top beauty minerals to support beautiful skin


Ever wondered what some of the more common minerals are that support skin health?

1. Zinc: vital for cell repair and to rebuild our collagen (skin cells scaffolding) to make skin firm, smooth, healthy and glowing. Plays a role in strengthening the immune system, needed for repair of wounds, to avoid acne, prevent white spots on nails and strengthen hair. Good source: pumpkin seeds

2. Iron: Carries oxygen around the body – healthy oxygenated blood stimulates healthy circulation, resulting in healthy glowing skin. Iron boosts our energy and immunity levels, plays a role in skin repair and encourages restful sleep. Good Source : red meat

3. Silicon/Silica: Promotes tissue firmness and maintains skins elasticity as silicon is a structural part of connective tissues, hair, nails –  gives skin a smooth, toned appearance and our body flexibility. Good Source: celery

4. Calcium: Important in the function of cell turnover and regulation of the protective lipid barrier. Deficiency associated with dryness, itching, premature wrinkling, eczema & brittle nails. Good Source: dairy foods + green leafy vegetables + sesame seeds.

5. Potassium: Helps with the growth of new cells. Deficiency results in dry skin.  Good Source: avocados + papaya


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