green smoothie

GREEN SMOOTHIE SKIN FOOD | Avocado, Mango, Banana, Kale + Chia Seeds

[recipe] Makes 4 large glasses | 5 mins wo-to-go | No Cook

We made this gorgeous green smoothie last friday in my inaugural “Beauty Wellbeing Workshop”. It was creamy smooth and delicious even tho it sounds an unusual combination. We drank it as an appetizer in the glam gold glasses as we prepped our lunch. Kelly’s scarlet nails look a treat next to it! You could also do shot glasses and pop a few edible decorative goodies on top.

I love to cook by looking at the ingredients I have on hand rather than following a recipe (hence the combo) and Ursula got to experiment with the ‘turbo charged’ cocktail blender I have  had for eons but rarely use – there was not a spec of kale in sight. So go ahead, experiment using this recipe as a guide.

BEAUTY BOOST:  Anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants, immune boosting, vitamin ACEK rich, EFA’s.  

Avocados for essential fatty acids and Vitamin E to keep skin soft and smooth. More on avo. Mango are rich in the carotenoid antioxidants + vitamins A&C – keeping your skin tight and toned. They also contain silica – a food active nutrient that acts as an internal moisturiser. Undeniably bananas are high in sugar (about 20g in a ripe one) and give you an energy burst (yeh if you are tired), but they also contain a high amount of fibre including the prebiotic inulin, which feeds our beneficial (probiotic) gut bacteria, the first line of defence for the immune system. Keeping your gut bacteria healthy can prevent inflammatory conditions like eczema and support the digestion and absorption of nutrients needed to retain optimal health and keep you looking and feeling younger. The high level of potassium ( ~ 400mg) they contain helps transport O2 round the body to renew and revitalise the skin. Kale is an excellent source of calcium, vitamins AC & K – all essential for skin health and Chia seeds are an excellent non-animal source of skin loving omega 3 to keep skin looking moist and plump.


1 ripe avocado

1 banana

1 mango (optional)

3-4 kale leaves

3 stems fresh mint leaves

1/4 whole lemon

2 tspns chia seeds

1 cup ice

1 cup chilled water or coconut water


Put  all ingredients in blender. Mix on high til smooth and creamy.

Serve in classes with a spoon or thick straw! Garnish if you have guests!


  • For a more liquid smoothie add more water or if you don’t want the flavour diluted another high water content vegetable such as cucumber or a liquid such as coconut water, almond milk or dairy milk.
  • For more dimension and an extra hit of Vit C (support collagen synthesis) add a squeeze of lemon juice.
  • For a bite add a dash of tabasco sauce.
  • Add some probiotics via an unsweetened yoghurt.
  • If you want a lower sugar content – remove one or all of the fruits. I like it as is and because I don’t eat much food with added sugar.
  • You can sub in fresh pineapple for mango, parsley or spinach for kale etc.
  • Chia seeds swell to 10times their size so they have a real thickening effect on the smoothie. For a more liquid smoothie –  sprinkle on top instead of adding in.


I will let you know once mine have had a go at making & tasting it!

Italian Salsa Verde

SALSA VERDE | gorgeous green sauce

Monday is shopping day for me and that means fresh fish to kick off the week feeling healthy.

Why not try this oh-so-simple herb salsa? Salsa verde means green sauce in Italian and it is a great accompaniment with grilled or pan fried chicken, fish and steak. Drizzle the salsa verde over your protein and taste the deliciously simple things in life.

Finely chop 1 bunch of basil, 1 bunch of flat leaf parsley and a handful of mint leaves. Add to the herbs 1 clove of finely chopped garlic and a handful of chopped capers. Pour in a good amount of extra virgin olive oil until the herbs are covered in oil and the mixture has turned into a loose paste. Add a dash of dijon mustard, a splash of white wine vinegar and a squeeze of lemon juice at the end and stir through. Season with S&P and serve with your favourite grilled meat. Enjoy!

And because you have made so much….pop into a jam jar and share with your neighbour or a friend. It will make them smile. 🙂


Image: Pinterest via Eclectic Recipes

DIY Mandarin & Cinnamon Body Scrub

DIY Mandarin & Cinnamon Brown Sugar Body Scrub


For a gorgeous moisturising scrub to use over Easter try our super quick and easy mandarin and cinnamon  body scrub to soften and soothe skin. Mandarins (rich in vitamin C) are in season and their scent is fabulous when combined with the spice of cinnamon.

Use as an all over body scrub for me some †˜me’ time in a hot shower or simply use on your hands to give yourself a mini manicure. Read more

Avocado Salad

AVOCADO | a quick bite for lunch or brunch

[recipe] Serves 2 | 5 mins go-to-wo

Such a delightfully simple, skin-savvy and delicious snack. There is something about the warmth of the toast and the avocado ‘melting’.

BEAUTY BOOST:  Do I need to say anything?  Fibre & B vitamins from the bread, a dose of fresh greens, calcium from the cheese and beautiful healthful fats, vitamin E & C and potassium from the avocados…not to mention free radical fighting antioxidants. For more on why your skin loves avocados here: beautifood bite or beauty benefits the avocados luscious lipids post 

Read more

Tomato Salad

TOMATO SALAD | french women know best?

[recipe] Serves 4 | 5mins wo-to-go

A Classic French Summer recipe that I make time and time again because it is so easy and brimming with skin-loving anti-oxidants. We lived on an old barge in France for 18 mths with our 10 mth and 2 year old and it was here I experienced a simplicity to cooking that I fell in love with. We’d wander the local markets, buy what was in season and well …do not much with it!  We were invited into homes of people we met barging along (kids | playground – you know!) and time and time again we’d be served ripe ‘ancienne’ tomatoes with a vinaigrette and a single ‘surprise’ herb. The most memorable being tarragon. I am not a big fan of uncooked tomatoes so this is really saying something!

BEAUTY BOOST: This salad offers you 2 key wrinkle-curing nutrients to look radiant. Tomatoes contain Lycopene, a powerful anti-oxidant twice as effective at fighting wrinkles than vitamin A (beta carotene). This free radical scavenger is particularly effective in skin-tissue because it is fat-soluble –  reducing skin cell damage means preventing wrinkles. Adding a healthy fat such Read more