Benefits of magnesium rich foods

Benefits of Magnesium: the Most Powerful Relaxation fix

If you’re feeling stressed, tense or twitchy the chances are your body is craving the benefits of magnesium. This potent mineral is regarded as a secret weapon against health issues as diverse as diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, noise induced hearing loss and evenView Post >>


Super Skin Food: Turmeric

Why are we so addicted to earthy, aromatic, pungent Turmeric? Not only have I noticed there’s been an influx of talk surrounding this orange spice of late, but people are starting to use it not only in their drinks, but in their skincare routines too! Why, you ask? Well natural beauties, Turmeric is a surefire beautifier and organ cleanser, in that it has the [...]

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cold pressed juices, beauty juice, cleanse

6 Cold Pressed Juices for Super Skin Nourishment

Our  juices are deliciously flavoured, nutritionally designed and cold pressed to retain their active nutrients and enzymes. Beauty-boosting juices are a fast track to clear, glowing skin, more energy and a lighter, brighter feeling from the inside out.

Great along side our famous Breakfast Beauty Bar, here are our 5 signature cold pressed beauty juices you can try at home:

 Antioxidant boost

The Antioxidant Boost juice [...]

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Healthy Eating Christmas

How to Eat Clean & Still Indulge this Christmas

†˜Tis the Christmas party season where we tend to shy away from our daily clean living routines, and are tempted by those Christmas treats we know are not as good for us or have little control over what is offered to us. Knowing this is a common occurrence during the festive season, I thought I’d come up with a †˜cheat sheet’ on how to eat clean and still indulge this Christmas.

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luk beautifood Cranberry and Citrus Tea

Cranberry Citrus Antioxidant Tea | Natural Beauty Boost

[RECIPE] Makes tea for two | 30 mins

For a superfood burst of flavour and antioxidants

This gorgeous ruby and aromatically spiced tea made with fresh cranberries and citrus is perfect for Spring. It’s not only cheerful and cooling, it’s caffeine-free too – so all kids, and kids at heart, can join in the fun.

A much-loved staple for Thanksgiving in the Northern Hemisphere, I’ve re-imaged the recipe as the [...]

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luk beautifood plums

Harness the Beauty of Plums

From nourishing recipes to natural makeup products, this delicious fruit is our winter favourite

We’re well and truly caught up in the throes of winter, so we thought we’d dive straight in and chat about one of our go-to seasonal fruits: plums! Oval or round, this fleshy fruit of the rose family features around 2000 varieties from deep purple and red to yellow.

Not only do plums [...]

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5 Lesser Known Beauty Nutrients

5 less-known beauty nutrients to help you glow

When we start to piece together the puzzle of harnessing the beauty of food we see how nourishing our whole body with healthy food is central to cultivating our natural beauty. The focus is shifting to what we put on our body, as it needs to also be as nutritious and safe as what we eat.

When we talk about food being fuel for the body, that’s certainly right. But we [...]

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Avocado Luscious Lipids

Lip Nourish Ingredient Spotlight: Avocado Luscious Lipids

Sure, we know avocados are delicious on pretty much everything, but did you also know that avocados are one of the most important moisturising nutrients you can have to improve the appearance of your skin? That’s because avocado lipids are luscious, they contain lots of skin-healthy polyunsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats and because of these luscious lipids, avocados house lots of important beautifying nutrients and phytochemicals.

Avocado Science 

Moist [...]

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Tired? Here are the best iron-rich foods

Tired? Here’s the ultimate list of the best iron-rich foods

We all know we should be eating the best iron-rich foods to maximise energy levels.

Without iron, our bodies lack the essential nutrient that forms haemoglobin. This is the key protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to vital organs – literally keeping us alive.

Healthy iron levels ensure optimum blood flow, making skin glow and giving you the vitality to [...]

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Chapped Lips Homemade Cure

Why we love Cocoa Butter and Omega 3+6 essential fatty acids

Cocoa Butter and Omega 3+6 essential fatty acids are resplendent with so many incredible regenerative health and beauty benefits, which is why they’re some of our favourite skin food actives. We love them so much that we use them in our Lip Nourish products to salvage dry, cracked lips and nourish the skin deeply. You’ve probably heard of these ingredients in food [...]

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