3 Simple Ways to Cleanse your Mind, Body & Soul

Feeling a little bit overwhelmed with the kids/work/family, and need to have just a little †˜me’ break? We know you have the best intentions, but sometimes it seems that between being a mother, adhering to social and work commitments and with the stresses of everyday life, it can be tricky to maintain free time for ourselves.

To a lot of us, the idea of living well and spending time working on ourselves seems too hard, almost impossible. We are always at the bottom of the ‘to-do list’ or feel too guilty to take time out. Looking after yourself does require mind over matter and organisation, but once it becomes a savoured ritual, you’ll never look back – the results are just too good: Peace. Clarity. Energy = Happiness!

Here are three simple ways I like to cleanse and centre my body and soul to feel a sense of calm and to reenergise:


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1. Style Your Space – Create a serene place for living.

Your home or at least several rooms should be considered a refuge from the outside world where new technology, frenetic schedules and the cult of consumerism can leave you feeling anxious and unfilled.

  • To regain a sense of spirituality, use simple natural aesthetics such as pebbles, sand and stones as home decor, to help calm your senses, inspire creativity and induce clarity of thought.
  • Have your own personal quiet space where you can find peace and reconnect with your spiritual self, for about 15 minutes a day.
  • Arrange a cluster of small everyday items, such as candles or old jam jars with fresh herbs from your kitchen garden to create a harmonious energy, as their impact is wrought by their intrinsic beauty of †˜found’ objects, rather than a contrived artificial display. Often it is the personal association – a piece of driftwood picked up from a windswept beach on holiday – that has a significance that goes beyond the material value.
  • Candles and natural light are essential in the creation of a peaceful living environment. A soulful experience has a strong dependence on the purity of light to generate energy, amplify space and nurture the soul.
  • Opt for creamy, pale, neutral shades of fabric to turn your sanctuary into a place of softness and warmth. Pale shades reflect natural light making your space seem bigger and brighter – the ultimate in spiritual chic.
  • Or step outside and create a small lush green and/or fragrant place where you can pop a chair or sit on an up turned log. In the evening add a citronella candle and rest peacefully. It’s also a lovely time of day to water your garden or taking a herbal tea.

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2. Immerse your body in rituals.

  • Showers are your standing spa appointments. They are that special time you can rely on daily to be alone in your thoughts and can place attention to yourself. Treat shower time in the morning as the threshold of your day, and step out invigorated and ready for exciting challenges ahead. At night, use it to unwind and drift fresh and peaceful between the sheets for extra sweet dreams. (& lock your door if you have kids!)
  • Baths are a deeper form of devotion to you. As much as they are about treating your body and enjoying some time alone, they can also be blissfully comforting and weightless, allowing you to be enveloped in warmth, with feelings of stress evaporating quickly.
  • Pamper your hands. As we age, the skin on the back of our hands wrinkles and loses elasticity, just as the face does. Pamper your hardworking hands with salt sand and vitamin rich nut oils to make your hands silky soft. Keep your fingernails and cuticles healthy, and pamper yourself with an overnight hand treatment.
  • Your feet need to be nurtured as they carry the weight of your body and mind. Cold and hot foot baths stimulate circulation, while hot stone therapy (soothing stones) help stimulate your senses and reconnects you back to the earth. Have foot massages to stimulate and balance the body’s vital organs.

3. Nurture your soul.

  • Rediscover yourself with contemplation. Comforting yourself to be strong enough enables you to expand your loving kindness towards others. Use music and light to help you appreciate the moments, and to bring a sense of calm, inner peace and awareness.
  • Do Yoga or Meditate by taking it slow. Focus your attention on something in the present moment and improve your mental clarity and peace of mind.

These three simple rituals are food for your soul.



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How do you like to cleanse and re-centre yourself?

Strive for Progress

Monday Motivation: Strive for progress, not perfection

A rather ubiquitous debate over the years has been the progress vs. “perfection” debacle.

As a mother, wife, friend, daughter, business owner, volunteer, mentor, entrepreneur (and so much more!) this mantra most often acts as a motivational reminder that no matter how slow my progress may seem or how unorganised things may appear, I’m always taking a step in the right direction.

Letting go of the need to be perfect doesn’t mean that I work less hard or am settling for less. It just means I’m giving the best I can be to my family, business, and relationships and in doing so focusing on what is important to make me a ‘well rounded’ individual.

When you set yourself unrealistic standards of perfection and become frustrated when you’re not living or achieving at a certain level, this can chip away at your self-confidence and at your belief in your ability to succeed.

You don’t have to subscribe to anyone’s skewed perception of perfection in order to be successful. I am a big believer in the 80:20 rule.  Getting 80% done of the important deeds at hand is far more important than trying to do everything.  There are many utterly unrealistic expectations in today’s transparent and e-social world that are really impossible to do. But the fact that we are doing what matters is important.

Progress is moving forward; perfection is stagnating. Don’t beat yourself up for not achieving the unattainable, there is no point.

What would you pick: progress or perfection?


Embrace Change

Monday Motivation: Embrace Change

Change. It happens every day, every moment. And while some changes may bring about quite a bit of fear, I always see change as a golden opportunity to grow.

Preparing for and embracing change is a very natural process in life. It allows us to evolve, to live fully, to overcome fear and uncertainty, and to potentially flourish as we step into the unknown. I love to look on the bright side; to me change is like a surprise and I love surprises, new and fresh ways of doing something or looking at things differently.

Whenever change is occurring, I like to go with the flow. Embracing change with ease, rather than resisting it, is the secret to honouring yourself and honouring your life. It gives you energy, a new perspective and a boost of adrenalin. Think about it like this: if things never changed, you’d never learn anything new nor embark on certain paths that lead you to better opportunities. What’s a life without discovery?

Sometimes change is unexpected, and uncomfortable, but we often have no choice but to accept it and to learn from it (things do happen for a reason, after all!). The stressful changes we may resent at the time, are often the ones that push us out of our comfort zone and allow us to become who we are supposed to be.

Other times, we have to take control and make the conscious decision to instigate change in order to better our circumstances and grow into a more rounded and balanced person.

A world without change would be quite boring, so my advice is to embrace it, and welcome it with open arms!


How do you embrace change natural beauties? x

Be Beautiful

Monday Motivation: How To Be Beautiful – Be YOU!

I believe in natural beauty. In a woman who †˜writes her own story’! This has always been my manifesto.

A woman who knows and understands what makes her smile every day, what she loves and is good at, who is the interesting and interested one, who oozes energy and passion to do things effortlessly – this, I believe, is the very definition of being beautiful.

When we ignore our own feelings, when we act like someone we are not, we are basically abandoning ourselves. On the other end of the spectrum, when you learn to take care of yourself, to recognise your emotions and needs, to discover your true heart’s desire without fear, you feel full of love and good energy radiates from within which translates to that healthy glow you see on the outside.

Why try to be someone who you cannot be? Have the inner strength to ignore what’s happening around you. Take inspiration from others, but cultivate your own beauty. No one can be free unless they are an individual!

A woman who owns who she really is, unashamedly, is a vision to behold, don’t you think?


Tell me natural beauties, what do you think makes someone truly beautiful from the inside out?

Be Thankful

Monday Motivation: Be thankful

Thank you.

I say this word every day, whether out loud or as a silent mantra to myself.

Gratitude and thankfulness are major sources of happiness for me. Whenever there is something going wrong in my life or perhaps I lose sight of what’s important, feeling thankful for something that is going right quickly snaps me out of it and grounds me again.

We are told all the time that we need this, we need that, we are not doing good enough, we should be doing much better, but really it comes down to YOU.

When you are truly grateful, you don’t need anything. You forget about what’s lacking in your life and realise what’s abundant. It makes all the difference when you start to notice the blessings all around you instead of focusing on what’s not there. You might even realise you already have absolutely everything you need!

Gratitude and thankfulness are not just words; they are substances of being. They are feelings of clarity, strength and happiness that we hold in our heart and actively display outwards to the world through kind gestures and loving words.

Start small by appreciating that your feet are planted on the ground right now, that there is oxygen coursing through your lungs, that you have the liberty of making choices for yourself each and every moment – good choices.

Or you might want to write down a few things you are grateful for on paper, tell a friend or family member how thankful you are to have them in your life or perhaps simply just look around and say the magic word: thank you.

Being thankful is a gift, a gift that you can give to yourself and others so as to spread joy and fill any dark cracks with love and joy. Always remember that.


What are you thankful for natural beauties? Leave a comment below x

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Monday Motivation: When the going gets tough, keep going

It’s amazing how strong the human spirit actually is. Sometimes when it feels like there is tidal wave after tidal wave, challenge after challenge, and everything else in between, it’s important admire our own inner strength as we work hard to meet and overcome the pitfalls .

I know so many of us – mother’s, sisters, friends, partners, coworkers – all have tricky times in our lives that often pop up out of nowhere. These incidences test our courage and our ability to push on through and become stronger.

So, in the interest of inspiring some toughness and perseverance in all of my natural beauties, here are a few soul-stirring tips:

1. Never give up!

As long as you are alive (and healthy!) you have the choice to keep trying until you finally succeed and/or get through the hard times. So don’t give up – the rainbow after the storm IS coming!

2. Maintain perspective.

If everything becomes a bit unbearable and you find your mind working in over drive, try to grasp some perspective. Remove yourself from whatever is bothering  you and look at it from a place of witnessing – in other words, try to use logic over emotion. You might find the answer you need by doing this. Another great way to harness perspective is through physical exertion, where your mind can switch off and/or focus on something else. Walking outdoors always grounds me and gets lots of energy and fresh air flowing throughout my body, which in turn increases my awareness and all of the logical parts of my brain needed to ease tension or pressure.

Another way is to take the attention away from yourself and give to others in more need then you are. By giving your time and support to friends, your community or school (if you have kids) or higher education (if you are studying) or to a cause you passionately believe in takes the attention away from yourself and you feel good knowing you are helping others.

3. Rise above it.

If you find yourself in a pickle or a trying predicament, look at it as an opportunity to learn something, grow, evolve, heal and transcend. Falling just gives us an opportunity to rise above it all.

4. Have faith in your inner strength.

Your inner strength will always shine through during times of challenge and controversy, so trust that you ARE strong enough to push on through. Mind over matter.

5. Courage, dear friend.

Always know that you are powerful beyond measure and more courageous than you think. Regardless of what is happening around you or what has happened, remember you can always overcome the fear and push through the self-doubt. We are all deserving of soul-radiating happiness, so know that sometimes when the going keeps tough, you simply need to keep going and it will be over before you know it. Chances are you’ll come out on the other end stronger than ever, and more full of life. Just know – this too shall pass.

I’m going to finish this post on a positive note with a gorgeous quote from Winnie the Pooh!

Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. (Christopher Robin to Pooh – A.A.Milne)


How do you get through the tough times natural beauties? x

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Monday Motivation: Forgiveness liberates the soul

“Forgiveness liberates the soul. It removes fear. That is why it is such a powerful weapon.” †” Nelson Mandela

Oh, I couldn’t agree more with this. I really do believe forgiving people and yourself is the best way to heal and live a life unburdened by emotional hang-ups. The problem with forgiveness is that it is a hard thing to do, and to truly forgive, it has to come from our heart. But once you take the plunge and start to practice it, it becomes easier and it can be life-changing. Here’s why I think forgiveness is so important:

1. A lack of forgiveness creates unnecessary stress and holds you back in life.

Forgiving someone does not mean excusing their actions or what they did wrong to you. It means simply letting go of what happened, accepting it and sending love their way so you can liberate yourself. You’ll feel as if a weight has lifted from your heart and your soul will instantly feel lighter and brighter. Although it may not happen overnight, it will definitely happen over time. Why should your freedom, joy and happiness be plagued by wrong-doing from the past? Forgiveness, in my eyes, equates to freedom and peace.

2. Forgiveness does not mean you have to forget.

There are times where it is not possible to forget something, and while it seems like a sunny idea, forgiveness won’t always fix your friendships or relationships with the other person (although it might just do that, you never know!). But, it does mean you have come to terms with what was done and you no longer have a hard heart about it. That’s a healthy way to live, don’t you think?

3. What we hold onto within ourselves dictates our reality, so letting go can change your life.

I read somewhere that we choose to forgive when we decide it’s more important to be happy than to be right. Isn’t that an absolutely lovely thought, to know that we are in complete control over our joy and happiness?

4. Forgiveness brings all of the pent-up emotions to the surface so that you can release them for good.

The process of forgiving is not always a smooth-sailing journey. Forgiving someone can often bring up all of the hurt, pain and anger that’s sitting below the surface, but even amid all those feelings, making a choice to forgive is your ticket to letting it all go and walking away with increased clarity and a clearer conscience.

5. What you resist, persists. Forgiveness dismantles the resistance and makes way for emotional emancipation.

When we hang on to resentments we can’t escape them. We may escape the people who triggered them, but unfortunately the feelings we’re running from may make their way back into new relationships or new jobs and infuriate us even more. Trust me when I say, to forgive is to emancipate yourself from any emotional burdens that might be holding you back and often we are so unaware of them, that when we finally cast some light about what’s going on internally and face what happened in the past with courage and strength, we realise it was as easy as a little – you guessed it – forgiveness! And don’t forget that one of the most important people to forgive is…yourself!
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Do you need to forgive anyone or anything natural beauties? Do you feel strongly about this mantra too? Leave a comment x

Monday Motivation: Make goals that feel good

In the midst of preparing to give lük a little brand refresh (looking sooo pretty behind the scenes!), website update and a gazillion other things that have been going on in my busy (but rewarding!) life, I find it so important that I keep checking in with my vision  to ensure I stay on track and I remain in alignment with my feelings.

I learnt how to do this in my mid 20’s in my first business via a couple of different ways and have now used it for more than 20 years.  Firstly with Mindshop – a simple 1 page plan NOW-WHERE-HOW.  It was all about how I wanted to feel…my ‘feeling’  was to be in a ‘Position of Choice’ (which was quantified) so I gave myself 5 years to get there. I still remember the day my little team reached our $5million turnover in 5 years (selling gourmet biscuits in case you are new to my blog) like it was yesterday. The Champagne cork is still in my drawer. I will never forget the buzz (& not without stress!) of the journey and reaching the goal, it was so powerful.

The second way I did this was by building ‘feeling’ into the way everyone in my little team worked. It was not just What each person did but How they did it. This meant that feelings were fundamental to everything that was done and performance was assessed on this. It worked like magic.

I can see now that there are several people online using variations of this thinking that you can use as an individual rather than a business owner, one in particular is Danielle LaPorte’s desire mapping ethos which is all about creating goals that feel good as opposed to just look good.’

That means conceptualising the FEELING before the goal itself. Isn’t that an interesting way to go about things natural beauties? But it works! If I give an example of when starting luk beautifood –  I asked myself what I wanted to FEEL †” I wanted another business (I missed the energy) I wanted to still have time with family, I wanted to have the ultimate work life balance, I wanted to create a conscious social movement that inspired women to feel naturally beautiful, to radiate beauty from the inside out, to make healthier choices, to take care of their bodies, families and those they love and appreciate not to mention rid themselves of all the toxins that exist around us. This is how I live, this is what makes me happy and whole, and so I feel inspired to guide others on the same path.

I also wanted to provide a destination for women to receive some sort of respite and of course inspiration, be it in the healthy, delicious recipes I provide or through food science de-constructed in my guides. I’m on track with my goals, save for my timing being way out!!! and a few pitfalls along the way (which is what makes us all human!).

What if, first, we got clear on how we actually wanted to feel in our life, and then we laid out our intentions? What if your most desired feelings consciously informed how you plan your day, your year, your career, your holidays, your life? †” Danielle LaPorte

When you’re exploring possible goals, you need to unleash your imagination and ambition, put your reservations aside, and dream big. However, it’s just as important to ensure your envisioning goals that you know are going to make you smile, make you feel whole, make you feel connected to your soul’s purpose, and not just appear grandiose or wondrous on the outside. The moment we truly connect with our core feelings suddenly the possibilities become infinite and we may realise that the original goals we set about to achieve aren’t actually what we truly want.

I’m not telling you to go throw out everything you’ve already planned for yourself, nor am I telling you leave your job and go set up shop in Hawaii (although if that’s what you truly want to do – go for it!)! I’m simply telling you to have a think about what sets your heart and soul on fire, and make plans accordingly to cultivate this kind of lifestyle for yourself. Do you want to feel more financially secure? Do you want to feel like you have more freedom? Do you want to feel appreciated and heard? Do you want to feel like you are on one great big adventure? Do you want to feel like you are bursting with energy and inspiring all those around you? This might mean you need to make a few simple tweaks here and there, or that you might to need to add a few extra goals to your list.

Some people – family, friends, or even your boss – may want to influence the goals you set. Perhaps they feel that they know what’s best for you, or maybe they want you to take a certain path or do certain things. What’s important is that you stick to what you know best, based on how you want to wake up every day feeling.

You will do much less proving, and way more living.

It takes time to accomplish goals and sometimes it can feel that you aren’t making much progress. This is why it’s important to take stock of everything that you’ve accomplished on a regular basis like I do. Set small sub-goals, celebrate your successes, and analyse what you need to do to keep moving forward. Today is a new month, and perfect for making a new set of goals.

And don’t forget, no matter how slow things seem, you probably are making progress so keep going!  I do hope this post helps you to…. feel your way!

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Tell me natural beauties, do you agree that it’s important to set goals based on FEELINGS before anything else? Leave a comment x

Monday Motivation – Time to Refresh

Happy Monday lovelies,

Burnout, overwhelm, exhaustion… it can happen to the best of us. I know all too well what it’s like to juggle a work/life balance, and we’re all aware what ramifications burning the candles at both ends can have on your overall life. That’s why it’s so important to refresh and reinvigorate, so you can be the best version of yourself and not compromise on precious energy.

Refreshing yourself helps to reduce stress and clear any blockages in your mind, so you can get more done, and in turn, be more productive and efficient. Think of how amazing you feel after returning from a gloriously relaxing holiday; you’re ready to take on the world! There’s a sparkle in your eye, your skin glows, and you feel at ease. It’s important to be able cultivate this same feeling regularly in your everyday life – holiday or no holiday – and all it takes is a bit of time out and a renewed perspective to rev up your engine and recharge yourself.

I know whenever I’m feeling fatigued or snowed under, I simply need to get back to basics to really feel centred again by stealing an hour or two to myself. It could include reading a fabulous book, going for a long walk outside, or decluttering my house, car, makeup case… you name it! All of these things can really give me that much-needed boost of energy I require to feel enhanced again and renergised.

As a new month has started we are reminded to †˜refresh’ more often than ever. It gives us an opportunity to gain new perspective and a chance to check in on ourselves. Each day and each moment we have the opportunity for a new and AWESOME beginning, to really give ourselves the self-love and self-care we deserve. I know it can be tricky if you’re a busy bee like me, but trust me when I say, it makes a world of difference in the grand scheme of things and actually helps reduce those menial everyday pressures.

I hope you had a chance to sneak in some †˜me’ time this past Easter long weekend, and what better time than now to take a break and really breathe.

Make it your goal this week, this month, this year to bring about a smile to your face and a bounce to your step, simply by refreshing your perspective and giving your body and mind what it needs.

Turn inwards for the answers; listen, act, refresh, reawaken, renew, revel. Do this often, and you’re onto a good thing.

Let me know in the comments how you’re planning to REFRESH and RENEW yourself.

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Nadia Felsch

Natural Beauty Interview with Nadia Felsch

If there was ever an inspiration for following your dreams, Nadia Felsch is it.

After years of unhappiness in the corporate world, Nadia quit her job with no plan and no backup. She has since dedicated her life to living her heart’s wishes, and that is to share her love and knowledge of health, fitness and delicious food with the world, and with a beautiful new website and eBook, this is just the beginning for Nadia.

Nadia’ philosophy on healthy living is all about simplicity. She understands that when you nourish your body with delicious wholefoods, you will †˜look good and feel great’ and with the experience and knowledge to back it up, people are listening.

Nadia also believes that food is medicine and has used food to help restore her body from a long history of illness. Read to find out how she did it as well as Nadia’s top tips on food, beauty and following your dreams.


You have made some huge changes to your life in past couple of years to get to where you are now. Can you tell us about your journey? 

I worked in the fashion industry for many years and the last brand I worked for, I was responsible for establishing in an overseas market so it was super high pressure.  The role squeezed everything out of me and it was just too much, it wasn’t my calling. I felt my whole life was about money and I became really aware that I didn’t like the person I was or had become.

Then my husband and I went to Vietnam for three weeks and that trip in particular struck a cord in me; the beauty, the simplicity and how life was actually lived; and a week after we returned I quit my job. I didn’t think too much about it at that stage, I didn’t talk about it, nor did I have plan.

I took a big step back  and I started working in retail a couple days a week to pay the bills. During this time I was really enjoying spending time with my Mum and as a way of spending even more time together, we started the Mum and Daughter blog – a platform to share our health & fitness knowledge and also to write!

After a few months of blogging, I realised we had thousands of followers. I had always treated the blog as a business from the beginning, I think that is innate me even though I didn’t mean it to be. Earlier this year however it was becoming increasingly apparent that †˜this’ was my calling and what I wanted to do so naturally it became time to re-brand and re-launch. Working and creating alongside my incredible Mum has been such a treat and even as I move into my own site, I look forward to her position on the site as an expert fitness contributor.

Did you have an †˜uh-ha’ moment that prompted you to quit your job?

Yes! Towards the end of my time there in early 2013, I was outside my office and overcome with emotion so much that I was crying. I had never cried at work in my entire life.  I was on the phone to friend and I said to her that †œI just want to live my life, I feel so restrained here,† she was concerned that I would quit and truthfully most people thought I was crazy! Despite that reaction I had one clear motivation – I wanted to be free of the heaviness and stress, I realised that life is too short. I had no plan and I certainly didn’t see myself doing what I’m doing now!

So why did you choose food and fitness to blog about?

Food and fitness feel like second nature to me and they always have. It’s where I come alive, it’s what I feel 100% myself immersed in. Sharing my knowledge and expertise in a field that causes so much anxiety to people is such a reward because their journey’s can very easily turn from anxious to the best thing ever

Although I already had an awareness of what I was putting into my body from my family and my background in competitive sports, I wanted more knowledge and understanding. Experts would mostly tell me to eat chicken and broccoli to get all my macronutrients but I thought †˜surely there has got to be something better than that’!

I taught myself how to nourish myself and make great tasting food which of course I want to share with others on their own health journey.

Tell us about your eBook †˜Eat Well Look Good Feel Great’:

I wanted my first book to be really manageable and not like big encyclopaedias of information, to be easily accessible and have a theme. Because salads are what I eat every single day it made sense to launch with exactly how I eat.

Think beyond iceberg lettuce. This is all about salads to nourish, sustain, energise and make you happy. There are meals, side dishes, super easy lunch ideas and ‘you’ll – be – invited – back’ table sharers.

The eBook contains 21 salad recipes and 19 supporting essentials recipes to get you organised, inspired and eating a variety of delicious foods.

This is health that tastes great.

eat well look good feel great


Do you any advice for others who want to start following their dreams?

It sounds a bit †˜hippy’ but my advice is to forget money, because in my case it kept me trapped for so long and I think it’s really false. You’ve just got to follow the heart and not the money.

As Steve Jobs famously said, †œ… and most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.†



What is your food and diet philosophy?

My philosophy is to eat as close to nature as possible. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, two autoimmune system diseases and genetic insulin resistance, all for which I don’t take any medication for any more because I decided to make food my medicine.

I don’t eat things from packets or cans, I make everything from scratch and it’s not that complicated. I don’t eat fancy or elaborate things, I don’t have time and simple ingredients are the ones that taste the best anyhow!

Put simply: I eat real food.

What are you 3 must have ingredients in your home:

Avocado – when avocados are not having a good season it’s a pretty dire situation in my house!

Raw cacao – so versatile and surprisingly satisfying!

Coriander – in everything!

Nadia Felsch healthy eating

You say you eat predominantly raw foods, what are some of the benefits you’ve seen and felt of eating raw?

Digestion! Your stomach has to do a lot of processing through the ‘roughage’ and when you eat raw food, the enzymes which assist digestion are retained which helps the digestion process so much. You just generally feel lighter things don’t sit. I notice now if I do eat a steak or something like that, the processing in my body is so different, the way I feel the next day is so different. It’s not bad, it’s just not ideal.

Also, the difference in my skin has been amazing. I’ve always had pretty good skin though when I went mostly raw my skin just glowed, I’m 29 and no one thinks I look 29, it’s almost like a permanent detox!

What is your typical day on a plate:

I try to change it up a lot, the same as my exercise and I don’t do the same thing for more than a month.

Breakfast:  I make my own bread with nuts, seed and quinoa for breakfast and have that with 2 boiled eggs, half an avocado and a tomato. Sometimes I have some of my homemade hummus and/or pesto if I’m really hungry.

Lunch:  I usually have a salad. Today was a quinoa salad with eggs, loads of fresh herbs, baked vegies, chickpeas and lentils.  Sometimes I might put some halloumi or goats cheese in there.

Snack: A natural protein smoothie after exercise and a delightful raw cacao ball for those times when you just need something sweet.

Dinner:  If I do have a cooked meal it will be at night, like baked fish, cous cous with lamb or bbq chicken.

Everything I eat is very simple, uncomplicated and fresh.


What is your beauty/skincare routine?

Just like my diet, my routine for my skin is very simple. I cleanse and moisturise in the morning and use tinted moisturiser with sunscreen during the day. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and if I do I always wear sunscreen underneath. I’m not a huge fan of makeup, even things like mascara I feel damage my eyelashes and make them fall out the more I wear it but I do love lipstick!

I exfoliate my whole body once a week and moisturise twice a day as well.

What is your best-kept beauty secret?

Water. Today I didn’t drink enough water and I immediately noticed my skin was not as plump or dewy, the difference was obvious. Also sleep – I read years ago that Jennifer Lopez said that sleep was her beauty secret and I think she’s stunning so it must work!

How do you nourish yourself from the inside to glow on the outside?

I think upping the fats in my diet definitely made a huge difference. Switching from high protein, which I was doing for many years, to high fat, I’ve noticed a big difference to how my skin looks. †˜Good’ fats like your Omega 3s and 6s are so amazing for our hair, skin and nails. I probably eat an avocado a day, nuts and eggs as well, fat is a large part of my diet and it’s working!

*My recent cholesterol testing from October 2014 showed it to be the lowest it has ever been.


What happiness to you right now?

I’m pretty happy that the sun is out! That and the fact I am living my heart’s wishes. It always felt like a really unreachable goal and although I’ve not kicked all my goals, I am living my bliss and I’m so grateful everyday. I do what I love which is pretty amazing because not many people can do that.

What the best advice you’ve ever been given?

It sounds really silly but when I was 8 a friend’s mum told me to †œstand with your shoulders back and walk tall† and that has always stuck with me. Not only has it helped all of my fitness work because I have good posture and minimal injuries though I think it really translates to how you feel. I feel confident when I walk tall, I feel proud.

What’s next for you?

My new site! It will be the ultimate food, health and wellbeing destination. Also more eBooks, I’m working towards another few over the next 6-12 months. Think delicious raw desserts, refreshing smoothies and juices and recreated classic dishes.
There’s currently some exciting collaboration plans in the works with some wonderfully talented people in the health & wellbeing industry + I also have my eyes on an app to bring my knowledge right to your phone!

Nadia Felsch Yoga


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