Natural Beauty Q&A: Erin Weeks from The Green Pantry

Today in the natural beauty hot seat is the vivacious Erin Weeks from oh-so-colourful Instagram page The Green Pantry, and blog Sundrenched Organic Life. Erin is a certified health nut, fruit enthusiast, mama bear, wife, nurse and all-round lover of life and today this exuberant soul is chatting to us about what goes on in her beautifully sunny world and why she chose a holistic lifestyle centred around happiness and wellness.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. Describe a day in the life of you!

I’m a registered nurse and I work in both the operating theatres and in recovery, three days a week. I love my job and I’m constantly learning and am always amazed by the human body. My work day always starts with a healthy breakfast with my two daughters, aged 8 and 10 before school/work and then after work it’s a walk/jog with my husband and the girls before dinner. We then sit down together for dinner and that’s my favourite part of the day (oh, the laughs).

2) What inspired you to start your beautiful Instagram page?

Initially I started my Instagram as a private account to keep a photo record of my recipes so they were easier to find (by picture) and then friends would ask for my recipes so I made my page public so everyone could see. It was then I started to notice other people’s interest and it all sort of grew from there. My blog was another thing that was requested by friends, it took me forever to start one and now it’s a little neglected as I find myself so busy with other commitments to food related projects/collaborations.


3) Describe a day on your plate.

I tend to have four square meals a day! Every meal is a source of plant foods. Breakfast is usually a really big smoothie or porridge in these cooler months with endless cups of caffeine free herbal teas. Morning tea will be a big bowl of fresh fruit with or without granola with almond milk. Lunch at the moment is avocado + sprouts on buckwheat and quinoa crisp bread and a smoothie or a bowl of fruit in the afternoon. Dinner is usually roasted root veggies and salad or steamed greens. We also eat lots of spaghetti, rice and quinoa with endless fruit and veg. I adore preparing (and eating) nutritious food, and find that simple is best.

4) Why do you think toxin-free beauty is the way to go?

From a nursing background, I’ve intensely studied the physiology of our skin and I think it is incredibly important to apply the most natural, nurturing ingredients to it. Cars run on petroleum, our skin should not. We are over exposed as it is, to free radicals from the environment and processed foods and pesticides on our foods without applying those directly to our skin ie directly to our blood supply through the skin. I stopped buying moisturiser when I was at university and started making my own and my skin reacts to chemical laden products these days after using such natural products for so long.

5) Who do you look to for inspiration?

I am constantly inspired by the crew members of Sea Shepherd! And my husband, he is a really grounded, down to earth, intelligent dude and has the patience of a saint, unlike me.

6) What do you think makes a woman a natural beauty?

Her kindness.

7) What is your life ethos.

I try to always listen to my mind, my body and my soul. I cannot be around negativity, it tends to bring me down, so I distance myself from that and surround myself with a small circle of positive people who support me and have like minded ideas and aspirations.

8) What is one beauty product you never leave the house without?

Luk Beautifood Chai Shimmer Lip Nourish, hands down.


9) What are your tips for healthy, radiant skin?

Drinking plenty of filtered water + eating lots of orange and green vegetables. A good cleansing routine and a sweet almond oil based moisturiser.

10) Which products from do you think are the perfect tools for creating a stunning, glowing makeup canvas and why?

Obviously I’m a big fan of Cindy’s Lip Nourishes, but the black tea mascara and a little cheek tint over a light foundation base is all you need.

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