With these 10 foods you can eat yourself younger!

We all crave that illusive youthful glow that radiates with true vitality, the kind that looks as though we’ve been sipping on green juices and basking in regular Bikram yoga sessions. But between the natural ageing process, stress and environmental factors, not to mention the toxins found in certain foods and via the products that we ingest, sometimes the appearance of our skin, hair and nails can look a little worse for wear.

Luckily there exists a host of protective superfoods and antioxidant-rich ingredients that have the ability to slow and even reverse the ageing process – how awesome is that?!

Add these little wonders to your diet and notice improvements to the texture, tone and health of your skin over time.

Chia seeds – to hydrate and protect

Because they’re chockablock with essential fatty acid Omega-3s, chia seeds are powerhouses at keeping skin hydrated and glowy as they work to repair the protective barrier that keeps moisture locked in. Sprinkle some into your morning smoothie for an energy boost.

Spinach – to nourish dry skin and prevent breakouts

Dark leafy greens like spinach supply the skin with bioflavonoids, Vitamin E and folate, which helps reduce the risk of disease and nourishes dry skin. Other antioxidant-rich greens like kale, watercress and swiss chard are high in Vitamin A, which has been shown to help lower the production of oil that causes breakouts. Try to integrate leafy greens at every meal on a daily basis.


Lemons – to cleanse and alkalise

The bright and beautiful lemon is a surefire saviour at getting the internal system functioning at an alkaline state. Because they are high in Vitamin C, lemons are great at prompting speedy skin repair and the production of collagen, the vital protein that keeps skin looking young. Sip on warm water with a squeeze of lemon and turmeric (a great metabolism booster) or try adding this citrusy delight to any of your main meals.

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Salmon – to ward off inflammation

A potent source of skin food is salmon. It’s considered one of the healthiest sources of protein and its Omega-3s will work to keep skin inflammation at bay. Don’t be afraid to eat salmon at least three times per week – try scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, a Nourish Bowl topped with canned salmon for lunch and/or Crisp Skin Salmon with Asian vegetables for dinner.


Almonds – to fight acne & keep you agile

Almonds are high in healthy fats that keep the skin healthy and acne-free. They’re also packed with hard-to-get vitamin E (just one small handful delivers half your daily dose), a nutrient that keeps you agile and graceful by neutralising those troublesome free radicals in both your muscles and nervous system. Keep a handful on you at all times for a healthy go-to snack.

Pumpkin seeds – to strengthen hair and nails

Most nuts and pumpkin seeds are high in Biotin, which is the active that aids in strengthening hair and nails. Add raw pepitas to your smoothies and cereal mixes for a beauty booster.

Spices – to maintain a youthful glow

Certain spices (especially cinnamon and ginger) are high in the antioxidants necessary to maintain youthful skin since they help fight the free-radical damage that leads to fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and loss of firmness.

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Garlic to get your glow on

High in sulphur compounds (a must for gorgeous skin) garlic will help fight free radicals and keep blood flow healthy, two critical contributors to youthful skin. It also boosts immunity, is a powerful antibiotic and detoxifier and promotes circulation to help skin glow naturally. Combine raw honey, lemon slices, fresh ginger and garlic to help ward away the sniffles.

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Strawberries – to keep skin smooth and firm

A cup of strawberries has up to 130% of the DV of Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that boosts production of collagen fibres that help keep skin smooth and firm.

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Cacao – to counter free radicals

A true blue holistic hero, Cacao has the ability to keep wrinkles, fine lines and keep sagging skin at bay. That’s because the active compounds found in cacao – flavonoids, theobromine, epicatechin, antioxidants and caffeine – have a protective effect on the brain, and increase blood flow to areas around the body for healthy skin functioning.

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Which superfoods and holistic ingredients do you love chomping on for healthier skin? Leave a comment natural beauties x