5 Beauty tips for women over 40 you might have never heard of

I think I can speak for the majority of wonderful over forty beauties when I say, most of us would like to age gracefully and still feel as stunning and as radiant as we were in our youthful hey days as we live out our 40s and cross our 50’s and beyond. Here are 5 beauty tips for women over 40.

I’ve never look at updating or enhancing my appearance as a bad thing! Makeup and a healthy routine makes me feel younger, energised and alive, and I have fun experimenting and changing my routine as I age to ensure my face gets a little tune-up and complements my best assets not to mention enhances my inner beauty. And trust me when I say, it all comes down to finding the right cosmetics, lifestyle and skincare routine that fits your age group.

When the products of your past are no longer working, all you need to do is make a few tweaks to ensure you remain a fresh-faced beauty, and today I’m dishing out all of my 5 best beauty tips for women over 40  that I’ve picked up along the way to help you do just that!

100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation


I’ve never been one for caking on makeup (in fact, I love wearing a lick of my Lip Nourish lipstick on its own!) but I do love the look of skin that exudes dewy freshness. Sometimes a bit of cosmetics magic can assist this process.

After the age of 40, skin becomes thinner, making the complexion a bit duller and paler. That’s because as we start to approach menopause, oestrogen levels drop, which makes skin drier, so hydrating liquid formulas are best.

Yellows and golden undertones are the foundation of youth, so foundation formulas which contain warming colours and nourishing ingredients will help lift the complexion and balance out redness and broken capillaries, not to mention add back colour and depth to the face.

A few finishing sweeps of the 100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation is perfect for achieving a healthy glow. If you notice any shine, a swish of 100% Pure Flawless Skin Foundation Powder Creme on the nose, forehead and cheeks should do the trick, but it’s best to avoid under the eyes and cheeks as powders have a tendency to cake and settle into fine lines especially around these areas. You might also want to apply the stunning 100% Pure

TIP: Blot powder build up or greasy areas with a tissue after foundation application.

100% Pure Brow Powder Gel


Full, defined brows make the face appear younger and more youthful. But eyebrows have a tendency to get sparser and can fade over time. Thankfully, a bit of brow powder should fix this. Fill in thin areas and pump up fading colour with the 100% Pure Brow Powder Gel. If you have bald spots in your brows, use a pencil first, then apply powder on top for more coverage.

TIP: Never over-pluck your brow hairs or pluck out the grey hairs (although it is very tempting!), as this can destroy the follicle, which in turn creates a gap where hair will no longer grow.



When you were a kid, your cheeks had a permanent rosy glow. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get that same flush back?

As we age, the cheeks begin to lose their rosiness because blood circulation to the skin becomes less active. Whenever I’m adding any pigment to my skin, I opt for warm, bright tones like peaches and pinks (like the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Luminizer – new instore today) which are flattering tones for mature skin.

TIP: Play up your cheekbones by applying blush along the tops of the cheekbones instead of just on the apples of your cheeks. Add a sweep of cream bronzer just underneath to make them stand out.

luk beautifood Tea Rose Lip Nourish


Ah, youthful lips – my specialty. Sun rays, unhealthy lifestyle habits, along with natural ageing, cause the collagen in lips to break down, which is why they tend to shrink and get dry with age.

My luk beautifood Lip Nourish Lipsticks have been formulated to provide the pout with a kiss of anti-ageing goodness, via the plethora of healthy ingredeints jam-packed with youth-inducing nutrients, omega 3’s, antioxidants and superfoods. Apply each day and night for a plumped-up, nourished, healthy looking set of kissers and never experience dry lips again.

TIP: For younger-looking lips, opt for lighter, sheer shades such as light pinks, brown and corals.

eye palette


As you get older, the eyelid skin has a tendency to shrink because the skin above the eyes starts to droop. That’s why it’s important to keep your make up refined and not loud with cream-based formulas and subtle hues. Avoid glitter and shimmery shades and opt for the 100% Pure Natural Fruit Pigmented Eyeshadow or 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Palette in neutral colours which will universally complement any eye colour or you might want to opt for the do-it-all 100% Pure

As for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes? The 100% Pure Brightening Concealer is your star product! It masks imperfections like veins and age spots (which become more obvious as eyelid skin thins) and conceals blue-based dark under eye circles.

TIP: Place concealer on the inner corners of the eyes to counteract darkness and drag it out to the end of the eye where it could settle into laugh lines, making fine lines more pronounced. You might also want to use a good under eye gel or an under eye cream beneath the concealer that will nourish your eyes and get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep.


I’ve always had a minimalist approach to beauty, because I think the secret to looking naturally healthy and polished, resides in a good diet and weekly exercise. When you’re eating foods that help keep your digestive system in optimal shape and when you keep active, this promotes circulation as well as supple skin and therefore an unrivaled glow. To access the fountain of youth, you don’t have to live at the gym or go on juice cleanses every single day. Go for walks in a nearby park or try some stretches at your desk. Eat plenty of fruit, colourful vegetables and lean meats, and limit dairy, carbs and sugar.

TIP: Don’t forget to aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night and drink a minimum of 2 litres of water per day. Your body needs this time to rest and recover and requires ample hydration, so you don’t look older than you are.

Black Tea Mascara


Just like brow hair thins and fades, so too can lashes. Thickening, volumising mascara formulas sound good in theory, but on older lashes, which tend to be thinner and lighter, they’re just adding weight. Worst yet, if your mascara is formulated with toxins, this can also cause thinning and lash degeneration. So make sure you’re applying only healthy ingredients to your eye curtains like the 100% Pure 100% Pure Black Tea Ultra Lengthening Mascara. The dark brown shade is most complementing for older peepers as it’s not too bold, yet creates a nice impact around the eyes and conditions the lashes so they remain lustrous, glossy, lifted and strong.

TIP: Start by using an eyelash curler and then apply your mascara. Wiggle the wand at the base and push up as you apply for even more lift.


Keeping happy is one of the most important factors to looking beautiful and glowy over the age of 40. Stress, a busy lifestyle and everything else that goes with it can make being perpetually cheerful difficult, but it does make all the difference. Aim to try to have happy and exude positive thoughts even when the going gets tough. It gets reflected in your personality and even your skin! What is more important is that you, no matter at what age you are, should love yourself and your appearance and feel delicious from the inside out!

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