luk lip nourish 8 nude and neutral shades

What shade suits you?

Lip Nourish is super sheer lipstick available in a menu of 8 natural shades to create a natural healthy glow. It’s designed as an easy-wear colour for all day nourishment making it ideal for buying online or for a friend due to the low pigment levels.

Just follow this rule of thumb and you can’t go wrong: (and if you do we will replace your order for free)

Everyone can wear Nude Cinnamon + Chai Shimmer

Fair complexion best to wear Pink Juniper + Tea Rose + Rose Lime

Medium colourings ideal to wear Tea Rose + Tangerine Pomegranate + Mandarin Spice – for summer I love Pink Juniper with Chai Shimmer over the top!

Dark skin tones & dark hair suit most, especially the Tangerine Pomegranate + Mandarin Spice + Vanilla Chocoloate


nude cinnamon

nude, nearly colourless balm, leaves lips moist, tender and glistening in health

chai Shimmer

a sheer golden nude, almost translucent balm with a sprinkle of fine golden shimmer.

tangerine pomegranate

s sheer peachy pink shade

pink juniper

gently colours lips with sheer, soft, cool, nude pink

tea rose

gently evens out natural lip colour, sheer pink lustre

rose lime

gently colours lips with sheer, sheer rose pink

mandarin spice

gently colours lips with sheer, peachy cinnamon tones

 vanilla chocolate
colours lips with sheer,spiced chocolate

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