GLOW + GO Green Smoothie | Natural Beauty Boost

[RECIPE] Makes 900ml | 3 serves  5 mins Wo-to-Go.

For a Healthy Glow & Get UP & Go

In Summer when with the warm weather we’re naturally outside and active more.

Our home juicing menu has taken a turn from our staple red juice (beet, carrot, apple, ginger celery) to green juice to invigorate our body for ‘get up & go and a healthy glow.’

The ingredients used to make a green smoothie are all light, and non starchy which makes them easy to digest giving you an instant dose of beautifying food. And because there is no waste in making a smoothie you are getting a massive does of active beauty nutrients to feed your beauty including fibre to keep your digestive system moving quickly to remove toxins and increase nutrient absorption. There is no other way to get such a vast serve of fruit & vegetables that are quick to eat and keep you full for longer.

Making a green smoothie can be fun because there is such a fast array of green fruit and vegetables available to use.

  • Start with green leaves (kale, spinach, lettuce,) | think Vitamin A for complexion + chlorophyll  
  • Add beauty minerals  rich vegetables (celery, cucumber, [avocad0], fennel) 
  • Add a ‘sweetner’ (pear or green apple -pineapple is gorgeous) for flavour, fibre + antioxidants
  • Pop in some Citrus for vitamin C – we love it for collagen production and alkalising the body 
  • Toss in ‘active flavours’ for depth & fragrance – ginger, mint, parsley, fresh turmeric 
  • Liquify with water, ice, coconut water (for a sweeter, more fragrant style), green tea (antioxidants) or almond milk (to increase skin moisturising essential fatty acids and protein). 
  • You can always add ‘boosters’ such as flax seed oil, probiotics (the simplest is natural yoghurt), protein (an egg is great) or seeds such as pumpkin (zinc) or Chia (omega 3)

The green pigment in plants – Chlorophyll – is an all round superfood. It helps neutralise acids in your body, seriously stimulates your digestion(!), boosts oxygen levels in your blood allowing your cells to receive more nutrients & energises your body. It helps to extract nasty toxins from your liver, essentially improving liver function + detoxes and cleanses your blood which promotes radiant skin.  It also reduces the signs of ageing as its antioxidant properties help neutralise free radicals. It’s super-rich in enzymes which promote cell rejuvenation. And lastly, it is alkalising and anti-inflammatory effect on your body alleviates skin disorders such as eczema, dryness, puffiness and redness. What are you waiting for?

Avocados for essential fatty acids and Vitamin E to keep skin soft and smooth. Kale is an excellent source of calcium, vitamins AC & K  – keeping your skin tight and toned. Celery & cucumber contain silica – a food active nutrient that acts as an internal moisturiser. Other beauty minerals include calcium, iron, manganese and potassium. Potassium & iron help transport O2 round the body to renew and revitalise your skin.

avocado – 1/2
kale – 3 leaves inc. stem
english spinach – 1 ‘root ‘with 6-8 leaves & stems
cucumber – 1/2 chopped in 4
celery – 1 stick  inc. leaves
parsley – 3 stems
mint – 2- 3 stalks with leaves
pears – 2 chopped inc seeds (no stem) or green apples
lemon – 1/2 with no rind + 1/4 strip rind
ginger – 1-2 thin slices
water – 1.5 cups (or coconut water or green tea + dash apple juice if you are inclined)
ice – 1 cup (needed for texture + flavour enhancement)
Simply pop all ingredients in the Vitamix, turn on & increase speed to high. Blend for about a minute til smooth and creamy.
You may need to pulse the mix to begin with depending on what order ingredients went in or will need to use your tamper stick.
This recipe makes 3 good size jars so pop the spare/s ones in the fridge for the next day. They will last at least 2.

– the ice gives the smoothie a fabulous melt-in-your-mouth texture + keep the smoothie chilled as high powered blenders add so much energy when mixing it can warm up the smoothie!

– need to know more about juicing & making smoothies? Read more…

– or try my avocado & banana recipe


lük Beauty Boosting Green Smoothie | GLOW & GO

lük Beauty Boosting Green Smoothie | GLOW & GO

What’s in Season? September

[FOOD] Spring is upon us! Get ready to make the September seasonal change knowing what’s in at the markets and what should be in your kitchen garden.

At the markets

The early-bird summer fruits of mangoes & nectarines are here -they are still quite tart but just seeing them lifts your spirits! But the summery vibe doesn’t stop there;  pineapples are sweetening up and there are berries berries everywhere.


The best flavour is way off but you can still get your mango fix from this early-bird produce.

The best flavour is way off but you can still get your mango fix from this early-bird produce.

Spring vegetables are a whole lotta green. Look forward to freshening up your recipes with artichokes, broad beans, asparagus, spring onions and peas.

Spring means green (and a lots of it!)

Spring means green (and a lots of it!)

At its best

Potatoes are slightly floury in texture, which makes them perfect for roasting – get that crispy skin and fluffy inside.

Best buy

Fat fennel bulbs are a bargain this week as well – perfect shaved with lemon juice & olive oil in a salad.

In the kitchen garden

Keep an eye out for the first of the asparagus spears pushing their way from the soil into the springtime air.  Picked straight from the garden, these sweet tender anti-inflammatoryy shoots always make there way into my mouth before the plate…a spear a day keeps the wrinkles away! Our lettuce & kale are going crazy and the peas are climbing vigorously.

It’s time to sow seeds of the cucumber family, so get those cucumbers, zucchinis and pumpkins in the ground and ready to grow! And if you have space, now is also the perfect time for melons….ours always self seed!

If you need a little inspiration for planting your Kitchen Garden!

If you need a little inspiration for planting your Kitchen Garden! Visit this C18th F&V garden at Chateau de la Bussiere! AMAZING!


Silica for love of skin, nails and hair

Silica | for love of skin, nails & hair

Why we Love the Food Active Mineral Silica…

Source: Found in the greens, asparagus, leeks, celery, beans, cucumber, strawberries and oats.

Beauty and Benefits: Silica promotes tissue firmness & healthy skin. It is essential for maintaining skin’s elasticity and makes your skin resilient and radiate. Silica deficiency can hamper the body’s ability to heal wounds. 

Morsel to Motivate: In maintaining connective tissue, silica aids not only the skin, but muscles, tendons, joints, hair, nails, cartilage and bone – it is one of the key ingredients in supplements for poor joints and cartilage.


QUINOA SALAD | beauty building blocks

[RECIPE]  Serves 4-6 | 30min wo-to-go

I discovered this fabulous amino-rich plant seed when my husband & I were trekking in Peru in 2003. It was a popular staple of  Sth America (& sacred to the Incas), providing one of the few plant sources of complete protein (12-18% protein) , for the life of me I could not work out why it was so hard to get back in Australia. Fast – forward 2012 and everyone is talking  ‘Keen-wah’.

Like all things new, you wonder how to best use it. I’m only a couple weeks ahead of you in my experience and can share – it is almost ‘fool|fail’ proof & very quick|easy. It has an interesting texture -it’s soft, creamy & chewy all at once, it taste is mild, almost earthy, perhaps a little nutty.  I chose the red variety as it looks so pretty. Here I add lots of green & white crunch and a simple lemony dressing.


This salad offers your skin nutrients to help fight wrinkles & look radiant. Read more