Stretch Marks

True beauty comes from within

I don't believe true beauty is a look, I believe it's a feeling.
I've always thought that when you are truly beautiful on the inside (via positive thoughts, love for yourself and others), this will make you glow on the outside, like sunbeams bursting from your face regardless of your age. We spend far too long staring at the person in the mirror, scrutinising, worrying, and wishing away a pimple, a wrinkle, a stray hair - yet we don't spend long enough realising how wondrous we truly are as humans. How gorgeous and radiant we are on the inside.
Real beauty comes from within your heart. It blossoms like a rose and transforms into an exquisite energy that's positively infectious. It can be both alluring and life-changing. It comes from lovely thoughts, it evolves when you are happy for yourself and others, it is born from a place of self-acceptance, selflessness and compassion. It appears when you are your authentic self.
So, on those days when you’re doubting the way you look, the way you appear to the world, on those days when you are striving to reach an unrealistic standard of beauty that doesn't actually exist, just remember that you are so worthy and so unique. Give yourself a bit of self-love. Do a good deed for another person, step away from the mirror and do something that makes you happy and boosts your confidence.
You are perfect just the way you are, after all.
Image via with words by @danaemercer and art by @ria.e.johnson @stay.rare.designs
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