Kissmas Gift Guide 2019

With Christmas carols being queued up ready to play, and decorations being dusted off, the festive season is officially here.

Along with all the joy and festivity that this time of the year brings, it also brings a little bit of stress when it comes to gift giving.

We’re making it easier for you this season with the lük beautifood ultimate gift giving guide.

Here’s our specially curated guide for 2019.

  • For the office Secret Santa

Surprise and delight your Kris Kringle with one of our gorgeous new limited edition Pretty in Pink shades – Nude Pink or Rosé. These are the perfect summer colours to get them through the event season, with nourished and hydrated lips!

  • For the one who is hard to buy for

We all have that one person who is a little difficult to buy for. Whether it’s a relative or a friend who has it all, why not give them the option to choose their own lük beautifood product with an e-gift voucher! They’ll be able to select a colour and product combo they love!

  • For the beauty lover

You know, the friend whose make-up case is bursting at the seams, but would rather buy another case than miss out on the latest trend. Create a custom 3 Lip Nourish Gift Pack with shades you know they’ll love. They will be able to create the exact look they’re after with buildable coverage.

  • For the adventurer

We all have that special friend who is always looking for their next travel experience to some exotic location on the other side of the world. With only a backpack to fill, a sampling Lip Nourish Tasting Plate in pinks and reds will have them standing out just how they like it!

  • For the ethical friend

From shopping at the local farmers market, to living a waste free life, our entire range of our cruelty free products is for your conscious friends! Made from all-natural and toxin free ingredients, a new lük beautifood lipstick in a reusable cotton pouch is bound to be their favourite gift of the season! Some of our most popular shades include Tea Rose, Ruby Grapefruit and Tangerine Pomegranate.

  • For yourself

Treat yo’ self!
You’re buying everyone such incredible gifts, you shouldn’t have to miss out! Select the perfect shade combination with the 2 Lip Nourish Pack. From nudes to deep reds, you will be hard pushed to just buy two! Maybe a sneaky hint to your partner to buy the rest of the colours might do the trick.

Offer valid until 29th November, 2019

Best of all, shipping is free for Australia with no minimum spend. For our international friends, spend over $50 to access free shipping!

Now that your Christmas shopping is sorted, you can officially start bragging to all your friends about how organised you are. And if they’re struggling for gifts, you know where to send them.


100% pure makeup made from food

Why 100% pure cosmetics are so important for your health

We all want to present our most healthy, authentic selves every day and that starts with putting 100% pure ingredients in our saucepans – and on our skin.

A study on healthy eating trends around the world reveals around 75 per cent of people now believe they “are what they eat” and almost 80 per cent are actively using foods to forestall health issues and medical conditions.

At luk beautifood we understand that you want to look after your body and achieve optimal wellbeing by eating wholesome food and using safe, organic skincare products – so why not apply the same philosophy to your makeup?

In fact, it is the very reason I developed Lip Nourish lipsticks – to pack a nutritional punch using all-natural ingredients. I wanted to harness the benefits of healing foods, such as avocados, seeds and fruits.

These ‘superfoods’ contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatories are scientifically proven to calm skin issues naturally.

This is particularly important as science tells us skin is five to 10 times more absorbent on the face (and scalp) than most other areas of the body.

And consider this: research indicates the cumulative effects of individual (non-carcinogenic) chemicals you absorb could conspire to produce carcinogenic synergies.

So, by aiming for 100% pure cosmetics, packed with plant-based products, you will be ensuring your entire system remains free of potentially damaging poisons that could wreak havoc with your health.

Want totally clean makeup? Here’s how to pick it

It can be hugely time-consuming wading through beauty forums and websites to compare notes and pick the purest and most effective products.

Take a look at Etsy under the title ‘chemical-free’ and you will find more than 600 skincare and over 400 makeup offerings claiming to be full of non-toxic substances. But who can you trust?

To make it easy for you to find chemical-free makeup to complement your lipstick, I’ve done the research for you. Well actually, I did the research for me because I was looking for 100% pure cosmetics I could trust.
Lip Nourish Mandarin Spice Packaging - luk beautifood
I use the 100% Pure brand of plant-pigmented makeup from America. It is one of the only makeup brands in the world coloured from the antioxidant-rich pigments of fruits and vegetables.

When is a product 100% pure?

Look out for standard certifications under the names Cosmos (an international standard for organic and natural cosmetics), Organic Food Chain, Nature and NSF (US tick for all-natural products).

If you’re wondering which common skincare products don’t quite live up to their promise of being ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ you can find out here.

Many of the big international brands have started their own lines of ‘natural’ mineral makeups –but you may have to do your homework to ensure every ingredient is free of harmful contaminants that could irritate skin, interfere with hormones or even trigger cancer.

Happily, help is at hand if you download the Think Dirty app which rates personal and beauty products 1-10, with 10 being the worst ranking.

Sensitive skin?

If you suffer from very sensitive skin then healthy makeup alternatives are even more important.

The health of our skin cells is directly influenced by what nutrients are available to them. So slathering on chemical-laden cosmetics and lotions is never a good idea.

If you are searching for a low maintenance, fresh-faced appearance that follows the ‘less is more’ philosophy, stick to makeup that avoids chemical preservatives that can inflame sensitive skin. 100% Pure cosmetics use natural preservatives such as anti-bacterial herbs.

Real ingredients include Japanese honeysuckle, thyme, oregano, rosemary and lavender in a potent concentration of vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that settle sensitive skin.

So, beauty and skincare essentials from 100% Pure and from course luk beautifood, have got your covered from top to toe to achieve a youthful, glowing complexion, naturally!

100 Percent Pure

100% Pure Cosmetics ~ 100% natural fruit pigmented makeup

To make it easier for you to shop 100% natural makeup and not just our delicious natural lipsticks, we research and recommend other makeup that we love and think you will too.

One of these products is 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Makeup from America.

If you look after your body by eating healthy food and using organic skincare products why not apply the same philosophy to your makeup? I have hand selected a gorgeous collection of barely-there, nudes and naturals for you to create a healthy naked glow: that enviable effortless look we all crave.

With just a few products you can achieve radiant beauty that normally comes from eating organic food and living a nourished life.

Ideal for busy mums, young active girls and those of us that don’t want spend more than few minutes each morning applying makeup, there is something for everyone in this exciting all-natural range.

100 per cent pure


Truly 100% Pure is health food for your skin! There are absolutely no synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances or colours, no chemical preservatives, or toxins and the products are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, some products are vegan too! It is one of the only makeup brands in the world coloured 100% from the antioxidant rich pigments of fruits and vegetables.

As much as 60% of topical skin-care products are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream,” says Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf.  “They should be consumed with the same prudence that we use to choose our breakfast cereal.” With this in mind, you can be at peace knowing that the 100% Pure products you are applying are 100% safe and 100% perfect for sensitive skin types.


100% natural, the range is packed full of antioxidant and nutrient rich foods – if you look after your body by eating healthy food and using organic skincare products why not apply the same philosophy to your makeup? These foods contain key nutrients to feed your skin and to keep it healthy, clear, hydrated, and wrinkle-free because as we know, the health of your skin cells is directly influenced by what nutrients are available to them

Check out 8 top skin foods for summer

Or why not whip up this delicious skin-loving GREEN SMOOTHIE

Eat these foods for Glowing, Healthy Skin

Take it one step further by studying our Skinfood Nutrient Table in depth

100% pure nail polish


Not only are the 100% Pure 10-free, natural nail polishes much better for your health than most conventional brands but they look stunningly beautiful on! The colours are strong and vibrant with a smooth, creamy consistency that glides on and dries quickly to a high long-lasting shine. One of the best parts is that one coat is all you need for a full strength colour.

100% pure lip gloss


Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Eva Mendez, Madonna and Jennifer Aniston are just some of the international celebrities who swear by the 100% Fruit Pigmented range and it’s easy to see why this forward-thinking brand is such a worldwide sensation.

The pure range of colour cosmetics is particularly famous for their Black Tea Mascara (being a global best seller). Here’s what one of our darling customers Maggie Ball had to say about this wunderprod:

“I love this mascara. It’s so beautifully packaged, and goes on like a dream – no clumping at all. The end result is very natural – thickens and darkens my lashes without looking over-done or fake. The mascara lasts and lasts and doesn’t rub off, and washes off with a little cleanser at the end of the day. Best of all it’s not the slightest bit irritating for my sensitive eyes – no rubbing or itching like most other mascaras for me. I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else!”

100% pure mascara

Because 100% Pure cosmetics do not contain chemical preservatives, synthetic dyes or artificial fragrances that can irritate the skin, they are perfect for sensitive skin!

Rather than using chemical preservatives, 100% Pure cosmetics use natural preservatives such as anti-bacterial herbs, this and other unique proprietary technologies distinguish the company from competitors. They stabilise active ingredients from oxidising using Japanese Honeysuckle, Thyme, Oregano, Goldenseal, Rosemary, Lavender and a high concentration of vitamins and antioxidants to naturally preserve all products.

If you’re wondering how to achieve the perfect naked face using 100% Pure essentials, then this tutorial will act as the perfect guide.

makeup bag


Here’s what we recommend from this exciting collection – remember each product is made from 100% natural, vegan and/or organic ingredients and is lead-free and gluten-free. Huzzah!.

Face: 1 luminous face primer and 1 luminous creme highlighter, 2 tinted moisturising blemish balms to blur spots and lines – one for light & one for medium complexions. 4 Healthy Skin Foundations – full coverage. 4 Sheer water Foundations for a soft dewy complexion. 4 Flawless Skin Foundation Powder Cremes for different skin tones and 3 brightening concealers.

Lips – the perfect Naked Lip Creme (chubby) Pencil to line and fill lips before applying one of 7 sheer neutral shades of luk beautifood lipstick, luscious fruit pigmented Lip Glaze Lipsticks and 4 juicy lip glosses.

Eyes – the bare essentials! A Black Tea Mascara and Maracuja Oil Mascara and Black Tea liquid eyeliner + 6 ultra soft neutral eye shadows and the classic smokey eye grey. 2 Eyeliners in Black & Dark Cacao Brown and an eye brightening white pencil. 1 Chubby Chocolate & Champagne Eye Pencil + Pearl Stick Eyeliner in Periwinkle & a stunning Pretty Naked Palette featuring shades for the eyes and face. To top this all off we also have the stunning eyebrow powder gels in different shades to suit different hair colours.

Cheeks – Cherry Cheek & Lip Stain for beautiful pink, natural looking flushed look + fruit pigmented luminzer for a radiant glow & a summery Cocoa Glow Bronzer. Not to mention 2 gorgeous, luminous, satin-finish blushes in Raspberry and Chiffon.

Nails – 10-free nail polish for an understated healthy look + base & top coat.

You can purchase 100% natural lipstick from our shop.