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DIY Face Mask for Salty, Summer Skin

A full day of sun, sand and sea water, though incredibly nourishing for the soul, can be taxing on your skin and hair. Feed your dry skin with our moisturising, antioxidant packed pomegranate, yoghurt and honey face mask and follow with your favourite luk beautifood clean eating recipe to glow from the inside out. Pomegranate is packed full of rich […]

DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

[BEAUTY] With the heavenly combination of coconut oil, banana and honey, you can get healthy, luscious locks with our DIY Nourishing Hair Mask that takes just minutes to make. Coconut oil has been getting a great wrap for hair care recently and with good reason. It promotes scalp health by fighting against problems such as dandruff, it moisturises […]

Simple Ways to Stress Less

In an age where stress is almost an epidemic, it’s time to start focusing on how to manage and reduce stress because from dull skin, weight gain, compromised immune systems and anxiety, stress impacts almost every part of our body.

Stress and Your Skin

Stress and your skin are intimately related, when we’re stressed, our complexion suffers as it becomes dull, blotchy, dry and sensitive to breakouts. Find out how to combat the physical effects of stress from the inside out and outside in.