Raspberry Smoothie

Product Love | Frozen berries, an easy beauty boost

Raspberry Smoothie

What is it?  Frozen IQF blueberries, raspberries or mix thereof + red currant, blackberries etc. Available as branded or supermarket Private Label ‘

Why is it good?

1) Refrigerated fresh berries are pricey – $5 per 200g punnet and you are doing well , average is $7 which is out of the ‘everyday eat’ category, at $4-5 for 500g frozen berries ARE an everyday treat for all the family

2) Available all year, freezing is such a fabulous way of locking in the goodness as close to harvest / prime nutrition time as possible.

3) Needless to say they are packed with anthocyanin antioxidants (destroy those wrinkle-making free radicals), vitamin C (collagen’s bedmate) and fibre to keep your system in tip (de)tox condition.

How to use? Top your muesli, yoghurt or cereal. Toss in a blender for a quick smoothie. Whip up a batch of muffins, decorate a cake, make a warm jam for weekend pancakes….pop in a bowl for a kids (frozen) snack – they love them. 

Where to buy? At this price they are a supermarket staple…so visit your freezer section and top up your supplies when they are on special like these $4 McCain beauties I picked up this morning in Coles. Private label is normally $5 / 500g and 1kg bags are even cheaper per kg. And of course if you can buy organic as this guarantees no pesticides will be used to grow them – and we all know the importance of that.

NB: IQF=  individual frozen fruit …so it’s ‘free flowing’ and easy to use.


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