Yummy Green Smoothie Breakfast Bowl Recipe via Natural Nomad

Here at Luk Beautifood, we believe creamy, nutrient-dense smoothie bowls are the best thing you can wake up to thanks to their endless health benefits and energy-boosting abilities! All you need is a blender and five minutes to whip up a bowl of nutritious deliciousness. So grab your spoon and your appetite and try this tastebud-tantalising medley from Lauren of Natural Nomad which combines the beauty-ful benefits of fruits with vegies, and superfood spirulina for a one-two-healthy-punch!
– 3 frozen bananas (chop and peel them before freezing overnight in a ziplock bag)
– 1 handful spinach
– 1 small handful of fresh mint leaves
– 1 tsp spirulina powder
1. Place your bowl in the freezer before you begin – this lets the bowl get nice and cold to stop your frozen smoothie melting as quickly.
2. Add the frozen bananas to a strong food processor and blend until they just begin to combine (you may need to add a splash of water to help the blades along).
3. Add in the remaining ingredients and process until they form a smooth, creamy consistency.
4. Scoop into your cold bowl and top with fresh fruit, granola or whatever you fancy, then enjoy!
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Bon Apetit!