lük breakfast beauty bar recipe

lük Breakfast Beauty Bar

[RECIPE] 15 Serves | 45mins go-to-wo | VEG WF DF (NF)

Delicious and easy-to-eat on the go this breakfast beauty bar contains essential beauty nutrients: omega 3 to fight inflammation & moisturise skin, essential amino acids for cell regeneration, vitamins, minerals & of course fibre to help nutrient absorption and remove toxins. I created the recipe for the lük beautifood bar at the Growers Market, they were well received so we will make them every month! Obviously it had to be low sugar and most importantly I did not want it to taste like bird food.

Teamed with a lük Glow+Go Green Smoothie (add a spoon of yoghurt for probiotics & an egg for complete protein) and you have the perfect start to the day.

If you bake them at the beginning of the week and wrap up little bundles you’ll have something to grab as you run out the door. They are handy for breakfast, to fill kids lunch boxes or to snack on.


So many skin loving goodies packed into one delicious bar. Wholegrains contain B vitamins that are required for every aspect of metabolism in your skin, without them your complexion will have a dull appearance as the skin cells can’t regenerate quickly. The seeds and nuts contain skin vital essential fatty acids (esp. harder-to-get omega 3) and key beauty mineral antioxidants (zinc, magnesium, calcium & selenium) and vitamin E. Shredded coconut and coconut oil provide a super skin moisturising boost and anti microbial benefits.


Organic if you can:

1/2 cup oats – quick

1/4 cup flaxseeds

1/4 cup chia seeds

1/4 cup sesame seeds

1/4 cup pumpkin seeds

1/4 cup sunflower seeds

1/4 cup poppy seeds

1/2 cup shredded coconut

1/4 cup coconut – fine

1/2 cup ground nuts (eg almond, walnuts or brazil nuts) or a flour eg organic spelt flour

1/3 sugar (panela or rapadura – evaporated unrefined cane juice)

1/2 tspn baking soda

1/2 tspn salt flakes (crushed Maldon or Murray River)

zest of 1/2 lemon

1 tspn cinnamon

8-10 medjool dates – chopped (optional)

1/2 cup chopped almonds (optional)

1 egg

1/3 cup coconut oil


  1. Add dry ingredients to bowl. Mix well – use a big balloon whisk. Ensure dates are separated and coated in the dry mix.
  2. Add whisked egg and (melted) oil. Stir / cut through with a knife for several minutes til well combined – every bits and piece will be well coated and it almost clumps together in your hand. This step is important.
  3. Line ‘lamington tin’ ( 9″ x 13”) with unbleached baking paper and empty in mix.
  4. Spread mix evenly and firmly press down and into the tin. The surface will be smooth and firm. I use a flat pastry scraper to flatten out and compress the mix.
  5. Cook for 20-30 minutes on 170C or until surface is golden brown. Check cooking half way thru and turn tray if necessary – ie you may have hot spots in your oven.
  6. Cool slightly, cut the slice into bar size portions. Note it will seem a bit ‘crumbly but just press/poke back into shape – it will firm up on cooling. Leave in tin to cool.
  7. Once cool go over the cuts to ensure they are clean so you have individual pieces.
  8. Store in an airtight tub upto a 3 weeks.


  • If you don’t have all the ingredients, don’t despair – mix and match. Eg Swap the oil or seeds or nuts
  • For school lunch boxes – omit the nuts 🙁
  • Pre-wrap the bars in unbleached baking paper and pop on a sticker so the family can ‘grab and go’ – it makes them extra special.
Mixing the ingredients in the lük bar

fabulous mix of nutrient rich nuts and seeds

lük beauty breakfast bar

pressed firmly into the tray

Serving the Breakfast Beautifood Bar by the slice

Serving our Breakfast Beauty Bar by the slice

be delicious lower case

quinoa breakfast recipe clean food luk beautifood

Quinoa breakfast bowl + goji berries and walnut milk

Looking for a gluten free,  antioxidant and protein packed breakfast that’s easy to make, this quinoa breakfast bowl with fruit is perfect. 

I love changing what I eat for breakfast most mornings and making a non-wheat, non dairy, plant protein rich breakfast bowl is high on the must have list. If you have a rice cooker that is even better as you can turn it on and walk away to get showered and dressed! Short on time for cooking fruit for your quinoa breakfast bowl, toss in some chopped dates as the quinoa cooks and serve with fresh fruit. For a longer, lingering weekend brunch you can add a DIY granola by Lee Holmes  – recipe on our blog / She’s Delicious interview!


Protein for breakfast is a necessity but it can be difficult to find quick to prepare foods which contain it.  Providing you with a complete protein source and packed full of goodies, this breakfast recipe is much needed starter to the day ahead, keeping your complexion glowing.  A morning boost of antioxidants from goji berries will keep your skin smooth and toned while also working to ease inflammation. Restoring moisture lost over night, essential fatty acids found in nut milk help to nourish your skin.  An added benefit for morning exercise sessions, the beta carotene in the goji berries works to protect your body from the suns UV rays while iron provides oxygen to your cells maintaining a bright appearance. The quinoa’s high fibre content aids absorption of all these essential nutrients while also helping to cleanse your body, giving you a fresh start to the morning.

You can make your very own omega rich, anti-inflammatory walnut milk (recipe and info here) to create a delicious lactose free quinoa breakfast bowl.


serves 1 (generously)


1/2 cup quinoa (blonde)

1 cup walnut milk (or nut or dairy milk)

Stewed Summer fruits with Goji Berries: eg 1 ripe pear, 1 tblspn dried goji berries, 1/2 stick cinnamon, 1 cup water.

  1. Cook pear – quarter and core a ripe pear, add a the goji berries, cinnamon stick and water to a small saucepan.Simmer gently 10-15 mins until pears are soft and water has reduced into a light syrup.
  2. Cook Quinoa – Add quinoa and 3/4  of the walnut milk to rice cooker and set to cook. When cooked, stir in remaining walnut milk slowly to create the desired consistency. ie grainy or creamy (you can add a little water too)
  3. Serve quinoa warm with poached pears and goji berries on top, drizzled with the syrup from the pears.
  • If creating this quinoa breakfast bowl without the addition of fruit, an extra date (diced) can be added when cooking to sweeten.
  • If you don’t have 15 minutes then make porridge with quinoa flakes – note that the flavour is a little bitter and will definitely need chopped dates and lots of spice!
  • The quinoa can be gently cooked on a stove top with a lid. May need an extra 1/4-1/2 cup of water.
  • If you don’t have a pear, replace with any ripe stone fruit or apple to add to your quinoa breakfast bowl.


Perfect mix - Pears, goji berreis and cinamon

Perfect mix to your quinoa breakfast bowl – pears, goji berries and cinnamon


plump glossy pears poached with vibrant goji berries

Naturally sweet pears poached with vibrant goji berries and cinnamon in water only

be delicious.... inside and out

walnut milk clean food luk beautifood

Walnut Milk – make in 2 minutes on a cold pressed juicer

I love skin-healthy, omega 3 rich walnuts and will do anything to eat them daily.  I make our fresh almond milk every few days for breakfast (I really do) and always think…I must try it with walnuts. Will walnut milk work? Will it be  an opaque white colour? 

And work it did a treat. Nut milks – a lactose alternative to ‘inflammatory’ & ‘body acidifying’ but calcium rich dairy are quick to make …if you have the right equipment. Don’t settle for store bought milks unless you need the convenience when you are away from home or just too busy as they contain added vegetables oils, refined sugars and are heat treated for pasteurisation loosing vital heat sensitive beauty nutrients. The two main ingredients in walnut milk are walnuts and filtered water. If you like you can sweeten the mild creamy walnut milk to make it divinely fragrant and caramelly with medjool dates and / or vanilla bean or cinnamon. Unlike  dairy & almond milks that are a good source of calcium, walnuts are low in calcium so boost the milk with a spoonful of tahini or if you eat yoghurt – add a few spoonfuls.


Walnuts are a delicious non animal source of omega-3 essential fatty acids which help the body to reduce inflammation. Inflammation of the skin can lead to redness, puffiness and many skin diseases making it especially important to sustain a bright, youthful appearance.  Tryptophan is an essential amino acid found in abundance in walnuts and is involved in the production of serotonin.  Serotonin promotes positive feelings, washing over your body to create a calm spirit while helping you to smile and relax.  Minimise frown lines with walnut milk!! and glow from the inside, out.  See our beautifood bite too.


125 g (1 cup) walnuts (see notes)

500ml (2 cups ) filtered water

Optional: 2 fresh dates, pitted , &/or

pinch cinnamon or a few drops of pure vanilla extract or paste (or half a pod)


Use a cold pressed juicer  

  1. Add the walnuts to the holding tray. Turn on juicer.
  2. Drop the nuts thru several at the time as you pour in the water, retain a 1/3rd of the water if you are adding dates.
  3. Add the pitted dates and remaining water. (you can pour the milk back thru to extract any left over date/ nuts in the sieve)
  4. Pour into clean glass bottle or jars.
  5. Add vanilla & / or cinnamon – optional – and shake! I like the taste without it as I love walnuts.

With a Vitamix or high speed blender

Add water and nuts to blender – whiz on high for about a minute til white and creamy. Strain thru muslin cloth. If flavouring do so once poured into the bottle… and shake. If adding dates and flavouring – add strained milk back to blender add dates / spices and whiz til smooth.

Store walnut milk for maximum 4 days in the fridge.
Makes approximately 500ml (2 cups)

NUTRITION (with dates) 

Serving Size – 125g

Energy                911kJ

Protein               4.3g

Fat, total            20.1g

 – saturated         1.3g

Carbohydrate       4.4g

 – sugars             4.3g

Sodium               2mg

  • You don’t have to soak the walnuts overnight in the fridge before blending. Works fine but it is best to ‘activate’ them to awaken enzymes.
  • Use ‘Passata’ jars to store your walnut milk (500ml t0 750ml).
  • Blend walnut milk with raw cacao & or banana to make a delicious hot or cold smoothie.
  • Substitute walnut milk for regular milk with muesli and quinoa or oat porridge.


Takes 2 minutes to make thru a cold pressed Juicer as you don't need to sieve it.

Takes 2 minutes to make thru a cold pressed Juicer as you don’t need to sieve it.

 be delicious.... inside and out

Blueberry Chocolate Brownie recipe clean food luk beautifood

Fudgey Blueberry Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Inspiration for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day can mean just three things – lips, love and chocolate. So why not make this divine sticky, fudgey blueberry chocolate brownie that is not too sweet and indulge a little treat knowing your baked goodies are made with delicious beauty foods in body loving proportions. In case you don’t know, it is the high level of sugar and fat in brownies that gives you the ooey gooeey texture you love!

Quick-to-make and with blueberries, cacao, coconut oil and hazelnuts, why not whip up a batch and indulge in a little sunset picnic?


When sugars make up a large part of our diet we should be worrying about our complexion as sugar ages your skin by speeding up the breakdown thru glycation of elastin and collagen, 2 key proteins that provide the ‘elasticity’ and ‘scaffolding’ of skin. But eating sugar sensibly, every so often in small amounts and with more complex carbohydrates and other macro nutrients such as fat and protein is something our body can handle because this combination slows down and minimises our insulin levels spiking that causes glycation. Tho this brownie recipe contains a cup of rapadura – organic evaporated cane sugar – it also contains a large proportions of pureed fruit high in fibre, nut meal, coconut oil and fresh eggs.

Vitamin E in coconut oil and hazelnuts moisturises and rejuvenates your skin, while helping to protect your hair, keeping it strong and lush. Cacao powder ranked at the top of the antioxidant rating ORAC chart (oxygen radical absorbance capacity chart), is a super food packed full of antioxidants to keep your skin smooth and radiant promoting your natural beauty. Blueberries contain anthocyanains, a phytonutrient which prevents your retina from damage from UV rays from the sun. This will help your eyes maintain a bright appearance, perfect for love gazing! While hazelnuts contain calcium and magnesium which work to build and retain strong teeth.

Check this indulgent beauty brownie off your pamper list to keep you gorgeous for your special V day romances!


1 hr wo to go | gluten free | dairy free


3 eggs

1 cup rapadura sugar (loosely packed)

3/4 cup raw cacao

200ml coconut oil (melted)

1/2 tspn baking soda

1 tspn baking powder

2 tspn vanilla

2 cups blueberries (frozen &/or organic is perfect)

2 cups hazelnut meal (or almond or walnut – make sure it is really fine so the brownie is not bitsy)

  1. Turn oven on to 160C. Ensure shelf is in middle position.
  2. Into a medium size bowl (I use stainless steel) add the first 7 ingredients and whisk by hand til well combined. You can add eggs and sugar first – whisk really well then add others – it does not matter.
  3. Blend (I use a Vitamix) the blueberries til a fine pure.  Add to bowl.
  4. Mix in blueberry puree til well combined
  5. Add hazelnut meal, mix till well combined.
  6. Pour into lamington tin loosely lined with a piece of unbleached baking paper. Make sure you level the batter into the corner and flatten off. Drop tin seveal times on bench top to ensure you have got rid of any large air bubbles to create a fine , even texture.
  7. Bake for 25mins or until surface is soft to touch but springs back.
  8. When completely cool, frost.
  9. Store in fridge until eaten. Just cut off small squares – this is extremely rich.

In a bowl combine 1/2 cup raw cacao, 1/2 cup coconut oil (melted & cool), 2 egg yolks and 3 tblspns blueberry or maple syrup. Whisk until thick & glossy. Chill in fridge 10 minutes til firm then spread on brownie.

  • Don’t over cook the blueberry chocolate brownie or you will dry it out.
  • It will be even more richer and stickier if made the day before, it gives the flavours a chance to intensify and the good oils to mingle.
  • Due to the egg yolks being used in the frosting to keep it smooth and creamy not a melty mess, the frosted brownies are best stored in the fridge in an airtight container.
  • Cut the blueberry chocolate brownie up into squares after they have been chilled.
  • Instead of icing you could dust the blueberry chocolate brownie with a dried raspberry powder.
  • To keep the sugar per serve down, have a smaller portion. It is extremely rich so you really don’t need more than a bite or 2.
  • For Valentines Day – why not wrap up a blueberry chocolate brownie and make them into little love packages? Don’t forget to add a heart swing tag or sticker with a message.
Mixing Blueberry Chocolate Brownies

Vigorously whisking the batter for the Blueberry Chocolate Brownies

Mixing in the blueberry puree to the batter

Mixing in the blueberry puree to the batter

Blueberry Chocolate Brownie batter ready to go into the oven - don't worry too much about how you line the lamington tray.

Blueberry Chocolate Brownie batter ready to go into the oven – don’t worry too much about how you line the lamington tray.

Bake 25 mins until the top is springy to touch - don't over bake or they will dry out

Bake blueberry chocolate brownie for 25 mins until the top is springy to touch – don’t over bake or they will dry out


Low sugar glossy frosting.

Low sugar glossy frosting uses egg yolks to bind the coconut oil, syrup and raw cacao powder .

Moist, more-ish and not too sweet. Packed with healthy & beauty-full ingredients.

Moist, more-ish and not too sweet. This blueberry chocolate brownie is packed with healthy & beauty-full ingredients to treat  you and your loved ones. x

be delicious.... inside and out




beauty bar cake

BEAUTY BAR CAKE | more-ish and moist

[recipe] Makes 1 loaf | 60 mins wo-to-go

This is one of those recipes that not only boosts your beautifood intake but helps you feel good whilst making and eating it! It is a moist, more-ish cake filled with nutrient rich goodies. The only ‘added’ sugar comes from 2 tblspns of honey as the dates are cooked down til icky & sticky + sultanas are added to sweeten. It’s gluten free because quinoa and almond flours are used and what’s more there is a cup of finely grated carrot  – that cannot be seen or tasted but provides vitamin A &  fibre and keeps it moist.

This beauty bar cake offers your skin nutrients to help fight wrinkles & look radiant. It’s wholesome ingredients keep you feeling fuller longer, after giving you an initial boost of energy….it is a ‘slow release cake.’


1 cup dates  – pitted and chopped  + water

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QUINOA SALAD | beauty building blocks

[RECIPE]  Serves 4-6 | 30min wo-to-go

I discovered this fabulous amino-rich plant seed when my husband & I were trekking in Peru in 2003. It was a popular staple of  Sth America (& sacred to the Incas), providing one of the few plant sources of complete protein (12-18% protein) , for the life of me I could not work out why it was so hard to get back in Australia. Fast – forward 2012 and everyone is talking  ‘Keen-wah’.

Like all things new, you wonder how to best use it. I’m only a couple weeks ahead of you in my experience and can share – it is almost ‘fool|fail’ proof & very quick|easy. It has an interesting texture -it’s soft, creamy & chewy all at once, it taste is mild, almost earthy, perhaps a little nutty.  I chose the red variety as it looks so pretty. Here I add lots of green & white crunch and a simple lemony dressing.


This salad offers your skin nutrients to help fight wrinkles & look radiant. Read more

Lima beans, baby roma tomato & basil salad + red wine vinaigrette

SUMMER LIMA SALAD | beans means beauty

[recipe] Serves 4-6 | 3+ hrs wo-to-go dried beans or 10mins wo-to-go canned beans 

A simple & beautiful salad of lima beans (often called butter beans because of their creamy texture and colour), ripe tomatoes and fresh basil leaves.

I am not sure why I don’t use ‘pulses’ more in my cooking, but I suspect it revolves around forming habits!  I am making a concerted effort to include pulses like lima beans and chickpeas in my weekly repertoire because they are packed with beauty-boosting goodness.

BEAUTY BOOST: Lima beans contain the lesser know trace mineral molybdenum, essential for synthesizing DNA – your cells genetic makeup, play a key role in enzymatic de-toxifying of cells and is a good source of B vitamins thiamin and folate which help cells make energy.  Their iron content (25% RDI in one cup) helps transfer oxygen into your cells & their high fibre content helps absorbs and facilitate quick removal of waste, both contributing to a brighter complexion. They contain trace mineral & antioxidant manganese which helps fight free radicals that can damage the skin, trigger inflammation and affect your complexion – and not in a good way!

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Roast Pumpkin, Pinenut & Coriander with balsamic glaze

ROAST PUMPKIN SALAD | colour me beautiful

[recipe] Serves 4-6 | 90min wo-to-go

Taste. Looks. Good-for-your skin, what  more do you want! Cheat and buy peeled pumpkin and you’re cooking for beauty in moments!

BEAUTY BOOST: Bright orange and red colours are your signal that this salad is loaded with beta-carotene (converted to Vit A in the body), lycopene & lutein, all highly powerful antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals in our skin, thereby helping to keep our skin moist and youthful. Lutein also increases skin elasticity, which plays a vital role in wrinkle prevention and it is thought to work with zeaxanthin (another antioxidant found in capsicum) to protect skin from damage & inflammation caused by the sun. This salad also contains 2 potent free-radical destroyers vitamin A (fat-soluble) & Vitamin C (water soluble), the first

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EASY PEASY MUESLI | your daily cleanse, inside out!

Serves (min 20) | 10mins wo-to-go

Instead of forking out a bucket load of time and money to buy all the ingredients from scratch, simply buy an off the shelf muesli and top it up with those ingredients you find hard to eat everyday.

BEAUTY BOOST: Kickstart your day feeling light, nourished & with heaps of energy to get you thru to lunch time! This muesli really gets you going because lots of the ingredients contain soluble and insoluble fibre (eg sunflowers | pectin) which help to keep the intestines well cleared and so can contribute to clear skin and less energy absorption.

Not only that, but I find it’s a fab way of getting your daily dose of seeds and nut which contain skin vital essential fatty acids (esp. harder-to-get omega 3) and key mineral antioxidants (zinc, magnesium, calcium & selenium) and vitamin E.

When topped with a natural yoghurt & fruit (eg frozen blueberries) you have given your body a huge ‘can-do’ boost.


1 Box of ‘Table of Plenty’ muesli eg Velvet Vanilla (note: it’s half toasted for flavour | half untoasted for goodness) or Carmen’s

1 bag pumpkin seeds (eg 500g)

1 bag sunflower seeds (eg 500g)

2 bags of whole or chopped nuts (eg almonds and walnuts). (eg 1kg bags)

1 bag chia seeds ((eg 250g)

1 bag organic sultanas (ie no sulfate preservative eg. 500g ) or cranberries

1 bag ground linseed | flax seeds


Into a big bowl add muesli and whatever quantity of the other ingredients looks good or empties the bag if they are smaller or already in use! Mix, pop into your favourite large re-sealable, preferably glass jar. Lasts til eaten!


– you can add / substitute other goodies: eg sesame seeds, dried apricots (organic | ie no sulphur), brazil nuts

– buy these bigger, zip lock bags of seeds and nuts etc from your supermarket and use a quantity as desired – then you won’t have to measure to make this recipe and will always have lots on hand to make other body-delicious snacks or meals.

– Woolworth’s has a good selection under their brand Wholefoods brand. Organic is always best but I think it is great to just start eating better…

– both Woolies and Coles now sell kilo bags of nuts in their F&V section that are far more cost effect than those found in the cooking isle.

– really easy to mix and match your favourite ingredients and change it from batch to batch, season to season.


– make sure you chop up the nuts or use a nut meal so they don’t complain about chewing.

– Intro muesli by sprinkling over weetbix + top with a crunchy but not too sweet flake such as cornflakes + plain yoghurt so they get the best of both worlds! (a taste / crunch they love  + slow realise energy)

–  If they complain about no added sugar yoghurt – drizzle a little bit of honey so YOU control how much sugar is added.