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When I came up with the idea of making a natural lipstick from food to reduce the chemicals we consume and to benefit from the nutrients naturally occurring in clean food I set out to create an affiliate program. Like all things when you have pre-school kids it takes LONGER THAN YOU EVER PLANNED!!!

It has taken a year and there are only 2 weeks til Christmas but I can place a tick alongside the box – CREATE AFFILIATE PROGRAM for my community of like minded. You have no idea how good that feels and you have no idea how excited I am that I will be able to focus on this Natural Beauty business next year because I will have 2 KIDS at primary school – drop & pick up same time & same place. OMG. The perfect work life balance I have envisaged for 7 years!

 What exactly is an Affiliate Program?

It’s a simple and expense free way you can earn money passively. If you have a blog, website or social media platform you can earn 20% commission for each sale of Lip Nourish (and other products I sell) by visitors to your site “clicking on” an embedded link (that I provide) that takes them to my shop. This 20% includes any and repeat purchases for a full year. We all know that women don’t buy just one lipstick – when they find one they love they wear it (and buy it), over and over again. My average retail order is $47 because customers don’t buy just one and I always do special packs and collections.

You might be familiar with this form of selling because successful bloggers and business owners like Sarah Wilson with use it – that is why you see her book and movement so much online. Loads of people get behind her because 1) support her philosophy & 2) earn income. Eg Go to Martyna Angell from and scroll down her home page to see “Books worth Buying”.

Everything is managed by our in-house Affiliate Management System so you can actually see how much money you’re making via a live dashboard…it’s very cool). The Affiliates Centre also has the images or words available with the link already embedded so you just grab what you want and pop it into your side bar, banner or post that you are writing –  You can do a Product Review of Lip Nourish or regularly share our fabulous Beauty Kitchen content with some help from the affiliate resources we provide you. You will be paid monthly via PayPal.

If you love our #NaturalBeauty #CleanEating #HealthyLife philosophy and would like to join our simple Affiliates Program click here for more info and to start now . It won’t take you long to set up after I approve your application. If you are approved (eco chic style & like mindedness is essential – we don’t want everyone and anyone promoting lük beautifood) I will send you a Lip Nourish of your choice to review to start the ball rolling.

Next year you will see the rollout of more natural and organic makeup so join me now and help shape the future.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected] or Cindy on 0414 447 307.

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