, the last day of 2012.

The day you stop and reflect on what you have loved (& hated), succeed in (& failed) and given (& received).

We hope our little monday morning mantra will inspire you to write your own book, and make sure you make it worth reading! My book title has and always will be ‘Live the Life you Love’. It’s up to YOU to chase down your dreams, and make them a reality!

2013 is a new year, let it be filled with innumerable opportunities and chances.

Now we have launched our menu of 100% natural Lip Nourish Demi Colour, we have a little more time to show, inspire and motivate you on how beautiful food can feed your true beauty.

We hope 2013 is a beautifood year for you.

Cindy x




Monday Morning Mantra (MMM)

Today’s MMM is more of an ideal, as opposed to a mantra.

Christmas is a special time to slow down, be with family and friends and appreciate the simple things in life: giving, good food and time to spend with those you don’t see enough of.

Be sure to tell them how much you love and appreciate them!

Merry Christmas!



Monday Morning Mantra (MMM)

It’s getting close to Christmas, so here’s a mantra that appeals to the child in us, and the children we have!

Keep a simple perspective on life, and never lose your innocence. Don’t get weighed down by negative people or things we think are to hard to do – live to have fun, one dance (or bite or step!) at a time.

Have an absolutely beauty-full week.

Cindy x