Kissmas Gift Guide 2019

With Christmas carols being queued up ready to play, and decorations being dusted off, the festive season is officially here.

Along with all the joy and festivity that this time of the year brings, it also brings a little bit of stress when it comes to gift giving.

We’re making it easier for you this season with the lük beautifood ultimate gift giving guide.

Here’s our specially curated guide for 2019.

  • For the office Secret Santa

Surprise and delight your Kris Kringle with one of our gorgeous new limited edition Pretty in Pink shades – Nude Pink or Rosé. These are the perfect summer colours to get them through the event season, with nourished and hydrated lips!

  • For the one who is hard to buy for

We all have that one person who is a little difficult to buy for. Whether it’s a relative or a friend who has it all, why not give them the option to choose their own lük beautifood product with an e-gift voucher! They’ll be able to select a colour and product combo they love!

  • For the beauty lover

You know, the friend whose make-up case is bursting at the seams, but would rather buy another case than miss out on the latest trend. Create a custom 3 Lip Nourish Gift Pack with shades you know they’ll love. They will be able to create the exact look they’re after with buildable coverage.

  • For the adventurer

We all have that special friend who is always looking for their next travel experience to some exotic location on the other side of the world. With only a backpack to fill, a sampling Lip Nourish Tasting Plate in pinks and reds will have them standing out just how they like it!

  • For the ethical friend

From shopping at the local farmers market, to living a waste free life, our entire range of our cruelty free products is for your conscious friends! Made from all-natural and toxin free ingredients, a new lük beautifood lipstick in a reusable cotton pouch is bound to be their favourite gift of the season! Some of our most popular shades include Tea Rose, Ruby Grapefruit and Tangerine Pomegranate.

  • For yourself

Treat yo’ self!
You’re buying everyone such incredible gifts, you shouldn’t have to miss out! Select the perfect shade combination with the 2 Lip Nourish Pack. From nudes to deep reds, you will be hard pushed to just buy two! Maybe a sneaky hint to your partner to buy the rest of the colours might do the trick.

Offer valid until 29th November, 2019

Best of all, shipping is free for Australia with no minimum spend. For our international friends, spend over $50 to access free shipping!

Now that your Christmas shopping is sorted, you can officially start bragging to all your friends about how organised you are. And if they’re struggling for gifts, you know where to send them.


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