luk beautifood Cranberry and Citrus Tea

Cranberry Citrus Antioxidant Tea | Natural Beauty Boost

[RECIPE] Makes tea for two | 30 mins

For a superfood burst of flavour and antioxidants

This gorgeous ruby and aromatically spiced tea made with fresh cranberries and citrus is perfect for Spring. It’s not only cheerful and cooling, it’s caffeine-free too – so all kids, and kids at heart, can join in the fun.

A much-loved staple for Thanksgiving in the Northern Hemisphere, I’ve re-imaged the recipe as the [...]

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Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

5 Rules to Spring Clean Your Makeup

Spring is here and it’s a natural time to de-clutter, de-stress and detox. You’ve got plans to clean out the house, or maybe do a juice cleanse, and now the perfect time to do the same with your makeup bag.

You take care of what goes in your body and what goes on your skin (because what goes on, goes in!), so it only makes [...]

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Green Tea Face Mist

DIY Green Tea and Rose Face Mist


As the Spring days get warmer and our skin restores from whipping winds and indoor heating, this is the ideal ‘pick me up’ to refresh and rejuvenate. Create your own Green Tea and Rose Face Mist made from skin-loving ingredients to pick you up and cool down you down on the go.

Green tea is a great anti-inflammatory and soother and [...]

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Avocado as Lip Scrub

Natural Remedies for Dry Lips – DIY Lip Scrub

Say goodbye to parched lips for good! If you want smooth, hydrated lips all year round, the natural way, follow these handy tips and our special chapped lips DIY lip scrub. 


The lips have it rough, quite literally. That’s because they’re virtually naked in comparison to other areas of the face and body and are therefore more prone to dryness. While [...]

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100% pure makeup made from food

Why 100% pure cosmetics are so important for your health

We all want to present our most healthy, authentic selves every day and that starts with putting 100% pure ingredients in our saucepans – and on our skin.

A study on healthy eating trends around the world reveals around 75 per cent of people now believe they †œare what they eat† and almost 80 per cent are actively using foods to forestall health issues and medical [...]

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Natural Beauty Traveller

Top 5 Glowing Skin Essentials for Travelling

It’s that time of the year when many of us are travelling to a warmer climate. We know too well the damage long haul flights can do to our bodies inside and out. Aside from lack of sleep and minimal movement, dry cabin air and altitude will put strain on the skin, regardless if you are flying first or not. Common symptoms include parched skin, puffy eyes, irritation and an [...]

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100 Percent Pure

100% Pure Cosmetics ~ 100% natural fruit pigmented makeup

To make it easier for you to shop 100% natural makeup and not just our delicious natural lipsticks, we research and recommend other makeup that we love and think you will too.

One of these products is 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Makeup from America.

If you look after your body by eating healthy food and using organic skincare products why not apply the same philosophy to [...]

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What's in your Beauty Bag - Nat Kringoudis

What’s in your beauty bag – Nat Kringoudis, Founder of The Pagoda Tree


Nat Kringoudis is a bona fide women’s health revolutionist and fertility fixer with a big heart for natural healthcare.  She is a Dr of Chinese Medicine, an author, speaker and the founder and owner of The Pagoda Tree.  Nat has stepped up to champion fertility BEFORE it becomes an issue. With the belief of †˜Why wait until it’s broken?’ Nat is helping women in their twenties to [...]

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Renata Vosylienne beauty bag

Whats in your beauty bag – Renata Vosyliene of Green Life in Dublin

Hi, my name is Renata Vosyliene, and I am the person behind Green Life In Dublin blog. I am the only blogger in Ireland who pays attention to the product’s ingredients and what they are doing to you! I am doing my best to source, test and review green beauty products, despite having no brick and mortar shops like Detox Market, Credo or even Wholefoods here, where I could go in [...]

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Alison - Natural Beauty

What’s in your beauty bag – Alison Morgan, founder of Relauncher


Alison Morgan, founder of Relauncher, is a specialist Private Business Coach. Alison works closely with clients to grow and market their businesses to become thriving entities within their Industry.

Alison is also the creator of the Australian Business Coaching & Networking Events, the Mindfulbiz Podcast and a respected Blogger.


Product List:

Synergy Skin Vitamin B Serum – This is a fabulous serum suited to [...]
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