Minute Steak

Minute steak + balsamic glazed cherry tomatoes

Try this quick & easy steak for dinner

Pan fry minute grass fed steaks for a minute each side (or more depending on how you like it), then add cherry tomatoes to the pan with a dash of balsamic vinegar and allow to caramalise slightly. Serve with a fresh salad, quinoa or rice.


Your body will love…

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FRITTATA | Leek, Zucchini & Herb

[RECIPE] Serves 3-4  |  20 mins wo-to-go

This is a quick, simple dish that everyones loves  –  it is now on my ‘don’t- have-to-think-repertoire’  for midweek dinners or lazy lunches with friends and families. I first made it from Bill Granger’s Bill’s Food in 2006 when I was pregnant with my first  – he calls it an open-faced feta & leek omelette. Frittata is simply the Italian name that we are [...]

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Kingfish & Asparagus

Panfried Kingfish + Asparagus

Love fresh, beautiful ingredients for a quick simple dinner | pan fry king fish, pop in fresh asparagus towards the end, boil chats + squeeze of lemon.

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Trout Stir Fry

Ocean trout + colourful stir-fry vegetables

A one pot wonder to ‘colour you beautiful’.  Serve with steamed rice or quinoa!

Into a medium-hot pan pop trout and sliced vegetables of your choice – in this case red & green capsicum + baby corn, gently cook til fish is ready to turn (4-5 mins), turn fish, move/stir vegetables around in oils in pan, add S&P, finish cooking til fish is 4/5 cooked – another few minutes. Remove fish, add [...]

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Soy Sesame Salmon

SOY AND SESAME SALMON | omega-3 hero

[recipe] Serves 2 adults + 2 kids |  20 mins go-to-wo

I love fresh fish as a week day meal for all of us. The hardest part for for most of us is accessing & affording it. I have found a few shortcuts that make it work. I shop every monday so we have lots of fresh, simple ingredients on hand to eat well, so like ‘old times’ monday is fish [...]

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Roast organic chicken marylands & salad leaves

Roast organic chicken marylands with garlic (loosely break up a head), fresh rosemary sprigs & lemon (juice + chop up and toss in pan) + S&P – hit with 220C for F A S T cooking.

Accompany with gorgeous green leaves (lots of different lettuce and fresh herb leaves + red capsicum) and steamed quinoa with almonds stirred thru (via the rice cooker).

Easy. 50-60mins cooking time. Prep 10mins (don’t forget the [...]

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