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Dear Diary,

A wet Saturday morning for Day 2 so first thing I was let off the hook for walking or riding my bike ….YES. Got to wallow in bed til 7am and like an alarm going off….the kids came in and the peace evaporated.

Out the door early & solo as I had some ‘me time’  booked – hair dresser appointment on the other side of the bridge at Torquil Murray – May U does the best colour highlights taught by none other the man himself who has now retired to the back of Nimbin. BOO HOO.

But I ran out of time for a big…..


All I had at home was:

Bowl of muesli with natural yoghurt + half mango + 5 blackberries



Camomile tea….at the hairdresser – I left the biscuit sitting on the saucer. 🙂


Back home and starving, cold & wet outside

HOT DRINK – I mashed a banana, added a teaspoon of chia seeds, 2 tspns of raw cacao & a cup of frothy warm ‘milk’ via the expresso machine. Whisked it up, paused for 10 mins watching the rain come down as I sipped heaven in cup.

LUNCH – 2 boiled eggs , sautéed mushrooms in sesame oil, sprinkle of sunflower seeds, finished off with tamari & a hand ful of baby spinach leaves.


Starving again! hand full of raw cashews, almond, sultanas and cranberries + cinnamon & orange herbal tea


Made a scrummy delicious pork broth from the bone that came out of our Xmas pork belly – was in the freezer.  Added pearl barley, carrot, red capsicum, and chopped kale + S&P. (all meat removed and turned into pork spare ribs for kids)

Lemon & ginger herbal tea

Scented (no sugar) Poached peaches – we never ate them from last night!!! (kids had it with home made vanilla egg custard)

Feeling very pleased that I have made it thru 2 days – mind you my head ached all afternoon.

Cindy x


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