Diary from Day 9 of live Cleanse.Nourish.Flourish


Saturday 9th February

Dear Diary,

It’s the weekend and I was highly motivated for my first bike ride in 3 months (& with 2 gorgeous friends ). It was such a feel-good treat! A very early (6.45) ‘rendezvous’ to ride over Sydney Harbour bridge and around Lady Macquarie’s Chair near the Botanical Gardens before stopping for breakfast and natter in a poolside cafe on the harbour. Back home after 30km (gosh – really Suellen?) the treat kept on with a long (no one was home!) shower and DIY facial using Kora Organics (exfoliating cream + purifying mask) & Daphin Camomile facial oil elixir + Arovita C moisturiser. And let’s not forget to treat my lips with some luk beautifood Vanilla & Cinnamon Nude Lip Nourish balm!

Needless to say I was starving….


8.00am (Boy Charlton Pool Cafe in the Botanical Gardens)

  • 2 small slices rye toast + vegemite (just felt like a ‘snack’)
  • real latte (yeh, caffeine is back on the menu)
  • juice of lychee & strawberries [there were no juices or smoothies with vegetables 🙁 ]

11.00am (home) 

  • Green VM smoothie of Kale, spinach, banana, flax seed oil + ice.
  • Bowl of DIY muesli + 5 grain weetbix + more natural yoghurt 
  • boil egg

DINNER (out. re-introduced seafood + chicken) 

  • Cashews pre dinner nibble (with water!)
  • Thai chicken satay’s on charcoal BBQ + peanut sauce
  • Salad of pink grapefruit, prawns, baby spinach, with a  red shallot & kaffir lime dressing.
  • Jasmine rice (small serve) 
  • fruit: strawberry + 2 cherries + a few bluberries
  • Sparkling water

Hope your weekend is relaxing and nourishing too.

Cindy x


First bike ride of season. Cindy (me) + Suellen. Jane taking pic.

First bike ride of season. Cindy (me) + Suellen. Jane taking pic.

Cafe pic from 

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  1. Suellen
    Suellen says:

    It was a super morning. Loved the ride and our little exercise stop at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. Such a lovely spot for brekkie too. Yes, you did at least 30kms!

    • Cindy Luken
      Cindy Luken says:

      The exercise stop looking over the harbour was awesome… especially watching you two do all those very physical & gruelling exercises as I did some yoga stretches, holds & deep breathing! x


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