Why make natural lipstick from food?

Natural makeup made with food

natural lipstick from food

It’s a simple idea to create makeup from food, especially when we eat our lipstick or the cosmetics we apply are absorbed by our skin, our body’s largest organ. Why has it not been done before?

Lipsticks are made from waxes, oils, emollients and pigments – that’s it. Each ingredient has a specific role, either to provide form, consistency, longevity, protection, shine, colour or fortification. With a food science and product development background and having dipped my big toe in the bodycare market it seems a no brainer to SWAP the toxic petroleum ingredients, artificial flavours, synthetic dyes and preservatives with safe ingredients you can eat and with those that provide beauty nutrition benefits.

Food is there to be harvested – in the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and essential fatty acids – not only for eating but to be used in beauty products to feed your skin from the outside in.  These nutrients are vital to how good you look and feel, how you act, what you can achieve.

If you are from a traditional company, then you keep doing things the way you have for years, perhaps you may sprinkle in some super actives or green wash the brand.

At luk beautifood I started fresh with a new recipe. It took a long time, I had lots of hurdles to jump over (including 2 babies and a barge trip!), the range is small but I have begun to revolutionise the way we think about making makeup, how we nourish our whole body with food for beauty-full results.

We think it is only natural to make lipstick from food. What do you think?