beautifood bite | flaxseeds

beautifood bite | flaxseeds


They say ‘eat fat, cure wrinkles’ and linseed, also known as flaxseed, is one of the richest sources of omega 3 essential fatty acids you can find: containing more than twice as much as fish oil.

FOOD ACTIVES:  Fiber, Omega 3 fatty acids, manganese and Vitamin B.


Inside: Omega 3 fatty acids will help the skin plump, be moisturised and slow down the onset of wrinkles. Omega 3 will also reduce skin damaging inflammation and keep hair and nails strong. Lignans in linseeds are natural anti-inflammatories and help the body reduce and heal skin inflammations.

Outside: Linseed oil is renowned for its ability to improve the texture and quality of the skin. It can be applied topically can improve skin’s dry and dull appearance.

COOK: Sprinkle on muesli or cereal, add to muffins, cookies or bread, add to smoothies or breakfast shakes or sprinkle on cooked vegetables at dinner time.

TIP: Soak them over night to make them more digestible.

Fill up a plastic bottle with the oil and keep in the shower to easily moisturise your entire body.

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PRINT this gorgeous 10x15cm beautifood infobite photocard to keep beauty inspiration at finger tips reach in your kitchen

Step 1. Simply click on the infobite image left.

Step 2. Then right click and choose ‘Save image as’ where it will be a JPEG in whichever folder you choose.

Step 3. Open the saved image and print on a postcard size (6”x4”/10cmx15cm) photopaper.

Step 4. Be at printer for your gorgeous beautifood infobite card!

Step 5. File in a handy place in your kitchen.