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Dear Diary,

My plans for rising a 5.30am and excising flew out the window after going out for girls biz dinner. I arrived home at 11.30pm to find my husband still at his desk writing reports and the kitchen dishes I had left after cooking and feeding the kids, um er well still in the same place. So after a clean up, some work on my luk Beauty Kitchen and a cuppa with my last bikkie for the month I fell into bed at 1.00am.

The chooks & stupid bush turkeys woke me at 6.30 having a fight and I knew I’d miss my opportunity to start my first day of Cleanse.Nourish. Flourish with a sunrise walk. (hubby needed to leave by 6.50 and I could not leave 4+6 year old by themselves!)  Now it’s pouring with rain so it ain’t happening tonight either!

So what did I eat on the first day?

Glass water on rising

BREAKFAST (8.00am)

DIY Juice: beetroot, carrot, celery, carrot tops + lettuce, tomato, apple and half a home grown rockmelon devoured by a possum overnight. (*&^%@#$ This urban gardening is frustrating work.

DYI Muesli + natural yoghurt

FC Full strength Latte!!!! Yes I know by the time I got 6 year to school, dropped 4 year old into swim classes and hit the cafe for 20 mins of peace, I forgot all about the no caffeine in Feb UNTIL I was writing the “what can you eat”. Had a good laugh tho!!!

Hot water flavoured with fresh Lemon, Mint & ginger 

LUNCH (2.30pm) 

Red & wild steam rice (threw it in the rice cooker) with colourful salad (leftovers – red cabbage, red capscucum, fennel, cucumber, onion, coriander topped with a dollop of tahini, squeeze lemon & drizzle of EVOO)

SNACK (5.00PM)

Cashews – roasted and salted because I don’t have any raw on hand. Will compile my shopping list tomorrow and hit About Life for supplies

More Lemon, Mint & ginger water – topped up the jug with hot water.

DINNER (7 pm)

I am going to make a really fragrant Thai curry of vegetables. My body is craving something luscious and creamy and I think the coconut milk will do the trick. Will serve it with some more of the Royal Red rice. 

More tea to go with it. Can see I need to desperately prepare a list of  flavoured waters and herbal teas I can drink as 2L of water a day will loose its appeal very quickly.

SUPPER (post kids going to bed) 

I poached some white peaches this morning in water with some 2 cloves, 1 cardamon pod & a cinnamon stick.  After removing the peaches I just reduced the liquid til there is about 1.5 cm in the bottom of the pan. Can’t wait to have this. And can’t wait to experiment with making some egg custards (no sugar but am sure I can work out something that is naturally sweet)

Gotta go, it’s friday arvo (5.30), hubby just came home & that dinner needs cooking. (I fed the kids at 4.30pm – they were tired & starving)

Hope you started your cleanse.nourish.flourish and can share some anecdotes.

Cindy x







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