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Highlight and Glow

Multi-use bronzer for face and body with soft, translucent, and buildable mineral pigments.

A radiant metallic bronzer with reflective copper gold pigments creates a luminous glow. For medium to dark skin tones.

Key Ingredients + Benefits

  • HYDRATINGRosa Centifolia
  • REJUVENATINGCacao Butter
  • SOOTHINGCalendula
  • NOURISHINGAlmond Oil
  • ANTIOXIDANTGrapefruit Peel Oil

 With ONE SEED™ Natural Fragrance Blend 

A mood-balancing signature scent designed by One Seed™ for Lük Beautifood. Notes of rose, coriander, citrus and aromatic botanicals create a beautiful uplifting aroma. 

Comes with bonus bump.

30ml / 1 fl oz glass jar | Made in Australia

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