lük beautifood's toxin-free Christmas Shopping Guide

Luk Beautifood Christmas Gift

Luk Beautifood: Toxin-free festive beauty at its best!

 Tis’ the season for giving, and to kickstart the festive fun, lük beautifood has assembled a beautiful and nourishing wish list of limited-edition gifts to delight the lover of green, clean, eco-friendly & toxin-free beauty gems.

Choose from a skin -delicious range of luk’s 8 (that’s right, we’ve added a delectable newbie to the collection!) signature nude & neutral Lip Nourish lipstick shades that feed, hydrate and heal. The lippies are encased in eco-chic, vibrant packaging showcasing a rainbow of antioxidant-rich ingredients that each tell a story of the beauty of food, and you can buy them in bulk or slip a few into your loved one’s xmas stockings.

For the discerning makeup enthusiast, we’ve also got plenty of 100% Pure packs, resplendent with bared-faced-beauty essentials to help cultivate a healthy glow.

The best part? We offer a special Concierge Gifting Service where you can get one of our gift packs sent our on your behalf with your personal message handwritten on the gift tag.

From eyes to cheeks to lips and nails, SHOP our toxin-free holiday collection below!


Revel in 2 delicious Lip Nourish Lipsticks in Pink Juniper + Chai Shimmer. Ready to give in a drawstring pouch with gift tag and festive gold star.

SHOP: #3 Christmas Special 2 Lip Nourish Gift Pouch, $39.95 (save $10)


This 100% Pure Healthy Glow gift set is a great way to introduce yourself or a friend to toxin free makeup for a beautiful natural glow.

You will receive:

1. 100% Pure Luminizer

2. 100% Pure Black Tea Mascara (or swap to Dark Chocolate)

3. 100% Pure Dual ended Eye Pencil in Champagne + Dark Chocolate  (or swap to other pencil – no black until Xmas)

4. 2  lük Lip Nourish Chai Shimmer (or swap shades)

SHOP: 100% Pure Healthy Natural Glow Christmas Special, $89.95 (save $30.85)


Behold… 5 beautifully wrapped sheer lipsticks ready to give, including Tangerine Pomegranate, Pink Juniper, Tea Rose, Rose Lime and Chai Shimmer. Made from skin-healthy foods: avocado oil, sesame seed oils, cocoa butter and ‘flavoured’ with cold pressed citrus oils and not synthetic flavours and fragrances.

SHOP: Lip Nourish Christmas Gift Set, $99 (save $26)


Give health for a happy Christmas! This special bundle is great starter kit to introduce yourself or a friend to ’10 Free’ nail polish.

You’ll receive:

1) 100% Pure 10 Free Horsetail (herbal) Base Coat

2) 100% Pure 10 Free Jam for a festive flavour (or swap to another shade )

3) 100% Pure 10 Free Glass Top Coat

Bonus lük Tea Rose Lip Nourish

SHOP: 100% Pure ’10 Free’ Nail Polish Gift Set, $59.95 (save $24.95)

Luk-2-x-Lip-Nourish-Rose-Lime-Tangerine-Pomegranate-2348_Revised (1)

Get your mitts(!) on 2 delicious Lip Nourish Lipsticks in  new Tangerine Pomegranate (a medium orangey pink) + Rose Lime. 100% natural, universally flattering shades to suit all skin tones!

SHOP: #1 Christmas Special 2 Lip Nourish Gift Pouch, $39.95 (save $10)


This 100% Pure Starter Kit  is a great way to introduce yourself or a friend to toxin free makeup for a natural glow that not just looks healthy but is healthy!

You will receive:

1. 100% Pure Brightening Concealer in Peach Bisque (or swap to White Peach )

2. 100% Pure in Healthy Skin Foundation (full coverage) in Peach Bisque (or swap to dewy, sheer Water Foundation or Tinted Moisturiser in any shade )

3. 100% Pure Flawless Face Powder in Peach Bisque (or swap to Creme, White Peach or Golden Peach Shades)

4. 100% Pure Raspberry Blush –  (or swap to Healthy and Chiffon blush or Luminizer )

5. 2  lük Lip Nourish new Tangerine Pomegranate + Chai Shimmer  (or swap shades)

SHOP: 100% Pure Healthy Foundation Christmas Starter Set, $149 (save $60.70)


Purchase 2 delicious Lip Nourish Lipsticks in Nude Cinnamon + Tea Rose. Super sheer with an incredibly soft, soothing texture – not too shiny or pigmented.

SHOP: #2 Christmas Special 2 Lip Nourish Gift Pouch, $39.95 (save $10)


Your eyes will sparkle with natural beauty. A super special set to introduce yourself or a friend to Toxin-Free makeup.

You’ll receive:

100% Pure Black Tea Mascara (or swap to vegan or dark cacao)

100% Pure Pewter Eyeliner (or swap to Dark Cacao Brown – no black in stock til Xmas)

100% Pure Ginger Eyeshadow (or swap to your shade of your choice)

Bonus Pink Juniper lük Lip Nourish

SHOP: 100% Pure Essential Eyes Christmas Special, $79.95 (save $25.85)

Indulge in 8 beautifully wrapped sheer lipsticks ready to give. Features the perfect nude & neutral universally flattering palette in Tangerine Pomegranate, Pink Juniper, Tea Rose, Rose Lime, Chai Shimmer, Nude Cinnamon, Mandarin Spice and Vanilla Chocolate.

SHOP: Lip Nourish Christmas Complete Boxed Set, $135 (save $64)

03-Luk-Nov-6-2416_RevisedAll you need for beautiful, natural and healthy lips. This special festive set will introduce yourself and/or a friend to toxin-free lipstick.

You’ll receive:

1) 100% Pure Lip Glaze Daiquiri fully pigmented lipstick (or swap to another shade)

2) 100% Pure Juicy Lip Gloss White Peach (or swap to another shade)

3) 100% Pure Naked Mauve Lip Pencil (or swap to another shade)

Bonus lük Lip Nourish in new Tangerine Pomegranate

SHOP: 100% Pure Lip Love Christmas Special, $85 (save $25)


Feast your eyes on the cutest little gift box of 3 beautiful ‘natural lip’ shades featuring new Tangerine Pomegranate + Chai Shimmer + Tea Rose.

#2 Limited Edition Christmas Lip Nourish, $59.95 (save $15)

Gift Vouchers

If you just can’t decide which of our simply beautiful gifts to purchase, we have Gift Vouchers available.

To purchase: $25 gift vouchers are available from our shop. Buy as a single or multiple. We will send a printed voucher in the mail to you or the person you have indicated in the shipping address / your notes. If you prefer an electronic version please let us know and we can email it to you or your recipient.

Have yourself a merry (and non-toxic!) Christmas natural beauties!