Diary from Day 11 of CLEANse.Nourish.Flourish


Monday 11th February,

Dear Diary,

Time has the magic property of consistently slipping away from me! Do you know the feeling? You said you would do something and then you don’t? I’m doing a bit of that at the moment, I planned on setting and sharing my goals for the year + create an inspiration board now that I am feeling energised & pretty good about about myself* but I also have a mantra of working  20 hrs pw and can’t seem to fit get everything in…..I will have to learn to set fewer tasks or outsource some stuff! So if you are OK with me dragging the chain…then I am too…& we still have another 16 days to cleanse.nourish.flourish! 🙂

I was so busy working yesterday (6 hrs straight – woohoo, what a treat) that I really did not feel that hungry.


  • Muesli + yoghurt
  • 1/4 papaya + squeeze of lime (tropical antioxidant powerhouse!)


  • latte


  • DIY Peanut butter (beauty in a shell) on wholegrain toast  (this was sooooo delicious + perfectly CLEAN so watch what bread & nut butter you use – ie no added numbers or in the case of peanuts – no added trans fats as well) 
  • Herbal tea (the Chinese medicine “cleanse’ one with senna leaves and goji berries) 


  • Panfried ocean trout with lemon (love the anti inflammatory effect of omega 3 on stopping one of the causes of wrinkles)
  • Green salad with red capsicum & lots of fresh herbs, drizzle EVOO + white balsamic + S&P. (fight skin damaging free radicals)
  • Fresh berries

Hope your monday was a good one too.

Cindy x

*Feeling good about myself because in Feb because I have:

1) Dropped weight from 68-66kg. I am 178cm in case you need a reference point

2) Severely exercised my will power by sticking to our CLEAN eating plan.

3) Not missing 6’0 clock wine time (but glad a latte-a-day came back in at day 8!)

4) Started exercising everyday. This has been the BIGGEST change of habit for me that I a so proud of.




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