Toxic Beauty Ingredients

Toxic Beauty: 10 ugly truths about the beauty industry you may not know about

You would never knowingly try to poison yourself with petrol to prevent wrinkles, hormone disruptors to create the perfect lips or allergens to smell good, now would you? Don’t be too quick to dismiss this question as being completely crazy. For your health, read on.

You may be cutting back on processed and refined foods in favour of whole foods and healthy habits, but [...]

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Ingredients in lipsticks

What you need to know about ingredients in lipsticks

There are literally dozens of ingredients in lipsticks and many of them are not so nice including as heavy metals like lead and chromium used to make lasting lip colour.

Less well known nasties include shark liver oil (squalene) and fish scales (guanine) that are used to add moisture and shine to lipsticks and lotions.

Thankfully these damaging [...]

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9 tips for younger-looking, healthy lips

Treating our lips with love and care as we get older is just as important as maintaining our skin health to ensure we age gracefully without tell tale signs of stress and internal dysfunction showing up around our mouth.

I’m of the belief that dry, chapped lips, distress lines and wrinkles as well as loss of lip plumpness don’t need to be cured with a needle or concealed with [...]

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The simple truth – what’s in Lip Nourish natural lipstick

We kiss with them, we eat with them, we sip with them and we smile with them – and paired with the right balm, gloss or stain, they can transform our entire face. Indeed our lips are one of our most important facial features, so doesn’t it make complete sense to take gentle care of them as we would our bodies?

Aside from keeping them [...]

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How to: the best lipstick shades for skin tones

How to choose your ideal lipstick shade

Want a simple solution to finding the best lipstick shades for skin tones?

Well here it is.

In just a few easy steps you can achieve the effortless, natural allure of actresses like Emma Watson who nails it every time.

Whether it’s speaking up for gender diversity or donning designer outfits on the red carpet, the Harry Potter heroine is just as flawless wearing a bold, [...]

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Organically Wealthy

Top tips for beautiful ethical eating and living

Synthetic chemicals, pollution, animal welfare worries… how can we enjoy healthy living with so much guilt and angst under the surface? There are many of us who want to live more ethical lives, but it’s difficult to know where to start.

That’s why I’ve rounded up a few key suggestions on ethical eating and living to help you get a foot in the door:

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Get the Luk Look with Lip Nourish

Get the Luk Look with Makeup artist Carla Jones

Lip Nourish is designed to give your lips natural lasting nourishment with just a hint of colour that is so sheer it will complement any style and skin tone.  

We know how hard it can be to know what look suits you and how to nail it, so we’ve called in our resident green beauty makeup artist Carla Jones to do the work for us. Carla has expertly created the [...]

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My little Ciara in our kitchen garden

Kitchen Garden – Plant green to keep your beauty routine clean


You don’t have to be a gardener to provide your cooking with home grown produce. And you don’t have to spend a lot of time tending your plot to harvest the produce. For busy people a kitchen garden is a great and cost effective idea to provide you with a variety of herbs to elevate your food from boring to super and it provides a safety net [...]

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Exposure to Chemicals

The average woman slathers, lathers, scrubs, rubs and sprays 515 different synthetic chemicals on her body each day – according to research in 2009 by Bionsen. More recently local Beauty Development Chemist Amanda from Realize Beauty counted 250 in a DIY.  That’s still a lot of chemicals to absorb over a life time.

On top of that we eat at least 10kg lipstick in a lifetime! [...]

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super skin food

Skinfood Nutrients

Skinfood Nutrients

There is an overwhelming array of information on what role nutrients have related to health. It’s harder to find out their role in all things beauty. For this reason I have compiled this table for you to understand what key food active nutrients do and what to eat [...]

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