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Dear Diary,

Chooks fed, kick-start walk complete and a green smoothie devoured by 7.00am. Loving this supercharged feeling! You should try it.

The reason I am writing a dairy is that I am going to bundle the info and recipes into a 7 day CLEANse Eating Plan for you. Rather than sitting behind my desk and coming up with ideas, during the day I pop on my apron, cook the meals, snacks and juices based on what I feel like and in some situations forcing myself to get creative with what’s in the fridge.

Today I was blown away with the ‘Green Smoothie’ out of the Vitamix. I made a juice last week in the Thermomix I had on loan and it was um ah…brown sludge. I have obviously learnt a little about what can and can’t go into a “blender’ and how critical ice is to mouth feel & appeal.

What went down today?

1 glass water on rising & 2 post walk!



DIY Juice: banana, cucumber, kale, tomato, parsley + lots of ice & dash of Nudie apple juice. (I used what was on hand)

1/2 wholegrain weetbix  + DYI muesli, natural yoghurt, milk. 

(9.30 am)

piece of wholegrain toast with nut butter spread

Rooibos tea

* LUNCH (1.00pm) 

 Toasted Wrap (thin organic wholemeal mtn bread) + avocado + rocket + 1/2 tomato + dollop hummus + dollop of mayonnaise.

5 plump cherries

* SNACK (4.00PM)

1/4 mango

Lemon ginger tea.

* DINNER (out!!)

Will let you know my choices tomorrow as I am going to “March into Merivale Launch Party – 6pm, Tues 5 Feb. They are kicking off their food and wine festival by giving everyone a taste of the upcoming 7 weeks!”  YUM = no wine for me tho!

BTW – I made some delicious savoury crackers from the (packet) Mountain Bread today (love the ingredient statement : organic wholemeal flour, filtered water & salt)  – perfect for snacking on or dipping in the hummus or mayonnaise.

Have an energised night.

Cindy x

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