Day16-Eggs Cocette

Diary day 16 of CLEANse.Nourish.Flourish | is your MOJO wandering back?

Day16-Eggs Cocette

February 16th 2013

Dear Diary,

I am loving Saturday’s – up early (6am), on my bike, meeting friends riding 20+km to somewhere gorgeous, breakfast in a cafe and home mid morning to be with family. This morning we rode to Manly, caught the ferry back and ate at the MCA cafe. (Museum of Contemporary Art), got caught in the rain and felt very refreshed!

With 2 weeks of very CLEAN eating (& no alcohol or added sugar – in -any-form) under my belt and exercise most days, I have to say that I am feeling pretty light and optimistic. My MOJO is certainly wandering back! One of my friends is doing  C.N.F and she feels the same too. x. Air punch!

Making time to nourish and nurture your body & mind puts you in this positive mindset, and the space created when exercising outdoors gives you a helicopter view and put things in perspective (workwise & personally).

This is so why I so believe you can eat your way to ‘happiness/success’.


  • Eggs Cocotte (baked) with English spinach, mushrooms & a slice of baguette (I could not resist even tho it uses refined flour)
  • Latte


  • Skipped it

SNACK (3pm)

  • Nuts & dried fruit mix
  • 4 strawberries, 1/4 peach
  • latte ( I know it should have been a juice)

DINNER (out – 7pm) I pre-wrote this bit but I guess I’ll be eating….

  • That antipasto dinner box again at the St George Open Air Cinema!
  • Sparkling water
  • Peppermint tea!

There is still so much to share – goal setting, fridge clean out, recipes….we’ll get there 10 days to go!

Have a happy one.

Cindy 🙂 x



We rode to Manly and watched a magic dawn over the water.


Relaxing on the ferry with a breath of salty air and stormy skies.


Fabulous new (& massive) installation at the MCA.


Yes, the screen rises out of the water and we sit in the open watching the view!


antipasto box (out & about)

Our antipasto box (but without the cured meats!)



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