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Dear Diary,

All I want right now is a cup of English Breakfast tea with milk. No bikkie, nothing sweet,  just the tea.

Home day – stuck in the laundry being a domestic goddess for hours & cooking lots of things to keep the variety happening on the meal front. Missing that meat! Roll on Day 8 for a piece of fish.

Gave the Vitamix a whirl (it’s like an aeroplane taking off…the power & noise is mind blowing) Fridge is now stock with fresh hummus and mayonnaise. Both were incredible simple and fool proof to make with amazing creamy texture. Also slow-roasted some tomatoes with garlic to have on hand for lunch. Could have made a ‘dippy/spreadable’ condiment but forgot to as….

Ciara (4) was not feeling well today…..yep, been back at pre-school 3 days, just enough time for incubation of those rotten little bugs.  She ate really well so we will see if the juice + lots of veg (+ Sherbet from a party Karl -6 went t0!!!!)  can beat it.

What did we (hubby is doing it too) eat today? (have a very funny story as hubstar went paddling this morning….whilst the boys ate bacon & egg rolls + latte – he sipped his herbal tea and came home for breakfast!

Glass water on rising

Pot of ginger & lemon tea

BREAKFAST (10.00am)

DIY Juice: beetroot, carrot, celery and apple.

Oat porridge  + DYI muesli, 1/2 mashed banana, 3 chopped prunes.

1/4 mango

Lemon & ginger tea

LUNCH (2.30pm) 

Snack (as I was making lunch for the kids) Toasted Wrap (thin organic wholemeal mtn bread) + avocado + rocket + 1/4 tomato

Bowl Food – Red quinoa (cooked in rice cooker), rocket leaves with walnut oil, 1/4 avocado, dollop of hummus, half slow roasted tomato, squeeze lemon & drizzle of EVOO.

SNACK (5.00PM)

Small handful of nuts & fruit.

More Lemon ginger tea.

DINNER (6.30 pm)

Wholemeal spelt pasta with red & raw green sauces. Red: tomatoes, onions, garlic, S&P, & olive oil. Raw Green: zucchini, basil, garlic, toasted pinenuts, S&P.

2 second Salad – baby spinach, red capsicum, mung beans, snow pea shoots, cucumber, drizzle EVOO, splash balsamic. S&P.

iced water with squeeze of lime

Definitely not drinking my 2L of water. No head ache today tho (in retrospect body may have been fighting the sniffles Ciara has)  but was very narky (is that a word).

Now feeling energised and good for getting a lot of stuff cleared (can see the top of the ironing basket & listened to 3 biz podcasts!) and hoping in my 2.5 hrs of child free time tomorrow I can manage to get that shopping list I promised you finished. Tuesday is my day (6 hrs of work) so we will start to spend some time on goal setting.

Hope your cleanse & nourish is on track. Tomorrow will be easier because About Life start their community detox so you could always pop into one of their stores. It’s on my list to grab some supplies …and a decaf latte (pleeeeeease)

I’m off to bed with a good book so I can rise early!

Cindy x

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