Avocado and lime dressing recipe

Avocado Lime Dressing

It’s good to have some go-to recipes, ones that you don’t much thinking about as you know they will tick your healthy eating criteria boxes: 

You know what I mean – this recipe for Avocado Lime Dressing is one of those. We simply take healthy everyday ingredients and turn simple into a little bit special: avocado is creamy and silky rich and limes are exotic (grown in warm tropical climate [...]

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Spring Salad

3 delicious Spring Salad Recipes for inside out health

We couldn’t be more chuffed with the beautiful Spring sunshine at the moment and with gorgeous vegetables like asparagus and spinach in season, salads are our number one go-to dish! They help to cleanse and nourish our bodies and leave our skin feeling smooth and looking healthy.

The flowers are thriving, the cooler months are behind us and so are the dark chilly mornings – how can the days not seem brighter! We [...]

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Guest Recipe: Spring Salad Nadia Felsch

Guest Recipe from Nadia Felsch

My philosophy is to eat as close to nature as possible. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, two autoimmune system diseases and genetic insulin resistance, all for which I don’t take any medication for any more because I decided to make food my medicine.

I don’t eat things from packets or cans, I make everything from scratch and it’s not that complicated. I don’t eat fancy or elaborate things, I don’t have time and simple ingredients [...]

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thai style zucchini noodles recipe clean food luk beautifood

Thai Style Raw Zucchini Noodles Recipe

 Our Raw Zucchini Noodles Recipe is the perfect light go-to recipe that will leave you feeling revitalised and rejuvenated. 

With an exotic Thai style, this zucchini noodle, or ‘zoodle’ recipe will be your go-to recipe for a quick lunch, light dinner or easy meal for when company drops in. It’s not only quick and easy, but this recipe maintains the fun in eating ‘noodles’ without the bloated or ‘full’ you can [...]

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quinoa salad with asparagus and tomato recipe luk beautifood clean food

Quinoa Salad Recipe with Asparagus + Tomato

 With a beautiful light, nutty taste, this quinoa, asparagus and tomato salad is the perfect Spring salad for any occasion. 

Not only will this quinoa salad help to reduce bloating or sluggishness, it will also ease you into  the spring mindset, keeping you feeling positive as the sun begins to shine.  This simple salad helps to protect your skin from the suns UV rays while also working to reduce breakouts. What more could [...]

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Thai Beef Salad recipe clean food luk beautifood

Spring Thai Beef Salad Recipe

With its fresh, crisp ingredients this Thai Beef Salad will put some spring in your Spring – as long as you are not in Sydney! 

A simple, fresh and light salad that will give you energy and deliciousness quickly.  This Thai beef salad with just a little tender iron-rich meat with brighten your complexion and leave you feeling confident in the skin you are in!


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Grilled vegetable and lentil salad recipe clean food luk beautifood

Grilled Vegetable and Lentil Salad Recipe

 This grilled vegetable and lentil salad is a staple ‘go-to’ recipe for a quick, filling lunch or a busy school night to make eating healthy easy. 

If you struggle to buy or make a salad that just doesn’t fill you up enough or give you the energy you need, this grilled vegetable and lentil salad will do the trick. Rich in protein and fibre, [...]

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Savoury pancake recipe clean food luk beautifood

Gluten Free Savoury Pancake Recipe – with chickpea flour

The lightness and delicate nature of these gluten free savoury pancakes won’t leave you feeling bloated as they nourish your body inside out – the perfect light meal or substantial snack. 

We all know how important it is to live in balance – mixing up your staples and feeding your body with a variety of ingredients is paramount.  Although wheat is a common staple in the western world, it doesn’t have to be used [...]

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Sweet Potato and Pomegranate Salad clean food luk beautifood

Sweet Potato and Pomegranate Salad Recipe

This sweet potato and pomegranate salad is full of gorgeous colours and nourishing beauty nutrients to brighten your day!

Little sparkling red jewels providing bursts of antioxdiants… you don’t need to be a master chef to make this salad look or taste good!  Recipes like this sweet potato and pomegranate salad are great to keep on hand, especially when they provide the perfect mixture [...]

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Panzanella Salad

Panzanella Salad

Got a loaf of wholemeal sourdough or ciabiatta leftover from the weekend?

Don’t worry that it’s stale, it’s perfect for this salad! Panzanella is an Italian bread salad which uses crusty stale bread along with fresh tomatoes, the tomato juice soaks into the bread to create a delicious salad. Savour the last days of warm weather by serving with BBQ lamb or pork cutlets. View Post >>