Dear Dairy Day 8 of live CLEANse.Nourish.Flourish


Friday 8th February

Dear Diary,

Friday was a magic day, all the stars aligned. I was able to ‘work’ from 7am-3pm and during that time I was inspired on a level of 10/10 by Janine Shephard  (I was a guest of Woman in Focus at the Biz Chicks breakfast)  & did so much to ‘get organised and make everything easier for my biz’ it made smile, then I got to have a ‘play day’ with hubby and go the the OpenAir cinema on Sydney’s harbour foreshore – that in itself is on a world scale of top 50 things to do!

If you have been following this live and raw diary for the last week you’ll know that we have accomplished lots of things in week 1.

1. Eaten clean, fresh, healthy food and chosen to test our will power by not having any alcohol, caffeine, added sugar, processed foods, or meat/poultry/seafood or cheese.

2. Found a little serenity and me time by starting to exercise in the beautiful early morning via walk in the bush (with hand weights) + yoga stretches looking over the harbour as the birds sing and sun rises. {The kids sleep in to 7/7.30 and hubby gets ready to leave to work by 7am so it all works out….why didn’t I start this a year ago?}

Today’s eating was a bit odd as I had such a big breakfast.


  • Roast pumpkin, mushrooms, asparagus and baby spinach leaves
  • Table of Plenty muesli + fruit
  • Camomile tea
  • 2 glasses of water


Go Natural Fruit and Nut bar that was in my ‘goodies bag’ from the morning talk. (dates, macadamia’s, almonds, cocoa – that’s it!)

Herbal tea

DINNER (starving – 7pm – Hive Catering at the Open Air cinema) 

Hubby and I shared:

  • Antipasto box (beetroot + goats cheese curd salad, spiced pumpkin, green beans, sour dough, rocket + basil pesto & cherry tomatoes, parmesan) Ignore the proscuito in the pic (it’s an old one)
  • Salad of tuna, boiled eggs, olives, onions with a lemon olive oil dressing (we introduced fish / chicken back into our diet today)
  • Salad of cauliflower & almonds with a balsamic dressing
  • Peppermint tea


Hubby bought 2 wines, I had one taste and seriously disliked it and did not feel like it. Miracles will happen!!!!

With this very optimistic state of mind, which has to be the result of feeling good physically & mentally we are going to do a bit of goal setting in the next few days. I can’t wait, hope you can’t either.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Cindy x

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