How to be Barefaced and Beautiful

As you know, at Luk Beautifood we’re about enhancing your natural beauty not just through what you put on your skin but what you feed your body and how ‘well’ you live your life, so this month we focusing on being BAREFACED and BEAUTIFUL….. and LOVING it!

It’s about nurturing your skin from the inside to get that healthy glow, rocking the natural look and learning to love the skin you’re in.

Lets start from the inside;


Food can do more for our natural beauty than any expensive creams, serums or potions will ever do. When eaten and applied, you are giving your skin the recipe to look its best. And when your skin looks its best, you feel your best and you don’t feel the need to completely hide it behind thick makeup!

The active nutrients in foods, from Vitamin A, C and E to minerals like iron and zinc are powerful anti-oxidants that neutralize free radicals that form in your skin due to the stresses of poor diet, toxins, smoking and exposure to the sun. Your body needs these nutrients (as well as enzymes, proteins, carbs, fat) to work at its optimum and give you healthy skin, strong nails and a lustrous hair.

Learn about the Top Foods for Healthy Glowing Skin here. 


Not only is eating the right foods essential for your skin’s health, they give you the energy to live the life you love, because when you’re living the life you love, happiness oozes from your smile, your skin glows and you feel beautiful.

Why? Because you’re not stressed. Stress is extremely detrimental to how beautiful you look and feel. Over exposing yourself to environmental or emotional stresses results in a short supply of essential nutrients to what you body thinks are ‘unessential’ processes like the growth of hair, skin and nails which in turn leads to premature ageing, dull skin, dry hair etc.

Dr.Libby Weaver goes into depth about how stress affects your appearance in our interview with her, which you can read here.  


It’s not just food and lifestyle that affect our skin’s health, it is what we put on it. People are now realising that our skin absorbs what we put on it, in fact 60% is absorbed into the bloodstream within 26 seconds of applying*. Most mainstream cosmetics and skin care products contain numerous toxins, preservatives, thickeners, and artificial colours and synthetic fragrances that are not only harmful to your body but they are not doing any favours for your skin. Mineral oil for example, yes it is effective in moisturising, but it also suffocates the skin, not allowing it to go through its natural cell rejuvenation process. Look after your skin with natural makeup and skincare that is going to nourish and subtly enhance your features without harming your skin, body or the environment.  Our range of 100% Pure, all natural makeup is perfect to help you create that gorgeous barely-there look.

So luk lovelies, eat your beauty foods, live the life you love, enhance your natural beauty with pure, subtle makeup and LOVE the skin you’re in!

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