Red Lentil Curry

Red Lentil Curry


Winter is here! So with the chilly nights, why not try this Indian red lentil curry to warm you and your family up!  Lentils are legumes and are high in protein, folic acid and dietary fibre. The curry uses an array of spices but has a fragrant mild taste so is good for little ones. Dried red split pea lentils cook in 15-20mins making [...]

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sweet potato chips recipe clean food luk beautifood

Healthy Potato and Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

We’ve made over the humble potato and sweet potato chips so you can feel good knowing they are cooked with healthy fats and packed full of deliciousness. 

This ‘no deep fry’ recipe allows you to sit back and relax, knowing that chips can still taste delicious and not inflame your body or skin!  And, you can mix and match herbs and spices with flavours you love.


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Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder Recipe clean food luk beautifood

Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder Recipe

Who doesn’t love a simple, slow cooked one pot dinner recipe that nourishes your body and soul?  This tender, hearty, slow roasted lamb shoulder recipe will warm you from the inside out – goodbye winter chills and hello kitchen goddess as another dish enters your family’s favourite list! 

Perfect for a weekend family dinner or entertaining friends this style of cooking will be a winner.  This slow roasted lamb shoulder is [...]

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quick soup recipe clean food luk beautifood

Quick Soup Recipe – Nourishing Lentil and Vegetable

Looking for winter warmers in less than an hour? Try this nourishing lentil and vegetable quick soup recipe to warm your soul and moisturise your skin at the same time!  

Cooler weather means dry skin and a craving for comfort food! However, comfort food doesn’t need to be tedious or time consuming …this quick soup recipe is easy to make on a busy weeknight leaving you free to worry about things other [...]

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Cauliflower Pizza Base Recipe clean food luk beautifood

Cauliflower Pizza Base Recipe

A gluten free, quick, easy, delicious and nutritious alternative to pizza dough. A fabulous way to feed your skin, cleanse your body and stop feeling bloated!

Whether you love cauliflower or not – you need to try this cauliflower pizza base recipe!  This recipe is fabulous, not too dry and not too crumbly… I even used the sandwich toaster to heat up my left overs at work!  The mild cauliflower taste in this cauliflower pizza base [...]

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adobado Chilli Chicken recipe clean food luk beautifood

Adobada Chilli Chicken Recipe

Not just for fabulous flavour… our adobado chilli chicken recipe is the perfect body-boosting meal!

Tho adobado – means ‘marinated’ in Spanish we have cheated to make this an easy weeknight dinner still full of flavour.  It’s perfect for those busy week nights when there’s ironing to be done or those last few emails to get stuck into!  This adobado Chilli Chicken recipe is a ‘one [...]

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Pumpkin soup recipe clean food luk beautifood

Pumpkin Soup with Asian Aromatics

Pumpkin soup is a favourite of everyone’s. Why not tickle it up a bit with extra vegetables, coconut and some aromatic spice for a change? This pumpkin soup takes around an hour to cook – perfect for a week night dinner.


Pumpkin is fabulous for its high vitamin A and beta carotene!  Vitamin A fights against free radicals which can damage our body and bring on wrinkles. [...]

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Passata Making clean food luk beautifood

Homemade Tomato Passata

Treat your skin for the year with this delicious homemade Passata recipe – the perfect way to use the glut of tomatoes in late summer!

I am about a month late sharing this recipe as tomato season in Australia peaks at the end of summer in February, but there is no reason why you can’t slowly ripen egg tomatoes now and start a few passata making batches to keep over autumn [...]

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Luk Beautifood Recipie

SLOW COOKED LAMB SHANKS | winter comfort food

[RECIPE] Serves 4 | 5 mins prep only + 3-4 hours SLOW cook.

Divine cooked day before but not necessary.

I am baking this dish as I type but wanted to share the recipe straight away so you can pick up some shanks tomorrow and cook it across the (wet, cold Sydney) weekend. The aroma’s are enough to bring a smile to your lips. We will be eating the dish tomorrow night [...]

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Ricotta & Spinach Pesto Mushrooms

Ricotta & Spinach Pesto Mushrooms

Mushrooms have a fabulous robust flavour and a meaty texture that makes them ideal as a healthy main meal. Especially when they are dressed up with spinach, pesto and ricotta or other delicious ‘filling’ combinations. Mushrooms are extremely high in vitamin B1, an antioxidant that fights free radicals to help slow down the ageing process and keep your skin healthy and glowing!

Preheat the oven to [...]

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