Dear Dairy Day 6 of CLEANse.Nourish.Flourish


Dear Diary,

A very interesting thing happened this morning!

I am not back into kids / work routine yet as my sitter (2 mornings a week to look after 4 year old) is still away so there was a bit of pressure this morning to get everything ready for a ‘stand in’ by 7.30: My walk, feed chooks, lunch boxes, shower, hand over briefing, sleepy head kids ‘not happy’ cause mum is going, car seat transfer, (car service – don’t ask) etc

Any how, bottom line is I made it to the café to work (I fill in 2 hrs before I can return to my home office once the kids are gone) and I order and drink a LATTE  with NO THOUGHT given to my CLEANse.Nourish. Flourish being caffeine free.

Moral of the story | when stressed, your behaviour changes to zero awareness!

What was eaten today?

1 glass water on rising & 1 post walk!


(8.00am + Cafe)

Full strength latte (oops)

2 pieces of Sonoma sourdough fruit bread + butter  [felt so heavy in my tummy 🙁

Juice: carrot, beetroot, orange and ginger



Rooibos tea

LUNCH (1.00pm) 

bowl food – warm quinoa with scissor-cut mint & parsley, grated carrot stirred thru, lettuce leaves & a home grown egg on top. Drizzle of olive oil & dollop DYI mayonnaise, S&P. YUM

Lemon & ginger hot water infusion

SNACK (4.30pm) needed a boost

1/4 papaya + lime juice

later in car….nibble on some nuts!

DINNER (out..was going to be About Life with family but discovered you have to pre-order the detox dinners) 

Chinese omelette with mushrooms + bean sprouts

Stir fried veges – snow peas, corn, asparagus, carrot, red capsicum, broccoli

Veggie fried rice


later: Rooibos tea

Other than the coffee oversight! I am travelling really well – in fact I bounded out of bed this morning – I have  not done that for 7 years! It came as quite a surprise….I had flashes of pre-kid days!

BTW – the ‘Cleanse Shopping List’ is up today so take look.see, it will be useful even for your regular ‘food shops’.

Cindy 🙂

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