Dear Dairy Day 7 of CLEANse.Nourish.Flourish


Thursday 7th February

Dear Diary,

A week is up tomorrow which means we can add fish & chicken, caffeine & cheese back into our eating plan & only 21 days to go.!! (still no alcohol, added sugar, deep fried foods or red meat) And it’s all good – with this positive outlook I am really looking forward to putting my goals for the year down on paper and sharing.

Today my little one & I popped into About Life (such soulfood) this morning to top up the pantry (besan flour, hullet millet, organic miso, coconut flour, chia bran etc). It was so easy to spend $220 and that was on top of this weeks grocery shop & fruit & vegetables. Eating organic & healthy is an investment in YOU & your family, and the more of us that are eating CLEAN food the cheaper and more accessible products will be.

What was on today’s menu?

1 glass water on rising & 1 big one post walk!

* BREAKFAST (7.30am)


I made today’s smoothie in the Vitamix – kale, pineapple, banana, ice, flax seed oil and lots of ice. It was so good – I know why people are addicted.


Decaf Latte

LUNCH (1.00pm home) 


Wholemeal roll with petitas and basil, avocado & tomato filling

SNACK (4.00pm)

Few nuts, sultanas, bite of watermelon, few pieces of kids organic popcorn (can you tell I am with the kids at the park?)


DINNER (6.00pm) 


smashed pea & potato fritters with colour vegetables


Roasting 3 veg + garlic!



+ to drink Little Chinese Tea – Organic ‘Detox’ herbal medicine tea (delicious, has liquorice root in it)

I don’t know about you but I seem to be eating far more food during my cleanse than if eating my ‘normal’ meals (ie with meat). I tend to be eating more oils and nuts – both energy dense foods + my portion size seems to be bigger. Will be interesting to see how my body has balanced the remove of alcohol and sweet treats and what the introduction of a daily walk has done.

It’s certainly been fun pushing myself to prepare something different everyday from what I have on hand. Yes –  I will share these recipes. Hopefully I can catchup during the weekend as everythingI am doing is on-the-go!

Have a restful sleep.

Cindy 🙂

link to recipe for pea & potato cakes

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