Day 12 Cleanse

Diary from Day 12 of CLEANse Nourish.Flourish | easy entertaining during Feb!

Day 12 Cleanse

Tuesday 12th February,

Dear Diary,

What beautiful food I ate today! There is no reason why you can ‘t  have people round whilst you are on a month long cleanse and spoil them. I host a monthly (home boardroom lunch) for start up and small business owners, today 1 cooked 3 easy courses in 2hrs that everybody (all women) enjoyed.


To drink, jugs of….

  • spiced apple & honey water with fresh mint, lemon and ice
  • herbal tea


Shared Tasting plate

  • hummus with drizzle of olive oil + paprika sprinkle
  • thin crispy organic wafers with salt & fennel seed
  • colourful tomatoes with fresh basil and balsamic drizzle
  • warm  olives with flaked almonds and paprika and rosemary oil 

Main course

  • panfried king fish with DIY dill mayonnaise + lemon
  • vegetable melange with garlic (swiss brown mushrooms, red capsicum, snow peas, broccolini, baby corn)


2 share platters

  1. King Island vanilla yoghurt + strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, passionfruit, blackberries & almond bread
  2. Fresh figs, DYI salted caramel walnuts, with a piece of cheese from the Simon Johnson cheese room (firm, nutty taste, had crushed red grape skin crust…no idea of the name)

For the rest of my day I  ate:


  • 1/4 Papaya with fresh lime
  • muesli + yoghurt (you are beginning to see that this is my staple!)
  • no time for juice! (had to feed chooks, set the table (for 7)  & tidy the house, do lunches, school drop off etc this morning)  And luckily it was raining so I skipped exercise! 


I picked at the kids leftovers but about to make hubby something as he arrived home not long ago and I need a little graze…..!

Have a beautiful evening,

Cindy x

colourful tomatoes with basil dressing

colourful tomatoes with basil dressing + DIY organic fennel & salt wafers

dressed up hummus

DIY dressed up hummus

salted caramel walnuts

salted caramel walnuts to go with figs and a piece hard cheese

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