The Fruity Beauty Mocktail | liquid antioxidant

[RECIPE] Serves 6 |  30 mins go-to-wo

A fabulous colourful drink to welcome guest to a summer party. It’s made from fresh fruit, herbs, juice, hydrating sparkling water / soda and a little syrup to balance the flavour and sweeten. Served in a large glass jug, or glass urn, or bowl, it looks oh-so-pretty and is better-for-you than more concentrated alcoholic drinks.

This fruity mocktail has a very high antioxidant content and is fabulous for your skin. Pomegranates are considered a superfood with the one of the highest ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) values of any fruit. With this degree of free radical neutralising power, you can say goodbye to skin damage and hello to a beautiful complexion. This delicious drink also comes with added sun protection! This is accredited to the high levels of ellagic acid in pomegranate and the high vitamin C content in oranges and lemons that help to protect skin from sun damage. This means prevention against sun spots and photo-ageing from the inside! The vitamin C of the citrus fruits will also assist in creating clearer, firmer skin by promoting the production of collagen and reduction of inflammation.

1L pomegranate juice (not from concentrate)

1 fresh pomegranate (autumn fruit but are available for the festive season from USA)

2-3 oranges

1 bunch mint

1 lemon (optional)

elderflowerberry syrup or maple syrup

1L soda water


  1. Remove leaves from the mint. Put the stalks and a 1/3 of mint leaves into the sturdy glass jug or large bowl you will be using to hold your mocktail.
  2. Prep oranges; one to have zest sliced off big curved pieces (see pic) then cross sliced and other to be cut into 8 segments. Put the zest and segments of orange into the jug/bowl.
  3. Muddle the mint and 8 segment of orange in the bowl by crushing and mixing them up (a rolling pin or a pestle will do the job perfectly!)
  4. Add syrup and muddle some more. Remove most mint stalks.
  5. Add the pomegranate juice.
  6. Add a squeeze of lemon to taste
  7. Stir and taste! Get this flavour balanced to your liking.
  8. Add 500ml soda water. Taste. Add more if it is too sweet or flavoursome.
  9. Garnish with fresh mint leaves, slices of orange and pomegranate jewels (see below for how to remove seeds from fruit)

Best method to remove pomegranate seeds:

  • Cut off top and bottom of fruit then slice into quarters.
  • Using a gentle scraping motion with your fingertips or spoon remove the jewels and place into bowl. Discard the white membrane & ‘husk’.
  • Note: pomegranate juice and seeds stain so do this in the sink and remember to wear gloves!

Mint leaves when crushed or pressed will bruise and go dark, so make sure the leaves used for garnish have been untouched in order to maintain the vibrant, pretty green colour for decorating your mocktail.

Ladle the vibrant mocktail mix into glass tumblers over ice. Remember to include a nice mixture of the fruity, leafy garnish not just to make it look gorgeous but for an extra hit of flavour!

Lucy Iona serving the mocktail at our Beauty Food Bar at Balmoral Boatshed as part of the SMH Good Food Month Festivities

Lucy Iona serving the mocktail at our Beauty Food Bar at Balmoral Boatshed as part of the SMH Good Food Month Festivities

The mocktail looks fabulous served in a large glass vase

The mocktail looks fabulous served in a large glass vase

summer happiness

summer skin happiness

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