Diary from Day 10 of CLEANse.Nourish.Flourish


Sunday 10th February

Dear Diary,

The fruit bowl & vege bin is looking a bit grim by the end of the weekend so that meant a very green, lean (bitter) smoothie this morning, I didn’t mind but the kids (4 & 6) gave it the thumbs down despite wanting to like it! Smelt a bit too close to lawn mower clippings for their liking!

Key take out tho, is having a well stocked kitchen is essential for eating healthy. It allows you to easily chop & change what you ‘toss’ together  based on how much time you have, what you feel like & who is around.

Monday is my shopping day to stock the fridge ( 4 ‘bins’) & fruit bowls (5 baskets) , sometimes we visit the organic markets but it is not a weekend routine as we like to have a bit of spontaneity & variety in what we do.

I skipped ‘normal’ lunch again today – it seems that I have quite a different eating pattern on the weekend.



  • 1 slice Fruit & nut toast with “Woman’s Balance’ herbal tea in bed (reading books to kids)

10.30am (hubby back from paddling)

  • Muesli + yoghurt + half mango
  • Green smoothie: kale, baby spinach, cucumber, parsley, chia seeds, flax seed oil.


  • Wholemeal spaghetti, DYI walnut, basil & rocket pesto + roasted pumpkin tossed on top.

Looking forward to cooking with animal protein this week …bring on the seafood & chicken.

Have a fabulous week & let me know if there is anything you’d like me to cover.

Cindy x

PS – seriously not missing wine….now that I have the “Traditional Chinese Medicine’ Organic Tonic Teas.

PPS- this pic was yesterday’s smoothie, did not feel like taking many today.





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